Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

I have seen so many amazing ethical fashion finds in the sales over the last few weeks, I thought that I would share with you some of my favourites. As I mentioned in my last post, if you have never tried buying ethical or eco fashion before, the sales are a great time to give it a try. I guarantee you will be really surprised by the amazing quality and how different it is from much of the clothing you will find on the high street.

komodo fair trade zoe dress black 1 Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Zoe Fair Trade Cutout Dress by Komodo

If you saw my recent posts about the 6 Items challenge (where I wore only 6 items of clothing for a month) you might recognise this dress as one of the six items that I choose. It has become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe as it is so comfortable and easy to wear and can be accessorised in so many different ways or worn without accessories. It is now on sale at Fashion Conscience with just a few sizes left. Use code SALE10 to get an extra 10% discount.

skunkfunk garat t shirt dress Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Garat T Shirt Dress by Skunkfunk

I am a big fan of neon and this dress would look amazing with any of the brightly coloured beaded sandals or accessories from the amazing www.Aspiga.com. Definitely a look for those who like to stand out from the crowd! this dress is also on sale at Fashion Conscience along with more items from the Skunk Funk brand. Again you can use code SALE10 to get an extra 10% discount.

orla kiely navy cabins dress cda67837f61e Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Orla Kiely Navy Cabins Dress

I love People Tree sales and I love the Orla Kiely collection at People Tree. This dress is one of the items that I have been admiring on the site all spring and summer and it is now reduced by 50%. It looks like a perfect every day dress and a really flattering cut.

outsider dress 2 Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Denim Dress by Outsider

This beautiful dress is part of the Eco Age by Livia Firth Collection on Yoox. It is made from organic cotton denim with silk detailing at the neck. A really beautiful wardrobe staple for a sophisticated daytime look .

Kayu Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Bamboo Sunglasses by Kayu

These unusal sunglasses are another item I have been admiring all summer. They are great for a quirky and fun summer time look. They are also from the Eco Age by Livia Firth Collection at Yoox.

monsoon maxi dress Pick of the Ethical Fashion Sales

Keiko Maxi Dress at Monsoon

This beautiful Kimono style dress is reduced by over 70%. An amazing bargain especially if you have a special event to go to.

As you probably already know, I am a big fan of charity shopping. Oxfam is the best place to charity shop online and has some amazing pieces which can easily be searched by price, brand etc. They currently have a 30% off sale. You can check it out here.

Have you found any ethical fashion bargains in the sales? please share?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Ps just to let you know that this post contains some affiliate links.

People Tree Dresses- My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

In can’t believe the amazing sale they are having at People Tree at the moment with up to 50% summer clothes. Of course I instantly clicked over to the dresses which are severely challenging my shopping ban.

They are easy to wear, flattering, pretty and really well made (not to mention Fair Trade). Of course People Tree are one of the pioneers of Fair Trade clothing but you wouldn’t really know it to look at their clothes which are just plain stylish with some great details like embroidery and also some lovely prints in modern and very wearable designs. You can however you will feel better for it, knowing that no one is being exploited just so that you can have a new dress! So with that in mind, I have decided to pick out my top 8 dresses from the People Tree sale, feel free to treat yourself.

Just to let you know this post contains affiliate links (further details of my advertising policy here).

E184 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Lora Coral Dot Dress

SS12  2761 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Anouk Silk Floral Dress


SMPeopleTreeVintage29.7.2011 00132 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Cecile Batik Spot Dress

E1951 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Daisy Chain Dress

E049 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Lora V Neck Dress

E0782 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

Camille Embroidered V Dress

SMPeopleTreeVintage29.7.2011 0719 People Tree Dresses  My Top Picks from the Summer Sale

 Tropical Print Faye Dress

I hope that you are having a wonderful week and enjoying this beautiful weather.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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ASOS Africa Patterned Trousers

0021 ASOS Africa Patterned Trousers

Dress – really old!
Waistcoat – Even older!
Necklace – present from my mum
Patterned Trousers – ASOS Africa
Shoes – Melissa

Today I finally got the chance to wear my new ASOS Africa Patterned trousers that I have been looking forward to wearing with a sense of both excitement and apprehension since I bought them about three weeks ago. Here is the original post that I wrote about the ASOS Africa Collection for SS12.

