A Vintage Dress, a Black Tie Party, Buying Less and Living More!

On the weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to a 40th birthday party of our neighbours. It was a fairly lavish do with a large marquee, champagne, lots of live music, some fantastic singing and even some posh portaloos! The dress code was black tie which was ideal for me as I haven’t had the chance to get properly dressed up in ages. I also love love seeing everyone dressed up in their dickie bows and best dresses.

Rather than buy a new dress (it could be a while before I get to wear it again), I decided to make use of something that I already had in my wardrobe. I got this dress from a vintage fair in Bath a few years ago and have not had nearly enough opportunities to wear it. I have no idea how old it is as the label says ‘Richard shops’. Hopefully I don’t giveaway my age when I say that I remember my mum buying clothes from Richard shops and possibly even bought a few pieces myself back in the day. According to Wikipedia the brand was popular through from the sixties to 1992 when the shops finally closed. My earrings were a present from Mr S to wear on my wedding day 15 years ago and the tights have been in my drawer for at least a few years and got me lots of compliments. The shoes are at least  4 or 5 years old aswell. All in all I was pleased that I managed to put together an outfit for a black tie party without buying anything new. I think I could probably have searched the high street for hours (which I just don’t have time for) and not managed to find an outfit that made me as happy as the old one I wore!

Buy less, live moreThis summer has been pretty amazing so far we have been out and about doing so many fun things and we have lots more planned including holidays, spa days and festivals. As much as I love buying clothes, there really is no point in doing so if you never get out and about to show them off. Hence my new motto, ‘Buy Less, Live More!’. I think doing stuff is so much more fun than buying stuff.

What do your or would you wear to a black tie party? do you have something amazing in your wardrobe that is just waiting for a special occassion?

With warmest wishes

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8 Online Fashion Shops Selling Amazing Preloved Clothes

Online fashion shops

Who needs new clothes when there are so many amazing preloved clothes out there conveniently available from online shops. Preloved clothes rock because they are great value and you get that little bit more for your buck. Buying preloved clothes is also a great way to get an  instant wardrobe refresh without having a massive impact on the planet. We think preloved clothes are the ultimate sustainable fashion and perfect for those that just can’t do without their fahsion fix.

Here are our top 10 online fashion shops selling amazing preloved clothes


Motel Vintage

Motel Rocks is a popular online shop, but did you know that they have a vintage collection. Packed with a great selection of vintage band t shirts and reworked vintage pieces, Motel Vintage has some great styles that combine retro prints with contempory shapes.

Rock My Vintage

If you are looking for some lovely and really wearable vintage pieces that have been carefully handpicked, then you should definitely check out the genuine vintage section at Rock My Vintage. They have a great selection of vintage dresses as well as jewellery and bags that can be used to give a stylish twist to more modern clothes.

Urban Renewal

For hip street wear, Urban Outfitters Renewal collection has some great vintage and preloved pieces for men and women including checked shirts, beanie hats, baseball caps and wax jackets.

Vestiare Collective

If you want to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget then Vestiare Collective is a great place to shop. You can pick up preloved designer pieces at a fraction of the amount that they would cost new. This online fashion shop has a massive selection and you will find clothes by just about every designer that you could imagine, it is also carefully curated to ensure quality and authenticity.

Buy My Wardrobe

Buy My Wardrobe is yet another amazing website where you can buy and sell designer clothing. Their mission to create a “trusted social shopping site with real people behind real profiles. A place to browse and be inspired as well as buy and sell pre-owned designer fashion.”

Oxfam Fashion

The online Oxfam Fashion shop now has a massive selection of preloved and vintage pieces at great prices. It features the top picks from Oxfam shops around the country. The site makes finding exactly what you want easy peasy with filters for brand, size, style etc. The prices are also pretty amazing with brands including Whistles, Ted Baker and Hobbs.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage

The ASOS reclaimed collection contains some fabulous pieces created from vintage pieces and deadstock fashioned into unique and individual trend lead pieces.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is another great place to buy preloved clothes straight from the sellers wardrobe as well as vintage and indie labels from a variety of boutique shops. Not all of the clothes are preloved so try filtering your search for preloved or vintage to save precious time if that is what you are looking for.

Do you know of any other shops selling amazing pre loved clothes?

