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Ethical Fashion Brands

A classic British brand that is committed to creating affordable and ethical fashion with a good selection of work wear, dresses, coats and knitwear and plenty of colour and pattern. Adini have a comprehensive fair trade and environmental policy which includes zero tolerance of child labour and good pay and working conditions for those in their supply chain.

Annie Greenabelle

ASOS Africa

ASOS Africa is ASOS’s own ethical fashion label which features bright and fashion forward pieces inspired by and created in Africa. The ASOS Africa collection is made by SOKO Kenya, an eco friendly clothing manufacturing unit based in Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya, with the aim of providing people within their community with the opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their families through employment.

ASOS Reclaimed
ASOS Reclaimed is ASOS’s very own line of sustainable clothing which features hand picked vintage sourced from around the world and modern reworked pieces made from vintage or dead stock fabrics. The collection is a great way to look current but unique whilst minimising your impact on the environment.

Aura Que

Aura Que
Aura Que is a stylish and unique, ethical accessories brand. Every Aura Que design  is developed in collaboration with charity producer groups in Nepal using traditional slikks and local materials, aiming to create opportunities for the people who make their products.

Bamboo Bay
Bamboo Bay is a Brighton based ethical fashion brand inspired by surfing and extreme sports. Clothing is screen printed right here in the UK using water based, non toxic dyes on high quality, sustainable materials such as incredibly soft bamboo, organic cotton, hemp and Tencel which is made from eucalyptus plant.

Beyond Skin
Beyond Skin area a vegan shoe brand with a focus on creating beautiful but cruelty free shoes. Beyond Skin shoes are manufactured in Alicante, Spain and are worn by celebrities, most notably Natalie Portman.


Bibico clothes are stitched, woven and knitted from high quality natural materials in fair trade cooperatives. Much of the knitwear at Bibico is made by hand and the woven collections feature hand embroidered detailing. Bibico are committed to Fair trade fashion with everyone involved in creating their clothes getting paid a fair price for the work they do and working in a safe and healthy working environment.

Bioneuma Natural Fashion
Bioneuma Natural Fashion goes back to basics with an emphasis on the purity of hand produced clothes. Bioneuma clothes are made from 2 high quality raw materials, organic and alpaca to create clean lines with an artisan finish.

Birkenstock is an iconic brand that has been around since 1774. Birkenstocks are still made in a factory in Germany and are long lasting both because of their classic style and the high quality construction. They are particularly known for their cork footbed which makes them really comfy to stand in for long periods of time.

Braintree Clothing
Braintree clothing make beautiful clothes from a range of eco friendly fabrics including hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, rayon and recycled polyester.

Chilpa is an ethical fashion brand selling hand made Mexican scarves and pashminas to generate a sustainable livelihood for the artisans that they work with and helping to preserve the traditional craft. Scarves are made an a traditional treadle mill from 100% silk or cotton with organic dyes for a minimal impact on the environment.

Dream in Green

Dream in Green
Dream in Green are a sustainable and ethical shoe and accessories brand. Their high quality and stylish shoes and hand bags are made in Europe using natural and recyclable materials including vegetable tanned leather.

Edun is the designer fashion brand founded by Bono and Ali Hewson in 2005 with the aim of promting (fair) trade rather than aid. The brand was more recently bought by the LVMH Group but has continued to work towards its original mission with over 85% of its collection now being produced in Africa.

Eka create beautiful accessories that puts people and principles before profit. Eka accessories are made in Auroville Sout East India, which is an ongoing experiment in human unity.Eka accessories are for those who insist on ethical fashion but aren’t prepared to compromoise on style,design or luxury. Many of their accessories feature their signature chunky textured crochet/ knit in bright and bold designs.

Ethletic make fantastic ethical baseball boots in a great variety of colours. Ethletic trainers are made from 100% vegan, sustainable and natural materials including organic canvas cotton and natural FSC certified rubber from small farmer collaborations.

Howies are a sports and outdoor clothing brand based in West Wales. They believe in quality as clothes that last longer are better for the environment. They also believe in making clothes in a low impact way using organic cotton and recycled materials.

