Stonehenge Inspired DIY Printed Dress

This months DIY challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers was to create or upcycle a piece of clothing using your local area as inspiration. There is plenty of amazing stuff quite near to where I live but I finally decided to use Stonehenge.

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Incase you didn’t already know, Stone Henge is a world heritage site with some ancient stone creations. Whilst nobody really knows the meaning behind them, they are pretty awe inspiring. I decided to use them as inspiration for a printed design on a denim dress which I bought from the Oxfam Boutique in Bath.

I picked up some fabric paints from the bargain bucket in an art shop in Bath (orange and yellow being the only colours left). I borrowed some lego pieces from my daughter to use for the printing.

I marked out with French chalk where I wanted the prints to go.

I then used the end of the lego to print the Stonehenge shapes and outlined in black fabric paint with a paint brush. The orange paint was far easier to put on than the yellow which just seemed to sink into the fabric.

In hindsight I should have put something between the front and back layers of the dress as a little did sink through but luckily not enough to be too noticable!

So there we have it, my Stone Henge inspired dress! If you fancy joining in with some DIY or Ethical Outfit Challenges then why not join us at Ethical Fashion Bloggers.

Sorry if things have been a little quiet over here on the blogging front lately. It was my birthday this week so I have been far too busy relaxing and indulging myself (more on that soon!)

I hope that you are having a good week!

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Spring 2012 – Patterned Trousers

I love patterns and prints.For spring and summer patterned trousers seem to be big news and I can’t wait. Here are just a few that  have spotted. They are great for wearing with a plain top or if you are really brave can be mixed up with a patterned top.

Sahara Printed Trousers – Monsoon

Fesfehani Trousers – Monsoon

Komodo trousers

Hugo Trousers by Komodo

Vintage Paul Costelloe Trousers

 Paul Costelloe Printed Trousers – Oxfam

Pianura Studio newspaper print bootcut jeans – Oxfam

Kenneth Cole New York black patterned trousers – Oxfam

 Trussardi Jeans – Oxfam

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer capri pants

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Capri Pants – ASOS Marketplace

Aztec print ethical leggings

Aztec Print Leggings by Antiform

neon patterned vintage trousers

Neon Patterned Vintage Trousers – Rokit Vintage

So there we have it! If you don’t fancy pretty pastel colours for spring, there are plenty of alternatives! Having taken some advice from @couturecoco5 on Twitter, even short people (like me) can wear patterned trousers as long as they stick to the close fitting capri styles and wear with heels. Excellent, that is just what I wanted to hear!

What do you think of these ethical and sustainable patterned trousers. Will you be wearing any of them for spring?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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Crazy Yellow Print Dress

Dress – Oxfam Online
Necklace – People Tree
Jacket – Swapped on
Belt – Swapped at Swap in the City
Boots – Dream in Green

The slightest whiff of spring weather and  get the urge to wear the brightest and craziest prints I can find!

Today I decided to venture outside to take my photos and try some different settings on my camera. I got varying results but overall you can clearly see that the outside photos with natural light have turned out better. I was trying to achieve the kind of unfocused background but it didn’t quite work as well as I hoped perhaps partly because I was limited in how far I could get from the camera because I don’t have a tripod so was limited to where I could rest the camera and didn’t want to get my feet muddy by going on the grass. Will have to try again on a drier day!

In case you are interested, I recently wrote a post on Oxfam Fashion, My Top Ten Charity Shopping Tips, probably pretty obvious stuff for any seasoned charity shoppers, but maybe useful for those who don’t buy from charity shops and would like to give it a go. I promise you, it is great fun and you can find some amazing stuff!

I have also launched a new ethical fashion blog shop featuring some of my favourite brands. I would love to know what you think.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


Kuyichi Top Review – I Have Wings!

Happy Leap Day, I am not really going to be doing much leaping today, perhaps more a bit of flying due to my new wings!