I have been looking for the perfect pair of patterned trousers for a year or two now. Being so short I really struggle with finding trousers that will fit me and in the case of patterned trousers suit me. Add into the mix that I only buy from eco/ ethical labels these days and I had given myself quite a challenge. I had been working on a short list of possibilties for a few months but when I spotted these babies in the ASOS Green Room, I just couldn’t resist the fantastic colourful pattern.

I have put off wearing them for a few weeks while I carefully considered exactly how I was going to wear them. There is plenty of style advice out there on wearing of patterned trousers which ranges from ‘never do it if you are not tall and very slim’ (neither of which I am) to always wear with heels and if you are petite opt for cropped and close fitting patterned trousers. I am afraid I have not managed to follow any of these rules!

My inital outfit ideas included a fairly eye popping pattern mix with a tribal print tunic I have. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find said tunic so had to opt for the much safer alternative of a little black dress. The one danger with these trousers is for the outfit looking too ‘global traveller’, not really the look I was hoping for.

This outfit really works for me despite the lack of long legs, heels and cropped trousers, it is comfy and practical for everyday and I felt good wearing it even in the really hot weather. Mr Style Eyes even said it looked good or was it ok, either way praise indeed and highly unusual for an outfit this bright.

My tip for wearing patterned trousers if you are vertically challenged, team with a mini dress or long tunic top, this also works well of you are pear shaped. I am pretty sure I will be trying out some other outfits with my new patterned trousers though perhaps heels and a tailored jacket.

What would you where with these ASOS Africa trousers?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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Birthday Week

Apart from the fact that it marks me getting another year older, I really love birthdays. I don’t have much time to myself most of the time so on my birthday like to indulge myself. This year I have managed to spread it out over a whole week of doing pretty much exactly what I want. I had some lovely pressies including delicious smelling Lush goodies from my sister, a beautiful mirrored jewellery box and a necklace from my neighbours and a vintage book from my friend but mostly I got money which I  have used to treat myself to a few goodies (clothes of course!).

114 Birthday Week

116 Birthday Week

ramirez dress Birthday Week

On Monday, I spent a very wet day wandering around the shops and researching my Vintage and Second Hand Guide to Bath, I did also manage to squeeze in some shopping and got this beautiful scarf from the Black and White Shop for just £10. I also got this amazing printed dress from Monsoon and a Monsoon cardigan from the Oxfam Boutique. I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can wear the dress perhaps with the scarf for a really printastic outfit!

086 Birthday Week

My actual birthday was really all about eating cake. I ordered up this beauty from Patisserie Valerie, it was delicious- sponge, cream, fruit and white chocolate.  I did manage to fit in 2 hours of excercise classes which hopefully went some way to offsetting some of those calories.

057 Birthday Week

On Thursday, I had a cup of tea and chat with the lovely Noorin Khamisani of Outsider, a fantastic label that is all about classic, wearable and beautiful clothes (that just happen to be ethical too) . I really love her latest collection which features some very lovely dresses, one of which she happens to be wearing in this photo.

0141 Birthday Week

It was yet another horrible and wet day so I resorted to wearing jeans (organic cotton from M&S) and boots (Dream in Green) with my new Antiform top that I got from Mr Style Eyes and the girls. I did give them a little help in deciding what to get me. Well actually I just bought it ,myself from Think Boutique. Antiform is another label which I really love and well worth checking out if you love unusual pieces. They use reclaimed fabrics and mix fashion forward shapes with heritage crafts.

zakee shariff paisley tee 0ec0361e168b Birthday Week

I also got this People Tree top from the Zakee Shariff Collection.

0741 Birthday Week

And this dress by Frank and Faith (another amazing and very afforable brand) from Ethical Superstore which I wore out to dinner with my friends on Friday with leggings and necklace by People Tree, swapped denim jacket and shoes by Simple.

