Fare Fashion at Bristol’s Big Green Week

I am often heard moaning about missing out on all good events which always seem to happen in London. Well not on Saturday night, when I was invited to attend the Fare Fashion Gala Evening which included a fashion show, banquet, a talk by Tasmin Lejeune of Ethical Fashion Forum and a glass or two of bubbly. The event was organised by Fare Share South West, a charity which works with the food industry to minimise perfectly good food going to waste by distributing it to organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community and Bristol Fair Trade Network, an organisation working to promote the sales of fairtrade in Bristol.

All of the designers and boutiques involved in the fashion show were selected because of their strong commitment to sustainability through upcycling, vintage, reclaimed materials and fair trade and organic fabrics. Here are just a few of the outfits featured in the show.

Pearl Bespoke Designs

Amulet Boutique

Pearl Bespoke Designs

Amulet Boutique


Stitch Up Studios

Stitch Up Studios



Arthur and Henry + Pants to Poverty

Arthur and Henry + Pants to Poverty


Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear


Clic Sargent - Fix Up, Look Sharp

Click Sargent - Fix Up, Look Sharp

Clic Sargent - Fix Up Look Sharp

Clic Sargent - Fix Up Look Sharp


Boho Hemp

Boho Hemp


























The Birdcage

The Birdcage



Custard Clothing
Custard Clothing
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique

Here is a little more about the brands featuring in the show:-

Amulet Boutique – a boutique based in Cotham Hill, Bristol selling new clothes and accessories from ethical and fair brands.

Stitch Up Studios is a communal sewing space run by its team of members, we share our equipment and knowledge with anyone wanting to get involved.

Arthur and Henry make amazing organic cotton mens shirts and Pants to Poverty are all about, you got it, pants!

Sumptuous Designerwear sell and hire new and preloved high end clothing.

Outsider are a London based sustainable fashion brand with the mission statement that ethical fashion should look just like fashion.

Clic Sargent are an amazing charity that have helped so many children and their families suffering from cancer and leukaemia including my niece and her family, so I am very happy to support them in any way that I can. Fix Up, Look Sharp is their amazing upcycled label which creates funky fashion from donated clothing and is now available on ASOS Marketplace.

Boho Hemp are a sustainable brand making beautifully soft and wearable clothes from bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

Birdcage in Bristol is a fantastic vintage shop,cafe and live music venue.

Vyosna is a Warsaw-based sustainable apparel label with a slow fashion approach. The company specialise in short runs of high-quality clothes for men and women with a focus on combining smart looks with casual comfort.

Custard House Clothing is another Bristol based boutique which restyles and reworks clothing. Heartfelt Boutique – this was perhaps the highlight of the show for me with a twenties theme and lots of glamour and sparkle. You can find Heartfelt in Clifton, Bristol.

I had a fabulous night and was even sitting on a table with George Ferguson, the Mayor of Bristol who had changed his trademark red trousers for a green pair for the event! See below!

I hope that you are having a good week? what have you been up to? If you happen to be around Bristol over the next week, there are lots of events going on for Big Green week which you can check out here.

With warmest wishes

A Vintage Tea Party!

Vintage Tea Party

I wanted to share an event that I thought would appeal to all lovers of vintage fashion tea and cake – A Vintage Tea Party at Vintage Fashion Fair London.

This looks like the perfect opportunity to get dressed up in a lovely vintage dress and catch up with friends or meet up with some fellow vintage loving fashion bloggers.  The vintage tea party will be held at VIntage Fashion Fair London on 19th May. It is the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon with a vintage afternoon tea served on vintage china, music from the forties performed by singing and dancing act ‘My Favourite Things’ and the chance to shop for vintage clothes, accessories and textiles on the vintage stalls which stock a great selection of genuine vintage from a variety of decades. If the weather is nice there will also be tables available in the garden at Cecil Sharp House.

Tickets are £10 and available in advance from Eventbrite

* Entrance to the Vintage Fashion Fair for some great shopping.

* A lunch or tea consisting of delicate finger sandwiches, a selection of delicious cakes and a pot of tea or coffee.

* All served on vintage china at pretty table settings.