Kuyichi top

Top Kuyichi
Vest top – M&S
Organic cotton jeans – M&S
Bag – Oxfam
Jewellery – Made UK

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to review a product from one of the ethical brands on the Zalando online shop. I was instantly charmed by this top by this top by Kuyichi with beautifully delicate wings printed on the back.

The top is made from Tencel, sustainable fabric that is made from recycled paper. It is quite a thin fabric and lends itself perfectly to this draped kind of top. It is also soft and incredibly comfortable to wear. I really love the style of the top as it is loose fitting and long enough to be a dress, so quite flattering for someone of my height. As it is very slightly see through and cut away at the back, I decided it would look best worn over a close fitting vest top and a fairly extensive rummage through my wardrobe resulted in me finding a peach coloured top which was the perfect match.

The draped neckline was the perfect place to show off my new necklace from Made UK (which you can read more about in my post on Ethical Jewellery) and the colours worked so well with my new (old) bag from the Oxfam Boutique, (which you can read more about in my post about The Good Fashion Show)

Despite the weather being unusually warm, I think this outfit is probably more suited to proper spring (rather than the freaky not supposed to be) early spring that we are experiencing at the moment. I am afraid I chickened out of wearing peep toe shoes and changed into my boots before taking the children to school. I also added a short jacket. I wonder if anyone noticed there was a pair of wings poking out under the botton of it?

Kuyichi are one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion, being the first brand to introduce organic jeans. They continue to be at the forefront of innovation in sustainable textiles with their collections being dominated by organic and recycled fabrics. Their clothes have a relaxed but contemporary vibe. Their website describes them as style with a soul and explains how they care about the product, the people and the planet and how their fabrics are grown and sewn with love and crafted with a conscience.

If you are love on trend ethical fashion, you should check out Zalando, not only do they have some great ethical brands including Kuyichi and Hemp Hoodlamb, but they also stock ethical shoes including Toms, Green Comfort and Grand step shoes and beauty brands like Burts Bees and Cowshed.

I hope you are having a lovely week.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

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The Good Fashion Show

On Saturday I went up to London to go to The Good Fashion Show, the largest off schedule event of London Fashion week. It was  a pretty fun packed day and apart from catching up with some of the girls from Oxfam Fashion and the Ethical Fashion Forum, it was great to see some fantastic fashion brands, some of which I was familiar with and others I was not. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the evening fashion show due to the timings, train and wanting to get home my lovely girls. I am still waiting on images from the show but will post them as soon as they are available.

You may have read Christine de León’s critique of the event in her post for the Huffington Post and to some extent I can agree with what she is saying, but on the other hand this was the first year of the show (there is always room for improvement) and it was a consumer event, which I (as a consumer) really enjoyed it. I felt the market kind of atmosphere gave it a much more relaxed feel than perhaps something like the the LFW exhibition but would prefer if it concentrated just on fashion perhaps with vintage, upcycled and ethical brands separated into different areas with a bit more space.  

I arrived just in time to attend the first key note speech for which speakers included Professor Frances Corner, Head of the London College of Fashion, Lucy Shea of Futerra and Lord Anthony Young, Co Chair of the Ethical Trading initiative. There were some really interesting conversations about the answer to sustainability in fashion. The general consensus was that there is no one simple answer and an integrated approach is needed including:

Positive communication – sustainable and ethical fashion needs to have status, social proof and ‘sizzle’. Rather than communicating doom and gloom and guilt, we need to create a positive image using visuals, emotions and branding. (OK I am going to try and more ‘sizzle on this blog, from now on)

Education – informing and teaching those that will be working in the industry in the future about sustainability. Currently this is focussed through the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at LCF.

Working with brands for change – through initiatives like the Ethical Trading Initiative, companies can work towards more ethical and sustainable supply chains. Involving customers and making improvements from the top of companies.  

I don’t have time to tell you about every single brand that was at The Good Fashion show so thought I would just pick out a few of my favourites. I also attended the clothes swap, which was a real highlight for me but will tell more about that in another post.

beaded bag from Oxfam boutique

Oxfam Fashion attended with a fantastic selection of clothes and accessories from their boutique. I treated myself to a beautiful beaded bag and was very tempted to get more, but had to save my cash for a taxi home!

upcycled bags by Nina Bloom

I really loved the pinup prints on these pin up bags by Nina Bloom, made from old bill board posters.