Please tweet me @styleeyes to share

With warmest wishes

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Ethical Fashion – What to Wear for a Birthday Trip to London

ethical outfit
Ethical Fashion
Hat – Pachacuti

Jacket – Rokit Vintage
Dress – Komodo
Leggings – People Tree
Silk Scarf – Oxfam Fashion
Baseball Boots – Ethletic

A few weeks ago it was my birthday so I decided to treat myself to a little trip up to London with my eldest daughter. We met up with Faye my best friend of 27 years for Dim Sum at Ping Pong followed by a wander round the Tate modern. Living a distance apart and both so much going on, I don’t get to see Faye nearly as much as I would like but when I do it is always just like old times again. Getting to a girly day out with my daughter is always a treat too. It was interesting to see the Tate modern although I will have to admit I was pretty puzzled by what is classed as art. It was great to see some of my favourites like Picasso and Monet there though. What can I say, it was an amazing birthday, I hope I don’t have to wait until next year to do it again.

I decided this trip would be the perfect opportunity to wear my lovely hat from Pachacuti, despite Mr S warning me that it was pretty windy out. Just as he warned a sudden gust of wind managed to flip my hat right off my head and much to my daughters amusement, it went rolling off down the street with me in hot pursuit shouting “stop that hat” to a slightly bemused looking passerby. Anyway I managed to catch the hat and I my daughter finally managed to stop laughing. The moral of the story ‘don’t wear you favourite hat on a windy day’ or ‘always listen to what you husband says’ but i’m so not going to do that!

I treated myself to the Ethletic baseball boots form Ethical Superstore with some of my  birthday money. They are easily one of the most comfy pairs of shoes that I have ever owned and I know I am going to wear them loads. Ethletic is an ethical fashion shoe brand that make fair trade baseball boots using organic and Fairtrade certified cotton, the rubber soles are FSC certified and sourced responsibly, and the rubber is fairly traded.

Here are just a few instagrams of my birthday

Birthday flowers from Mr S

Birthday cards

Flowering tea and pud at Ping Pong (my new favourite things)

A cake sale at work to raise money for upcoming TrekFest in the Brecon Beacons

What have you been up to lately? Have you had any weather related clothing catastophes?

With warmest wishes

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Family Heirlooms

Afternoon Tea
A Family Heirloom: A family possession handed down from generation to generation.

I love the idea of family heirlooms which go against the whole idea of a throwaway society and mass consumerism. Last weekend I had a tea party with a beautiful tea set that I was given recently, after my Grandma had to move out of her home. I couldn’t bear to see something so beautiful that my Grandma had looked after for so many years go to a charity shop. I hope that I will look after this tea set as well as my Grandma and eventually pass it on to my children or perhaps even grandchildren. I also have a gingham table cloth and jelly mould which I am already making good use of as my girls love jelly (as do I). With money that I was given for Christmas I have also invested in a new teapot from Notonthestreet.com that sort of matches/ mismatches the tea set.

I have so many happy memories of holiday by the seaside in West Wales with my Grandma and Grandpa,fresh bread and Welsh cakes baked by my Grandma and lots of ice cream, this tea set is a great reminder.

I was also given this lovely fur coat which is so comforting, warm and cosy. Family heirlooms and clothes that have been given to me by family give me so much more enjoyment than buying new!

Do you have any family heirlooms or clothes given to you by family that you really treasure? Is old better than new for you?

With warmest wishes

A Fedora and a Christmas Catch Up

Jacket – Upcycled Dressing Gown from Local Vintage Shop
Organic Cotton T Shirt by A Question Of
Jeans/ Jeggings – Oxfam
Boots – high street
Necklace – won in a charity raffle

It feels like a long time since I last posted an outfit post. Life has been pretty busy lately and I have been struggling to find time to eat and sleep never mind blog! Over the last few days my little girl has not been well which means this weekend we have all had to cancel all of our social and festive plans including 2 dinners with friends, a birthday party and a Christmas bazaar. On the plus side perhaps a lazy weekend around the house is just what we all need. I am taking the chance to catch up with a little blogging and reading of my favourites blogs plus sorting out my wardrobe. Can you believe I still haven’t got around to swapping over my summer and winter clothes yet.

