Shopping My Wardrobe

30 plus wears

Vintage poncho – Etsy
Organic cotton dress – Annie Greenabelle
Organic cotton leggings – Thought clothing

I often post about new pieces of ethical or sustaianble clothing that I have bought but the most important part of my drive to be more sustainable with what I wear is shopping my wardrobe. Ok ‘shopping my wardrobe’ is just another way of saying not buying anything at all or just wearing what I already have in my wardrobe! But I thought it might be a bit more an attention grabbing title for the post and of course a hastag on instagram.

We are facing unprecendented threats to our environment and possibly life as we know it brought about by environmental degradaation which are largely driven by consumerism.Climate change and plastic oceans are just two of the big issues that we need to address as a worldwide and as individuals. Just last week, Lucy Siegle reported in the Guardian on how, if unchecked,the fashion industry could account for 25% of carbon production globally by 2050. UK consumers sent 300,000 tonnes of textiles to be burned or dumped in landfill in 2018.

And yet, governement minsters have recently decided to reject propsals by a cross party environmental audit committee which included a1p levy on fast fashion and mandatory environmental targets for fashion retailers with a turnover of 36m.

We can still take hope from countries such as Denmark, which has recently cancelled Stockholm fashion week to investigate more sustainable options. And as individuals we can continue to do everything in our power (no matter how small) to limit our consumption.

Our greatest weapon against fast fashion is to shop your wardobe which is summed up so perfectly with Vivienne Westwoods phrase:

  • Buy less
  • Choose well
  • Make it last

Whilst I do very occasionally make a mistake and buy the wrong thing that doesn’t get worn very much, almost all of my clothes have been in my wardrobe for a number of years and have been worn multiple times. I have found the ‘no new clothes’ challenge that I am taking part in again this year is a great way of focussing my mind on not buying new clothes and enjoying what I already have.

The dress and leggings picture above for example have been worn at least 30 times, probably much more. I don’t feel this should be a big deal and something that needs talking about. It should just be the way it is. But whilst there is still a culture of fast fashion and clothes just bought for a few wears before being discarded, we need to keep talking about it.

In other news I am taking part in Plastic free July. I won’t lie it is not going to well so far. I am trying to find more plastic free alternatives to my usual products but there often just isn’t the choice. I am also tweet my ideas and suggestions to brands and supermarkets. Not so sure that they will take notice but its got to be worth a try. Where there are other options like the local fruit and veg stall in the market, I am taking my custom there.

How is your July going? are you taking any steps to reduce your plastic use or buy less clothes?

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2 thoughts on “Shopping My Wardrobe

  1. I read recently the women wear their clothes an average of just 7 times before getting rid of it. Wearing our clothes countless times houldn’t be something we need to talk about, you’re absolutely right about that, but it’s clear that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Livia Firth started a #30Wears campaign encouraging people to ask themselves if they think they’ll wear something 30 times or more before buying it, if the answer is no, then don’t buy it. This intrigued me and I now keep a tally of some of the things I buy, especially new purchases. It’s surprising how long it takes.
    I’m taking part in Slow Fashion Season – so no new purchases for the summer. Instead I’m ‘shopping my wardrobe’ and and really enjoying it.
    I’m trying to make as many plastic swaps as I can, I look forward to reading how you go ton in future posts. I’m always looking for new ideas (no pressure!)

  2. I love that poncho!
    When I signed up for Slow Fashion Season I felt a bit of a cheat as it’s pretty rare for me to buy anything new but thought that if just one person who follows me decides to give it a bash then its helped a brilliant cause.
    It’s so hard being plastic free. Keep up the good work. xxx