Komodo was founded by Jo Komodo in 1988 with a focus on creating great fashion that is also ethical. Komodo are committed to sourcing ethical and organic clothing wherever possible.

La Jewellery

La Jewellery
La Jewellery make beautiful handmade jewellery from sustainable and recycled materials.

Lowie creates clothes and accessories inspired by traditional handicrafts from around the world. The brands signature is its limited collections featuring hand-knitting, crochet, hand-embroidery and hand-stitching. Lowie collections are ethically made often using organic or sustainable materials.

Luva Huva
Luva Huva hand make beautiful, clothing in the UK using ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics wherever possible including organic cotton, bamboo and soy. They celebrate elegant feminine style whilst also providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the often wasteful fashion industry.

MADE are all about unique fair trade jewellery which made using traditional techniques and fashion led design. The MADE workshop in Kenya harnesses artisan skills whilst providing a safe working environment, long-term job security and training for its workers.

Marks and Spencers (Best of British)
The Marks and Spencers Best of British collection features high quality clothes that fuse traditional craftmanship with a modern aesthetic. The Best of British collection forms part of a 3 year partnership with the British Fashion Council. The collection celebrates modern luxury and the UK’s finest design talent with a collection made by expert crafts people in high quality fabric.

Master and Muse is a fashion forward life style brand with an ethical and sustainable focus. It is sold through the online retailer Yoox. It features artisans, brands and designers who are courageously pushing boundaries in how fashion is designed, sourced, constructed and sold. The collection is curated by Amber Valletta.

Monkee Genes
Monkee Genes simply make great jeans without compromise.Their jeans are available in a number of innovative colours, finishes and cuts and are ethically made from organic cotton which has been certified by GOTS and the soil association.

Nancy Dee
Nancy Dee use a variety of super soft eco fabrics inclduing organic cotton, bamboo, soy and Modal to ethically create their collections in the UK. They create beautiful, versatile and long wearing designs that are a joy to wear.

A wide range of fair trade fashions for elegant, individual and adventurous women.

Beautiful garments created with a thoughtful approach, to be worn season after season.

Oxfam Fashion
Oxfam Fashion is the online store for Oxfam featuring a massive selection of second hand, preloved and vintage clothes.

Otillie Pop

Ottillie Pop
Ottillie Pop make fantastic printed dresses in the UK ensuring transparency in their supply chain and a luxurious quality. These dresses are made to last and carry a 5 year guarantee.

Pachacuti make certified fair trade Panama hats. Founded on a passion for improving the lives of Andean producers and their communities, Pachacuti is committed to creating a successful, contemporary fashion and accessories business with ethics at their core.

Patchouli Fair
Feminine fairtrade fashion with a vintage twist.

An iconic sustainable outdoor wear brand that is leading the way in sustainability by encouraging customers to buy less and recycle their old clothes. Patagonia use innovative ways of creating clothes that are both high performance and minimise their impact on the environment.

People Tree 
People Tree are a pioneer of ethical fashion, creating beautiful and wearable clothing that is made with respect for people and the planet. People Tree are making a really positive difference to the lives of people around the world by creating a sustainable livelihood by using their artisan skills to create beautiful clothes.

Ruby Rocks
Ruby Rocks create fashion forward designs in an ethical way. Their clothes are made in a small factory in Bali which provides fair wage and package of benefits for its workers.

Seasalt Cornwall
Seasalt clothing create stylish and sustainable clothig that is inspired by the coast of the UK. Many of their clothes are also made in the UK helping to preserve traditional manufacturing industries. They also use a variety of sustainable mateials inclduign organic cotton.


Fresh, fun and funky clothes, ethically made from sustainable materials to ensure a unique and individual style that does not go out of fashion.

Swedish Hasbeens
Traditonal Swedish toffels made are ecologically prepared in small factories using natural grain leather. This style of shoe has undergone a revival with the Swedish Hasbeens brands being named as one of Sweden’s fastest growing fashion brands.