My Christmas pressy from Mr S is a lovely Fedora hat by Pachacuti which I chose myself. I thought I ought to try it on to check that it fits and he agreed that perhaps I should just have it now to save him having to wrap it up. I haven’t had the chance to wear it out yet as stuck in the house for the next few days but hopefully will do soon. If you wanted to give someone an amazing Christmas pressy this year, Pachacuti do a great little package of a mini hat with a gift voucher so that they can pick out their own choice from the website but also have something lovely to open on Christmas day. Pachacuti have a great choice of classic Fedora in different colours and sizes but also a range of other styles. Love this idea!

Here are just a few of my festive instagrams from the last few weeks.

Christmas Tree Fairy

Pressies – Handknitted  and Fair Trade Hats by Fair + True

Christmas cards from Oxfam

The next 2 weeks and the run up to Christmas look to be super busy with Christmas lunches, parties, school plays and carol concerts as well as the usual christmas preparations. Not that I am not looking forward to it, I love Christmas and all of its sparkliness! Definitely going to be ready for some time off over Christmas though.

What are you are you up to for Christmas, do you have any fun plans?

With warmest wishes

Upcycled Fashion – 10 Fresh Brands to Check Out!

I am a big fan of upcycled fashion, not only is it probably one of the most sustainable ways to shop but there are also some really amazing, quirky, fun and unique styles of upcycled fashion around. The great thing about upcycled fashion is the way that creative designers are taking something old and rewHere are some of my favourites (you can also find plenty of upcycled/ recycled fashion on style-is.co.uk).

Top Shop Reclaim to Wear

Upcycled Fashion - Topshop Reclaim to Wear

I couldn’t talk about upcycled fashion without a mention of one of the most talked about upcycled collections at the moment. The design collaboration between Topshop and Orsola De Castro and Fillipo Ricci of Reclaim to Wear  features nine amazing floral pieces that were disregarded from previous collections. The collection features pretty and on trend cami’s, skirts, shirts, shorts and a dress. It is also all made in the UK with prices starting at a very affordable £34.

Motel Vintage

Motel Vintage

Another newly launched Motel Vintage, features re-worked vintage fabrics in contemporary trend hitting Motel shapes! There is a great selection including made from top quality vintage that has been sourced from LA flea markets to London thrift stores. Each piece is a one off and the collection is constantly evolving with new styles. Look out for leather trimmed maxi dresses and cute Narla dungaree dresses available in a range of prints. Again prices are very affordable and start at £25 for a top.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

uocycled fashion crop top

I love this label which is adding a whole new dimension to the concept of charity shopping. Not only can you help a hugely worthwhile charity,CLIC Sargent which is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and their families, but you can also minimise the environmental impact of your clothing and get yourself a unique piece of that is also really now! The creative team have transformed the charity shop donations that they receive into some really fresh styles. They are available through their shop at ASOS marketplace. I particularly love their accessories which include collars and necklaces and the crop tops. Prices are a little more than you would pay in a charity shop but I think in this case you definitely get what you pay for.


Upcycled fashion antiform

Antiform is a well established upcycling label which pushes the boundaries of ethical, sustainable design by using reclaimed materials and mixing fashion forward shapes with heritage craft. All of the materials that are used in Antiform designs are sourced from within 20 miles of their studio boutique in Leeds.

Traid Remade

Upcycled fashion TraidremadeTRAID is a clothes recycling organisation and in 2002, they launched TRAIDremade, their upcycled fashion label. They create fashion forward pieces from fabrics that would otherwise have been thrown away. The collection is constantly evolving but at the moment includes such gems as a denim style jacket made from vintage curtains and a unisex parka cut from reclaimed cotton and cotton mix rolls, and incorporating vintage newspaper print remnants. Again the collection is all made in the UK.

Rokit Recycled

Recycled fashion leather backpack

Many people will know about Rokit for their great selection of vintage clothing and shops based in vintage shopping meccas such as Brick Lane and Camden but they also have a great upcycled collection consisting of fresh pieces which are handmade from original vintage clothing and fabrics in their North London workshop. The beauty of these pieces is that no two are ever the same. Look out for festival fashion favourites like denim shorts and crop tops but also beautiful accessories including lace collars and leather bags.