Tara Starlet Dresses

For some time now I have admired Tara Starlet dresses from afar on the website, so it was fantastic to see some of their clothes in real life. The ladies on the Tara Starlet stand also had the most amazing retro hair and make up.  

Tell Us Fashion - Retrose

Tell Us Fashion have just launched an Ethical Fashion Boutique dedicated to supporting emerging talent. I would definitely recommend checking it out as it has some fantastic pieces on it. I particularly love the REtrose as modelled in the image above!

Ethical bags - Fashion Compassion

ethical bags - Fashion Compassion

Fashion ComPassion work with ethically responsible brands from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Their display included some pretty amazing hand embroidered bags.

I took my old moth eaten cashmere jumper to Love Turtle Doves and they exchanged it for a cute pair of cashmere gloves/ arm warmers which I am wearing as I write this post.

Last but not least, I loved the handpainted t shirts by Indigreen and decided to get one for Mr Style Eyes, he virtually never buys clothes so I thought he could do with something new. The t shirts are made from organic cotton and hand painted in India by artists that used to paint the Bollywood billboards before digital media arrived. What I really love is that each of the designs has its own story.

So what do you think, does it sound like good fun? would you consider attending if it runs next year?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Oxfam Fashion

Oxfam Fashion is an online shop offering the most comprehensive selection of charity shop clothing available online. Oxfam Fashion offers menswear, women’s wear and children’s wear and also includes accessories, shoes, vintage and designer pieces.

All clothing bought from the Oxfam Fashion shop helps to support Oxfam’s important work fighting poverty and injustice around the world from life-saving emergency responses to life-changing development projects and campaigning.

Shop Oxfam Fashion

Return to Feel Good Fashion Directory

Oxfam Fashion Blogger’s Meet Up

Yesterday was the Oxfam Fashion blogger’s meet, a fantastic opportunity for me to the other the others who blog for Oxfam Fashion, find out some more about Oxfam Fashion and talking ethical fashion, blogging and social media.


We met at the showrooms of Foundation PR which was crammed with rails of amazing ethical fashion, definitely a feast for the eyes. My lovely fellow bloggers and the team at Oxfam included Kathryn of Kat Got the Cream, Jen of Little BirdEmma Waight, Sadie of Sadies Wardrobe, Rupy Kaur, Emily of Erose and Hattie of Inside the Mind of a Disco Ball Thea, Caroline and Belle. It was great to meet everyone and have a chat over lunch. I was truly inspired by how passionate everyone was about ethical fashion, recycling and Oxfam. We had some realy interesting conversations about why people buy do and don’t buy ethical and charity shop fashion, some food for thought and perhaps a few ideas for blog posts there. I would definitely recommend checking out their blogs and posts.

I wanted to share with you a little that I learnt about Oxfam Fashion as even though I work for them as a volunteer, I never even realised all of this!

 Oxfam will be at London Fashion Week

Image from Oxfam Fashion SS12 look book. Photographer: Chris Mosey

Well sort of! Oxfam Fashion will be at The Good Fashion Show on Saturday, the biggest off schedule event during LFW. They will be hosting a pop-up boutique selling a range of winter (the cold is not over yet) and spring clothing, including accessories and handbags. They will also be featuring 5 of the outfits from their recent lookbook in the catwalk show.

Oxfam have some great resources for Upcyclers

Oxfam actively promote reuse of clothing and one way that we can do that is by upcycling or customising a charity shop piece to make it individual and unique. Last June Oxfam launched their first DIY Boutique in Camden, which is a bespoke fashion destination which inspires individuality and clothing customisation . They also have a DIY collection, designed by stylist Mrs Jones and have some great DIY tutorials on their website as well as some cards which I believe will be in the shops. They have some great craft supplies including pieces which can be used to embellish clothing, buttons and craft kits which are availble online and from the shops. Check out the Oxfam Fashion DIY pages for more information.

