Oxfam Fashion Blogger’s Meet Up

Yesterday was the Oxfam Fashion blogger’s meet, a fantastic opportunity for me to the other the others who blog for Oxfam Fashion, find out some more about Oxfam Fashion and talking ethical fashion, blogging and social media.


We met at the showrooms of Foundation PR which was crammed with rails of amazing ethical fashion, definitely a feast for the eyes. My lovely fellow bloggers and the team at Oxfam included Kathryn of Kat Got the Cream, Jen of Little BirdEmma Waight, Sadie of Sadies Wardrobe, Rupy Kaur, Emily of Erose and Hattie of Inside the Mind of a Disco Ball Thea, Caroline and Belle. It was great to meet everyone and have a chat over lunch. I was truly inspired by how passionate everyone was about ethical fashion, recycling and Oxfam. We had some realy interesting conversations about why people buy do and don’t buy ethical and charity shop fashion, some food for thought and perhaps a few ideas for blog posts there. I would definitely recommend checking out their blogs and posts.

I wanted to share with you a little that I learnt about Oxfam Fashion as even though I work for them as a volunteer, I never even realised all of this!

 Oxfam will be at London Fashion Week

Image from Oxfam Fashion SS12 look book. Photographer: Chris Mosey

Well sort of! Oxfam Fashion will be at The Good Fashion Show on Saturday, the biggest off schedule event during LFW. They will be hosting a pop-up boutique selling a range of winter (the cold is not over yet) and spring clothing, including accessories and handbags. They will also be featuring 5 of the outfits from their recent lookbook in the catwalk show.

Oxfam have some great resources for Upcyclers

Oxfam actively promote reuse of clothing and one way that we can do that is by upcycling or customising a charity shop piece to make it individual and unique. Last June Oxfam launched their first DIY Boutique in Camden, which is a bespoke fashion destination which inspires individuality and clothing customisation . They also have a DIY collection, designed by stylist Mrs Jones and have some great DIY tutorials on their website as well as some cards which I believe will be in the shops. They have some great craft supplies including pieces which can be used to embellish clothing, buttons and craft kits which are availble online and from the shops. Check out the Oxfam Fashion DIY pages for more information.

Virtually Nothing Gets Wasted at Oxfam

 At Oxfam, even the clothing that doesn’t get sold at the shops does not go to landfill. Everything that is not sold goes to Wastesaver, Oxfam’s own clothing recycling plant which also maximises the revenue from clothing that has been donate. The clothes are sorted by specialist who pick out the different types of clothes which are then sent to different high street shops (sometimes more specialist or boutiques), sold through the online shop or Oxfam Festival Shop or go to designers who work with recycled garments. Anything that cannot be used in the UK will go abroad to markets in  Europe, Africa or Asia or Oxfam’s social enterprise projects. Finally the lowest grades will be used for industrial use like car sound proofing or matress stuffing.

A big thanks to the team at Oxfam Fashion for a lovely day! You can check out Oxfam Fashion blog and online shop here.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

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Charity Shop Faux Fur Outfits

I can’t seem to get enough of faux fur at the moment. Here the outfits that I wore this weekend including some of my faux fur charity shop finds. The funny thing is when I wear faux fur my girls just want to cuddle up to me and stroke the fur all the time, they have nicknamed the coat my teddy bear coat.

Faux fur jacket – Oxfam
skirt – ASOS Africa
Boots – Dream on Green
Necklace and bracelet – Swarovski Crystallised
Bag – Spartoo

On Saturday, I popped into Bath for a little bit of shopping and lunch in ASK with the girls. I had some Tesco vouchers that needed using up so naturally we had to use them all up with plenty of icecream.

Coat – Blue Cross charity shop
Tunic/ dress – Blue cross charity shop (originally Linea)
Leggings – People Tree
Shoes – given to me by a friend as she didn’t want them!
Belt- Next

Saturday night, Mr Style Eyes and I went for food at the pub followed by a beer or two. I love this fur coat for a night out it is really warm and also a size too big so I can fit an extra cardigan underneath if needed.

Dress – over 15 years old,  upcycled
Jacket and necklace – as above
Shoes – Nine West

This dress is the DIY project that I have been working on this weekend. You can read more about it on my recycled fashion post for Oxfam fashion to be published soon.

Check out Oxfam for Cancer Research for some great charity shop faux fur and  fur trimmed coats. 