Tatty Devine
Tatty Devine have developed quite a following for their fun and quirky jewellery that is handmade in their London workshop. Tattty Devine are most famous for their perspex jewellery but they also use a range of other materials including fabric, wood, leather, veneer and enamel.

The Cambridge Satchel Company
The Cambridge Satchel Company makes traditional satchels and leatehr bags in a variety of colours. All of their products are lovingly handmade in Britain.

Timberland create high performance outdoor wear that works for urban environments as well as remote locations. Timberland have a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability with a focus on transparency. They are also innovating by developing new ways to create sustainable materials to make their clothes with.

TOMS Shoes

The TOMS brand is well known for its ‘one for one’ initiative which involves them giving a pair of shoes for every pair sold. In addition to the Signature alpargata-inspired shoes, TOMS now also sell sandals, boots and sunglasses. They are also improving the ways they give by giving different types of shoes based on terrain and season, or creating local jobs by producing shoes in countries where they give.

Veja are a sustainable footwear and accessories brand. Their colurful and fashion led designs are made from organic and fairtrade cotton, Brazilian Wild Rubber and eco tanned leather.Veja also have a zero advertising policy, zero stock and have carbon dioxide reduction as a key priority.

NV London Calcutta
London Calcutta create ethical and luxurious handmade bags.

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang
Wool and the Gang is a unique brand that is pioneering a sustainable approach to fashion. As an alternative to fast fashion and mass produced clothing, Wool and the Gang offer the choice of beautiful designer knitwear that can be made by their gang or you can make yourself.

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(Please note, I have not individually verified the ethics of any of the brands/ retailers listed in this directory but only accept entries for companies/ brands that we believe to have good ethical // sustainable credentials)

In order to decide on what ethical fashion means to you, you first need to understand some of the issues of sustainability and ethics that face the fashion industry. These range from the fact that fashion is cyclical in nature so is often thought of as inherently unsustainable to the issues of unethical manufacture and low wages paid to those working in the garment industry. An industry that encourages the constant consumption of clothing not only wastes valuable natural resources by also causes pollution at both the manufacturing stages and the end of the life of the product. Consumer hunger for ‘fast fashion’ that is produced quickly has lead to the inhumane working conditions faced by many garment workers around the world.

The cotton industry also has many issues with farmers becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty caused by the ever growing need for pesticides to grow their crops. The use of pesticides is damaging to the environment and to the health of those living and working nearby. In Uzbekistan where much of the worlds cotton supply is grown there has been much controversy over the use of forced child labour to harvest the crop each year.

The clothing industry also causes pollution and environmental damage in many different ways including the dying of clothing, excessive water usage and the toxic chemicals used to tan leather.

For many ethical fashion is also about the ethical treatment of animals. Many people consider products such as fur and leather to be unethical and would prefer to wear natural or synthetic alternatives.

Ethical fashion offers an alternative or better option than all or some of these issues and is usually thought to include:

  • Made from sustainable fabrics including organic and Fairtrade Cotton, sustainable Bamboo, recycled materials and Tencel.
  • Offering an alternative to buying new including second hand and vintage
  • Made under fair trade principles or in ethical factories
  • Ethically made in Britain
  • Vegan clothes and accessories that are made without  any animal products.
  • Many of the brands featured also use a significant proportion of their turnover for charitable causes, are pioneers in ethics and sustainability and have a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability throughout their operations.

As you can see from the YouTube clip above, ethical fashion brands like People Tree are not only making a real difference to people living in poverty around the world but they also make amazing clothes that look and feel great to wear. When it comes to ethical fashion, we definitely think that you can have your cake and eat it! Great fashion, made with respect for people and the environment.

I hope to share some fantastic alternatives for those that are disillusioned by the low quality clothing on the high street. From pollution and waste of resources to human rights, animal cruelty and tax avoidance of well known UK brands, there are so many reasons to think carefully about where your clothes come from and how they are made. It is up to you to decide on what your ethics are, we want to help you find beautiful and stylish clothes that fit with your values.

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