Urban Renewal


Upcycled fashion - Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal is Urban Outfitters very own upcycled label. The inhouse vintage buyers at Urabn Outfitters scour the globe for the best of vintage pieces and fabrics which are then reworked in to modern pieces. Look out for denim cut off shorts, bomber jackets, customised t shirts and pretty ditsy floral print dresses which are great for working that nineties grunge look.

Bottle Top

recycled fashion - Bottle top bags

I really love the idea that rubbish can be turned into something really amazing and Bottle Top is one of the best examples of this that I have seen so far using recycled aluminium ring pulls to glamorous accessories. Bottle Top is an ethical fashion brand working in the UK, Africa and Brazil to create a sustainable livelihood for the highly skilled craftsmen as well as supporting young people through their foundation which works on education projects, which empower them to take control of their lives. The label created by Cameron Saul  son of the founder of Mulberry (Roger Saul) which explains why these beautiful bags are aimed at the luxury/ designer market.

Supported by Rain

Upcycled fashion - supproted by rain

Supported by rain is an interesting concept. They take recycled umbrellas and end of roll water proof materials and turn them into stylish one off rain coats that are super practical (especially if you live in the UK). Each piece in the collection is name after an amazon rain forest tribe! You can even send them your own umbrella and they will upcycle it into a raincoat, just for you.


Recycled fashion REtrose

Retrose is a small upcycling label by Cardiff based Emma Rees that is available to buy through Etsy and Tell us Fashion. Emma takes old pieces and brings them right up to date using screen printing, foiling and embellishment. Look out for bright statement skirts and foiled brogues.

What do you think of recycled fashion? would you or do you wear it? and do you have any amazing brands that ought to be added to this list?

I hope that you are having a good start to the week and enjoying the amazing weather. I am definitely going to try and make the most of the fantastic light with some outfit posts.

With warmest wishes


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Fare Fashion at Bristol’s Big Green Week

I am often heard moaning about missing out on all good events which always seem to happen in London. Well not on Saturday night, when I was invited to attend the Fare Fashion Gala Evening which included a fashion show, banquet, a talk by Tasmin Lejeune of Ethical Fashion Forum and a glass or two of bubbly. The event was organised by Fare Share South West, a charity which works with the food industry to minimise perfectly good food going to waste by distributing it to organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community and Bristol Fair Trade Network, an organisation working to promote the sales of fairtrade in Bristol.

All of the designers and boutiques involved in the fashion show were selected because of their strong commitment to sustainability through upcycling, vintage, reclaimed materials and fair trade and organic fabrics. Here are just a few of the outfits featured in the show.

Pearl Bespoke Designs

Amulet Boutique

Pearl Bespoke Designs

Amulet Boutique


Stitch Up Studios

Stitch Up Studios



Arthur and Henry + Pants to Poverty

Arthur and Henry + Pants to Poverty


Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear

Sumptuous Designerwear


Clic Sargent - Fix Up, Look Sharp

Click Sargent - Fix Up, Look Sharp

Clic Sargent - Fix Up Look Sharp

Clic Sargent - Fix Up Look Sharp


Boho Hemp

Boho Hemp


























The Birdcage

The Birdcage



Custard Clothing
Custard Clothing
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique
Heartfelt Boutique

Here is a little more about the brands featuring in the show:-

Amulet Boutique – a boutique based in Cotham Hill, Bristol selling new clothes and accessories from ethical and fair brands.

Stitch Up Studios is a communal sewing space run by its team of members, we share our equipment and knowledge with anyone wanting to get involved.

Arthur and Henry make amazing organic cotton mens shirts and Pants to Poverty are all about, you got it, pants!

Sumptuous Designerwear sell and hire new and preloved high end clothing.

Outsider are a London based sustainable fashion brand with the mission statement that ethical fashion should look just like fashion.

Clic Sargent are an amazing charity that have helped so many children and their families suffering from cancer and leukaemia including my niece and her family, so I am very happy to support them in any way that I can. Fix Up, Look Sharp is their amazing upcycled label which creates funky fashion from donated clothing and is now available on ASOS Marketplace.

Boho Hemp are a sustainable brand making beautifully soft and wearable clothes from bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

Birdcage in Bristol is a fantastic vintage shop,cafe and live music venue.