* Entertainment from ‘My Favourite Things’ who will be performing at 1.00 p.m. and 3.30 p.m



Further information visit www.vintagefashionfairlondon.co.uk

Vintage Tea Party London

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Nancy Dee Trousers and Vintage Dresses

Last week was my birthday and with so much going on I haven’t found time to post about the the outfits I wore.

vintage dress

This is what I wore to see Liberty London Girl talk at Bath in Fashion, just one of my birthday treats. The dress and jacket are both from Rokit Vintage and the shoes Dream in Green.

vintage dress

I some how managed to stretch out my birthday celebrations and treats for at least a week (pretty good this year, I usually try for a month!). On the Sunday before I wore this to the Bath in Fashion Vintage Fair both the vintage dress and belt were from a clothes swap, the bags was from Oxfam Fashion and the shoes are El Naturalista.

As usual I got mostly money for my birthday so felt compelled to treat myself by buying a few new clothes. Obviously I really don’t need anything new but even though I didn’t really do well on the ‘buy less’ front, I am hoping I may have made up for it on the ‘choose well’ and ‘make it last’ front. The clothes that I bought were all by ethical and sustainable brands and also very carefully considered and chosen as items that would last me ages and compliment my existing wardrobe.

I have been after a pair of printed trousers for some time and when I saw these Nancy Dee trousers it was definitely love at first sight. When Think Boutique did a 20% discount on Earth Day, I grabbed the opportunity and ordered them up straight away. The jacket is from Rokit Vintage as before and shoes by Melissa. The other clothes i have bought will I am sure be featured in outfits soon!

Here are just few instagrams from my birthday week

Birthday tea with my girls!

A blow out at the local Chinese followed by a fortune cookie!

New necklace by Hiro and Wolf

New necklace by Mata Traders

So that is it birthday week over with, now for the bank holiday. Do have any fun plans for the weekend?

With warmest wishes

Auction House Treasures

I am a big fan vintage and second hand clothing but my hunting ground doesn’t usually extend beyond charity shops, vintage shops and very occasionally ebay. When I got an email the other day from Barnebys Auction House, I was really interested to see what they have to offer in terms of fashion, jewellery and other treasures. They have a whole category devoted to vintage fashion. I also love checking out antique paintings and art work.

If I am honest, I have never set foot in a real auction house, the prospect sounds a little scary. I have visions of me putting up my hand to scratch my face and ending up bidding a half a million pounds for something that I don’t even want!

Anyway looking at a website is so much safer. Here are a few of the items that I would love to bid on!

Belle De Nuit Painting by Jean Gabriel Mergue (estimated price £19,900!) – In my dreams!

Vinatge Christian Dior DressVintage Christian Dior Dress (estimated price £100)

1970s Yves St Laurent DressVintage 1970’s Yves St Laurent Dress (estimated price £40)

beaded lace neck piece1920’s Beaded Lace Neck Piece (estimated price £30)

What do you think? would you every consider buying vintage fashion from an auction house?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Sustainable Spring Style on a Budget

One of the most common objections that I hear from people about choosing to shop more sustainably for their clothes is that it would cost more and there isn’t as much choice. In the past this may of been the case but now, I think their is a huge range of choice of ethical and sustainable fashion for all budgets ranging from luxurious designer pieces right through to more affordable fashion. In many ways sustainability and frugality go hand in hand. Here are my tips for greening your style for spring on a budget.

Buy Less, Choose Well

OK, I stole (or borrowed) this one from Vivienne Westwood but it really does sum up the easiest way on how we can become more sustainable, and save money too. Check out what you already have in you wardrobe, what you need or want. I always try and assess any clothes for value before buying by working out how much I am likely to wear them. I think about when I could wear them, what in my wardrobe they would go with and how long they are likely to last in terms of style and quality. I always try and wait a few days before buying to make sure that it is something I really want.

Cash In On Clothes That You Don’t Wear

Spring is the perfect time to have a good clear out of your wardrobe and any clothes that you no longer wear may be worth some money. You can try selling them through ebay a website like musicmagpie.co.uk or bigwardrobe.com or even take them to a clothes agency if you have one nearby. A newly organised wardrobe will also make it easier for you to find something to wear in the mornings and know what you already have to avoid buying more of the same.

Shop for of Sustainable Fashion with Discount Codes and in Sales 

If you really can’t afford to buy from a sustainable or ethical fashion brand, you can look out for discount codes for sustainable fashion. The high quality and timeless styles of most of these brands will usually make them a really good investment. As most of the styles won’t go out of fashion, you should easily be able to find something amazing that is relevant for spring in the sales. Here is a quick summary of the sales and discounts at style-is.co.uk at the moment.