Do you have any faux fur? how do you wear yours?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Tuesday Treats – Vintage Christmas Party Dresses

I can’t wait until Christmas and have already got a vintage dress to wear to the one and only Christmas party that I will be going to this year. But I have seen so many other beautiful dresses and I thought that I would share some with you. The great thing about these dresses is that they make a change to the standard little black dress or long black evening dress but as so many of these vintage styles are on trend, you won’t look out of place. I also love the idea of wearing bright colours at Christmas.

vintage seventies red linen dress

Vintage Seventies Red Linen Dress – Oxfam

vintage mod dress

Vintage sixties mod dress– Rock  My Vintage

Vintage seventies lavender blue dress – Oxfam Vintage yellow shift dress

Vintage seventies yellow satin shift dress – Oxfam

vintage sixties shift dress

Sixties Vintage Shift Dress – Rock My Vintage

Vintage Fifties Dress – Posh Swaps


Laura Ashley – Prom Style Dress – Oxfam

vintage sixties prom dress

Vintage Sixties Prom Dress – Rock My Vintage

vintage green leather

 Vintage Sixties Green Leather Dress – Oxfam

Vintage Ruby Red Taffeta Prom Dress – Oxfam

Vintage Seventies Beige Evening Dress – Oxfam

vintage maxi dress

Vintage Seventies Maxi – Oxfam

If you are feeling a bit fed up with blogging or struggling to get motivated at the moment, please check out my post for IFB on 10 tips for  maintaining your blogger mojo.

If you love upcycling or DIY, you might be interested in joining in the monthly post round up on Ethical Fashion Bloggers. You can find out more here.

Have a good week!

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Tuesday Treats – Vintage Fashion Accessories and Christmas Gifts

I have great fun shopping for vintage and second hand goodies for the ethical outfit competition goody bags. So much so that I have decided to try and buy as many vintage Christmas gifts as possible this year. Over the last few years, I have been feeling that Christmas has just been turning into a mad consumer fest. So this year in the interests of sustainability, I am attempting to have a ‘Vintage and Handmade Christmas’.

This does of course take a little more time than buying the usual load of Christmas stuff with Mr Style Eyes threatening to get the Christmas CD out already, I thought it was high time I got on with some Christmas shopping or at least research.

As clothing is difficult to buy for other people I really like buying accessories.

 1950’s Black Floral Handbag on Rock My Vintage – £50


Glass bead necklace – Oxfam – £7.99

Vintage Jaeger Silk Scarf – Oxfam – £34.99 

Vintage 60’s crochet cape – Etsy – £22.35 (plus postage from US)

Vintage Renewal Fluffy Beret – Urban Outfitters – £15

Rokit Recycled Olive & Grey Tipped Faux Fur Collar – £25

Vintage 1920’s Embroidered Silk Shawl – Devoted to Vintage – reduced to £30

Vintage 1950’s Brooch – Devoted to Vintage – £12

If you prefer to shop for Christmas presents in person, don’t miss out on the last Vintage Fashion Fair London before Christmas on 20th November. You will find a great range of vintage accessories with price from £5 upwards. There are some free tickets available from the website www.vintagefashionfairlondon.co.uk.

More vintage Christmas goodies next week. Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Pattern Mixing – Animal Print Blouse and Statement Skirt

Blouse- charity shop
Skirts- ASOS Africa
Shoes – Dream in Green
Necklace – Etsy

I love pattern mixing but have in the past tended to stick to fairly safe choices of different florals or polka dots or stripes. For today I decided to try something a little more adventurous by combining a statement skirt with an animal print blouse and  bright tights. I am not sure if this was taking things a step too far, I am sure I got a few strange looks when I popped into town, but then again I don’t usually bother too much about stuff like that plus it is Halloween, so slightly scary outfits are allowed aren’t they?

I hope you have had  a lovely weekend. Despite looking forward to an extra hour in bed on Sunnday, I ended up getting up a 5.30am with my daughter who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of clocks going back or having a lie in on the weekend. I did get to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon wandering around a vintage fair in Bath (more on that very soon) followed by a delicious roast dinner made by Mr Style Eyes. What did you get up to?

For those that have haven’t read my previous post, I have started a new group/ platform/ community – Ethical Fashion Bloggers. It is for any fashion bloggers with an interest in ethical fashion including vintage, charity shopping and DIY. I am really pleased that some of my favourite Fashion Bloggers have already joined. If you would like to join, you can find out more on www.ethicalfashionbloggers.com. I will be publishing full details of our first outfit challenge very soon.

November is the fourth birthday of Style Eyes Fashion Blog, I can’t quite believe that I have been blogging this long, but I have really enjoyed myself and hope that my blogging has improved a bit over the years. To celebrate, I will be holding a competition with some great ethical fashion prizes, the competition will launch next Monday so please stop by and check it out.

Finally, I have had some good news! I have been accepted as a Fashion Blogger for Oxfam. I think my first post will be posted quite soon, I will share it with you once it is live. Those who read this blog regularly will know that I love Oxfam for buying clothes so I am really excited to get involved.  

Happy Halloween – Are you doing anything fun (or scary)?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X