I have also ordered myself a few more goodies in the Ethical Superstore 20% off sale and some Melissa shoes (to keep my feet dry) which I will share once they arrive.

So that is it birthday week is over, back to reality, sensible, healthy eating and a complete shopping ban until at least the autumn, I definitely don’t need any new clothes now.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, despite the rain!

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Prints are massive news at the moment! I have always been a lover of bold, bright and beautiful prints even when minimalism was in fashion but now they are everywhere that I look, I am even more tempted by them. Bold and bright prints is just one area where ethical fashion comes into its own with traditional methods of printing and local inspiration being used create contemporary fashion pieces in Fairtrade cooperatives and ethical fashion initiatives around the world. Let the high street copy and take inspiration from the prints of Africa, Asia and South America but I would much prefer the real thing because prints this beautiful transcend fashion and trends.

Check these Out!

Lalesso 1 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Lalesso 2 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Lalesso 3 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

lalesso 4 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Lalesso uses the creative talent of Kenyan artisans after realising the raw talent, incredible design aesthetics, rich resources and beautiful people that the country has to offer.

modahnik 4 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

modahnik 3 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

modahnik 2 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Modahnik is a US based label founded by Kahindo Mateene, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

sika 2 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

sika 3 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

sika 4 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Sika is a fantastic brand that I have only just discovered (and really glad I did!). They use fabrics sourced from  local Ghanaian markets and hand-made using natural methods, creating exclusive limited prints. Each unique piece defines an area in West Africa’s vast textile landscape, using traditional fabrics such as tie dye, batik’s and wax prints.

fair true fair trade blue green peplum zip top wb Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

fair true peplum top pink turq fair trade wb Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

fair true teal cropped print jacket Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Fair + True are a contemporary brand with an eclectic collection of clothes made in Kenya and Malawi under a Fair Trade schemes.

Suno 1 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012
suno 2 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012suno 4 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012Suno is a New York based womenswear label which produces clothes in Kenya, India and Peru using combination of traditional, local techniques and high-end tailoring, with an emphasis on fit and fabric.

choolips Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

choolips 2 Ethical Prints For Spring Summer 2012

Choolips is London based brand working with batikers in Ghana to revamp traditional techniques and producing clothes in Kenya, Ghana and India.

What do you think? tempted? I have also heard that the new ASOS Africa collection will be released very soon, I will keep you posted.

Have a lovely weekend!

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Yesterday was the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight. I always think that Fairtrade fortnight is a great time to indulge yourself with some delicious fairtrade chocolate and If I wasn’t trying to lose a bit of weight, I most definitely would! But instead I have decided to share some of my favourite Fair trade fashion for SS12.

orla kiely navy cabins dress cda67837f61e Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Orla Kiely for People Tree Dress made in India from 100% Organic Fairtrade Cotton

lora dot dress 06f2462fd884 Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

People Tree Lora Dress made in India from 100% Organic Fairtrade Cotton

macy swallows oversize tee f7e79c2f129b Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight
People Tree Macy Swallows Oversize Tee – 100% Organic Fairtrade Certified Cotton

zakee shariff paisley tee 0ec0361e168b Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Zakee Shariff for People Tree Paisley T Shirt - 100% Organic Fairtrade Cotton

pleat hem  50637 std1 Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Annie Greenabelle Pleat Hem Dress – 100% organic fairtrade cotton

Kimono EDITED  08882 zoom Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Annie Greenabelle Peach Poppy Skirt- Made from 100% Organic and Fairtrade cotton

armour luxe1 Fair Trade Fashion For Fairtrade Fortnight

Breton top by Armour Luxe at ASOS – made from Fairtrade cotton


In all honesty this post has been a fairly difficult one to write. Whilst lots of companies talk about Fair trade on their website it is difficult to find many with the actual Fairtrade Certification in individual products. It really confused me so I decided to look into it a bit further.

Fairtrade cotton ensures that the farmers get a fair price for their crops, a Fairtrade premium to be used for development and for cotton and a number of other products works only with smaller farmers in rural areas.