15% off at People Tree until 21st April
15% off at Fashion Conscience until 30th April including Ruby Rocks, Komodo, SkunkFunk & Melie Bianco (vegan handbags)
15% off sustainable brands at Surfdome including Patagonia, Seasalt Cornwall, Monkee Genes, Rapanui and Seasalt Cornwall
Up to 20% off sustainable shoes at Spartoo including Timberland, Dream in Green and Swedish Hasbeens
£5 off sustainable fashion at Zalando when you spend over £50 including Komodo, People Tree, Kuyichi and Patagonia
8% vintage and ethical brands at Rock My Vintage – Including Nancy Dee, Lowie and Tatty Devine
People Tree Sale
Timberland Sale
Seasalt Cornwall Sale

Check out a Charity Shop

Charity shopping has to be one of the most fashionable ways to shop at the moment. It is fun, frugal and eco friendly. The best thing is that you never know what treasure you are going to find and then you can use it to create your own unique outfit. If you don’t have time to trawl the local charity shops, Oxfam Fashion online is a fantastic place to shop. You can search by size, style, colour and brand to find just what you need and there is also a good selection of vintage clothes.

Arrange a Swap Party

If you are really broke arranging a swap party is the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe for spring on a budget. Grab a bottle of wine, some friends with a pile of clothes they no longer want and swap away to your hearts content. The feeling of getting something new from a swap is as good as buying something new and you get a fun evening with your friends into the bargain. If you don’t have enough friends or you are all different sizes, you could try going to an organised swap party, there are lots listed on swishing.org.

Borrow it

If you need something to wear for a one off event, then the simplest option can sometimes be to borrow it. An informal arrangement with friends is great but you can also use the pinkmothballs.com app to help keep track of exactly what you have borrowed from and lent to people. For a special occasion, there is also the option to hire a designer dress from websites like Girl Meets Dress and  Wish Want Wear.

Please feel free to add any more ideas you have in the comments below.

Happy Friday, hope you have a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Image – Peacock Dress by Ruby Rocks at Fashion Conscience

Leopard Print Dress and When Enough is Enough

Dress – Rokit Vintage
Shoes and Belt – High street shops (have had them for ages!)

What a wonderful surprise to get sunshine this weekend, the cold and miserable weather has made me feel quite fed up. The bright weather has even made us feel confident enough to book our first camping trip of the year, I can’t wait! Today I even braved the outdoors to take an outfit picture outdoors. Whilst natural light is supposed to be superior to artificial light for photographs, I can never seem to get the camera  settings right for outside photographs. I am hoping to do some street style photographs for Bath in Fashion so hoping to work it out before then. Any tips greatly received.

Anyway today I am wearing a leopard print dress which I treated myself to from Rokit Vintage online store (as if I needed any more dresses!) I also got a woollen biker style jacket which I will no doubt be featuring in an outfit soon.

Looking at my wardrobe, it is pretty full now, I don’t really need to buy anything new except trousers which I have major problems buying and so have a complete lack of. I will have to admit there are some pretty amazing sustainable clothes around for spring and I am super tempted especially by the bright prints. The problem is that even buying sustainable fashion is not as sustainable as buying nothing. Perhaps I will treat myself to a few bits if I get money for my birthday but otherwise I think I need to seriously concentrate on enjoying the many clothes that I have instead of buying more!  I also need a good sort out of my wardrobe but not sure I am feeling confident enough about the weather to put away any winter woollies.

When do you decide that enough is enough with your clothes? or do you think that you can never have enough clothes?

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Sparkly Vintage

Cardigan – Oxfam Fashion
Dress and shoes – (originally from the high street, now 3 or 4 years old)
Leggings – People Tree
Clutch bag – local vintage shop

The outfit in today’s post was one that I wore on Saturday night for a meal out in town. The black dress is a real staple that I have had in my wardrobe for years. These days I feel much happier wearing it with leggings as it is so short but I find it works equally well for daytime and night time. As much as I live prints and bright colours, I will have to admit that you just can’t beat a black dress for versatility and it is ideal for those days when I don’t have ages to mess around deciding what to wear.

The sparkly cardigan was from the Williams Vintage selection at Oxfam Fashion. You can’t see that well from the photo but I am wearing double sparkle with a beaded collar necklace from People Tree, I promise that it sparkles so much more in real life!

Things have been pretty hectic over the last week or two and I haven’t been able to get round to visiting all my favourite blogs. Hoping for a little time to relax with a glass of wine tommorrow and catch up with everything that is going.