Virtually Nothing Gets Wasted at Oxfam

 At Oxfam, even the clothing that doesn’t get sold at the shops does not go to landfill. Everything that is not sold goes to Wastesaver, Oxfam’s own clothing recycling plant which also maximises the revenue from clothing that has been donate. The clothes are sorted by specialist who pick out the different types of clothes which are then sent to different high street shops (sometimes more specialist or boutiques), sold through the online shop or Oxfam Festival Shop or go to designers who work with recycled garments. Anything that cannot be used in the UK will go abroad to markets in  Europe, Africa or Asia or Oxfam’s social enterprise projects. Finally the lowest grades will be used for industrial use like car sound proofing or matress stuffing.

A big thanks to the team at Oxfam Fashion for a lovely day! You can check out Oxfam Fashion blog and online shop here.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

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Charity Shop Faux Fur Outfits

I can’t seem to get enough of faux fur at the moment. Here the outfits that I wore this weekend including some of my faux fur charity shop finds. The funny thing is when I wear faux fur my girls just want to cuddle up to me and stroke the fur all the time, they have nicknamed the coat my teddy bear coat.

Faux fur jacket – Oxfam
skirt – ASOS Africa
Boots – Dream on Green
Necklace and bracelet – Swarovski Crystallised
Bag – Spartoo

On Saturday, I popped into Bath for a little bit of shopping and lunch in ASK with the girls. I had some Tesco vouchers that needed using up so naturally we had to use them all up with plenty of icecream.

Coat – Blue Cross charity shop
Tunic/ dress – Blue cross charity shop (originally Linea)
Leggings – People Tree
Shoes – given to me by a friend as she didn’t want them!
Belt- Next

Saturday night, Mr Style Eyes and I went for food at the pub followed by a beer or two. I love this fur coat for a night out it is really warm and also a size too big so I can fit an extra cardigan underneath if needed.

Dress – over 15 years old,  upcycled
Jacket and necklace – as above
Shoes – Nine West

This dress is the DIY project that I have been working on this weekend. You can read more about it on my recycled fashion post for Oxfam fashion to be published soon.

Check out Oxfam for Cancer Research for some great charity shop faux fur and  fur trimmed coats. 

Do you have any faux fur? how do you wear yours?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Tuesday Treats – Vintage Christmas Party Dresses

I can’t wait until Christmas and have already got a vintage dress to wear to the one and only Christmas party that I will be going to this year. But I have seen so many other beautiful dresses and I thought that I would share some with you. The great thing about these dresses is that they make a change to the standard little black dress or long black evening dress but as so many of these vintage styles are on trend, you won’t look out of place. I also love the idea of wearing bright colours at Christmas.

vintage seventies red linen dress

Vintage Seventies Red Linen Dress – Oxfam

vintage mod dress

Vintage sixties mod dress– Rock  My Vintage

Vintage seventies lavender blue dress – Oxfam Vintage yellow shift dress

Vintage seventies yellow satin shift dress – Oxfam

vintage sixties shift dress

Sixties Vintage Shift Dress – Rock My Vintage

Vintage Fifties Dress – Posh Swaps


Laura Ashley – Prom Style Dress – Oxfam

vintage sixties prom dress

Vintage Sixties Prom Dress – Rock My Vintage

vintage green leather

 Vintage Sixties Green Leather Dress – Oxfam

Vintage Ruby Red Taffeta Prom Dress – Oxfam

Vintage Seventies Beige Evening Dress – Oxfam

vintage maxi dress

Vintage Seventies Maxi – Oxfam

If you are feeling a bit fed up with blogging or struggling to get motivated at the moment, please check out my post for IFB on 10 tips for  maintaining your blogger mojo.

If you love upcycling or DIY, you might be interested in joining in the monthly post round up on Ethical Fashion Bloggers. You can find out more here.

Have a good week!

With warmest wishes

Ceri X