Only those products with the Fairtrade trade mark below are certified by the Fairtrade Foundation against internationally agreed Fairtrade standards and are usually labelled ‘Fairtrade’. Other products described as’ Fair trade’ may not have the certification but may still be ethical and follow fair trade principles to varying extents. The certification only really applies to commodities like cotton, so for example handicrafts and artisan items may not be covered by it but still can be described as ‘Fair trade’. If you want to find out more check out the Fairtrade Foundation website

So now I have cleared that up…

If you would like to join in the Fairtrade fortnight, here are just a few Fairtrade Fortnight promotions by retailers that I have come across.

People Tree are running a streetstyle competition with the chance to win a £500 shopping spree. Simply take a photo of yourself in your favourite People Tree purchase and send it to them. The photos will be posted to the People Tree Facebook gallery and the winner chosen by the community. The competition closes Friday 9th March. They are also giving free delivery on all orders over £50.

Ethical Superstore are giving £5 off all orders over £50 when you use the code XFTF12 during Fairtrade fortnight. A fantastic opportunity to stock up on Fairtrade fashion or Easter Eggs or both!

Fashion Conscience are offering free delivery on all orders during Fairtrade fortnight.

Will you be doing anything for Fairtrade Fortnight?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Ps this post contains some affiliate links

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People Tree

lauren ditsy floral dress 69b758a13d0b People Tree

People Tree is well recognised as a pioneer of sustainable and fair trade fashion and has been selling beautiful clothing that improves the lives and environment of the artisans and farmers in developing countries since 1991, first i  Japan and since 2001 in the UK.

People Tree sell a range of women’s wear and menswear. Their  designers are passionate about good design, obsessing over the details and experimenting with new fabrics and materials. They won’t rest until they’ve created a garment that’s truly beautiful. Their designs also importantly incorporate artisan skills and labour intensive hand crafting techniques which help to create work and an income for those involved.

Shop People Tree Use code HEATH10 at checkout for a 10% discount!

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30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Maisha Collective Fair Trade Scarves

maisha collective fair trade takuma tie dye purple cotton scarf ethical fashion 1 30 Days of Ethical Fashion   Maisha Collective Fair Trade Scarves

Today on 30 Days of Ethical Fashion, I wanted to share with you Maisha Collective, an amazing organisation making some great Fair trade fashion.
Maisha Collective make unique hand dyed scarves. They are are based in Nairobi, Kenya and the scarves are created by a group of young refugee women from DR Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Burundi. These young women are empowered by the collectives to rebuild their lives with peace and dignity, helping them to develop confidence and gain important skills for future independence.
As the scarves are all handmade, it means that each one is unique. I love the deep colours and swirly patterns, perfect for adding a bit of colour to a dark winter outfit.
You can order Maisha Collective Fairtrade cotton scarves from Fashion Conscience.
With warmest wishes
Ceri x

30 Days of Ethical Fashion – Annie Greenabelle

If I had to decribe the ethical fashion label Annie Greenabelle in just a few words it would be fresh, trendy and affordable. The latest collection is packed full of cute dresses which would suit most people. They are incredibly wearable with plenty of pretty prints and fun details to add a bit of interest.

In contrast to some ethical labels, this is definitely one that would work well for the teenage and younger girls that is not to say that it wouldn’t work equally well for an older 30 something like myself or anyone else for that matter, but the collection just fits well with current trends for those that want to be in fashion.

Annie Greenabelle is an ethical company through and through with a transparent supply chain. They use organic and fair trade fabrics combined with end of roll and reclaimed fabircs to add a bit of variety to the clothes.

At the moment they have some fabulous party dresses, vintage inspired skirts and jersey dresses which are great for everyday with prices starting at a bargainous £34. I would definitely recommend checking them out and you can currently get 30% off jersey dresses using the discount code JERSEY30 at checkout.

 What do you think?

If you would like to catch up on the previous posts in my 30 days of Ethical Fashion series, you can check out the other posts here.

with warmest wishes

Ceri X