I have recently fallen in love with the brand SkunkFunk which features on style-is.co.uk and has some amazing sustainable fashion in particular the dresses which I have been lusting over on a daily basis. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked by a retailer to review a piece of sustainable fashion. Of course I choose a SkunkFunk dress which arrived today. It was even better than I expected, can’t wait to share very soon!

I hope you are having a fantastic week. Have you discovered any amazing sustainable fashion brands lately? if so please do share.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x



Mother’s Day and a Vintage Dress

I had a lovely Mother’s Day which started with a very rare chance for a lie in followed by card and cuddles from my girls (the best bit of all), breakfast in bed and then the chance to work on a little sewing project that I have been meaning to do for a very a long time.

I got the dress at Vintage Fashion Fair London probably about a year ago (in case you are interested, they happen to have a fair on this weekend and there are free tickets available on their website here). It is made from a lovely lace material and has been beautiful constructed with the seams finished, a complete contrast to some of the clothing that you can buy on the high street these day. As much as I loved the dress, it was made for someone with a long body, I have a very short body! The waist fell on my hips making me look quite strange. I decided the best option was to take out about 2 inches of fabric under the bust turning it into an empire line and raising the waist into its correct place.

The problem and part of the reason for the length procrastination was the zip. I assumed I would have to remove it completely in order to make the alternation and then replace with a new zip. I was a little under confident in my ability to sew in a zip from scratch even though I did do it many years ago a sewing class. Anyway to cut a long story short, I posted on the Good Wardrobe (a fantastic resource) to get some advice and low and behold discovered there was no need to remove the zip just unpick it a bit. You can check out the advice I got here. Whole project completed in just over an hour leaving time to cook dinner (a homemade chicken pie) with the girls and enjoy a glass of wine or two with Mr S.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. For now its back to reality, work, snow and freezing cold weather.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake

This time last year when we welcomed in the Chinese year of the dragon, I decided that I ought to get on with a little project that I had been planning to turn a vintage dressing gown with a Chinese dragon design into a jacket. I bought the dressing gown a while before in a local vintage shop and it was one of those projects that I had kind of been meaning to do but never got round to. Of course being the procrastinator that I am, I fully intended to do it sometime during the year of the dragon but this weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that we were suddenly about to say goodbye the year of the dragon and if I didn’t get on and do it now, it would probably be the next year of the dragon before I finally got round to it. So I  kicked myself into action.

kimono jacket

This is the finished project. I have treated myself to little red dress on order from Oxfam which I am hoping will go perfectly with it.

This is what I started out with a vintage 70’s dressing gown in a shiny satin Chinese/ dragon design fabric that I couldn’t resist. I just shortened it and repaired a few of the seams that were coming loose. I may also add a button. I had so much fabric left that I am going to turn it into a skirt, hopefully it won’t take me a whole year to get round it this time.

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty mundane, mostly working and cleaning the house and some yummy Chinese food of course. I am getting pretty sick of this cold wet weather and with a whole week of children home for half term, I am really hoping it doesn’t carry on all week. Still could be worse, could be snow!

Happy Chinese New Year and roll on spring!

With warmest wishes


African Prints Mix Up!

Jacket – Second hand (from mum)
Top – by YouMeWe at Sapellé
Trousers – ASOS Africa
Shoes – Dream in Green
Vintage Bag – Local Charity Shop
Necklace – a Christmas pressy from my mum
Ring – Made UK

Admittedly, it is not really the weather for this outfit a great big woolley jumper would probably be much more practical but I have never been much of a fan of winter clothes and I was desperate to try out the top that I got for just £16.50 in the Sapellé sale. I thought if I added a jacket, then I could perhaps get away with it when the weather warms up a little.

This outfit is my entry for this months Freestyle challenge over at Ethical Fashion Bloggers. I also thought that I would enter it in the Observer Ethical Awards. Much to my excitement, they have introduced a ‘Well Dressed’ award sponsored by Eco Age and Fru-Gal Challenge, if you have some sustainably stylish pieces in your wardrobe, why not enter? you can find out more here.

For those that want to share their sustainable style or ethical fashion brands that want to share their story or latest collection, plus anyone else with an interest in sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry, I will be arranging a Twitter party on the last Friday of each month (starting this Friday). Please join me for #FGFF (Feel Good Fashion Friday)

I hope that you have had a good start to the week despite the snow and cold weather.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x