Vyosna is a Warsaw-based sustainable apparel label with a slow fashion approach. The company specialise in short runs of high-quality clothes for men and women with a focus on combining smart looks with casual comfort.

Custard House Clothing is another Bristol based boutique which restyles and reworks clothing. Heartfelt Boutique – this was perhaps the highlight of the show for me with a twenties theme and lots of glamour and sparkle. You can find Heartfelt in Clifton, Bristol.

I had a fabulous night and was even sitting on a table with George Ferguson, the Mayor of Bristol who had changed his trademark red trousers for a green pair for the event! See below!

I hope that you are having a good week? what have you been up to? If you happen to be around Bristol over the next week, there are lots of events going on for Big Green week which you can check out here.

With warmest wishes

A Vintage Tea Party!

Vintage Tea Party

I wanted to share an event that I thought would appeal to all lovers of vintage fashion tea and cake – A Vintage Tea Party at Vintage Fashion Fair London.

This looks like the perfect opportunity to get dressed up in a lovely vintage dress and catch up with friends or meet up with some fellow vintage loving fashion bloggers.  The vintage tea party will be held at VIntage Fashion Fair London on 19th May. It is the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon with a vintage afternoon tea served on vintage china, music from the forties performed by singing and dancing act ‘My Favourite Things’ and the chance to shop for vintage clothes, accessories and textiles on the vintage stalls which stock a great selection of genuine vintage from a variety of decades. If the weather is nice there will also be tables available in the garden at Cecil Sharp House.

Tickets are £10 and available in advance from Eventbrite

* Entrance to the Vintage Fashion Fair for some great shopping.

* A lunch or tea consisting of delicate finger sandwiches, a selection of delicious cakes and a pot of tea or coffee.

* All served on vintage china at pretty table settings.

* Entertainment from ‘My Favourite Things’ who will be performing at 1.00 p.m. and 3.30 p.m



Further information visit www.vintagefashionfairlondon.co.uk

Vintage Tea Party London

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Nancy Dee Trousers and Vintage Dresses

Last week was my birthday and with so much going on I haven’t found time to post about the the outfits I wore.

vintage dress

This is what I wore to see Liberty London Girl talk at Bath in Fashion, just one of my birthday treats. The dress and jacket are both from Rokit Vintage and the shoes Dream in Green.

vintage dress

I some how managed to stretch out my birthday celebrations and treats for at least a week (pretty good this year, I usually try for a month!). On the Sunday before I wore this to the Bath in Fashion Vintage Fair both the vintage dress and belt were from a clothes swap, the bags was from Oxfam Fashion and the shoes are El Naturalista.

As usual I got mostly money for my birthday so felt compelled to treat myself by buying a few new clothes. Obviously I really don’t need anything new but even though I didn’t really do well on the ‘buy less’ front, I am hoping I may have made up for it on the ‘choose well’ and ‘make it last’ front. The clothes that I bought were all by ethical and sustainable brands and also very carefully considered and chosen as items that would last me ages and compliment my existing wardrobe.

I have been after a pair of printed trousers for some time and when I saw these Nancy Dee trousers it was definitely love at first sight. When Think Boutique did a 20% discount on Earth Day, I grabbed the opportunity and ordered them up straight away. The jacket is from Rokit Vintage as before and shoes by Melissa. The other clothes i have bought will I am sure be featured in outfits soon!

Here are just few instagrams from my birthday week

Birthday tea with my girls!

A blow out at the local Chinese followed by a fortune cookie!

New necklace by Hiro and Wolf

New necklace by Mata Traders

So that is it birthday week over with, now for the bank holiday. Do have any fun plans for the weekend?

With warmest wishes

Auction House Treasures

I am a big fan vintage and second hand clothing but my hunting ground doesn’t usually extend beyond charity shops, vintage shops and very occasionally ebay. When I got an email the other day from Barnebys Auction House, I was really interested to see what they have to offer in terms of fashion, jewellery and other treasures. They have a whole category devoted to vintage fashion. I also love checking out antique paintings and art work.

If I am honest, I have never set foot in a real auction house, the prospect sounds a little scary. I have visions of me putting up my hand to scratch my face and ending up bidding a half a million pounds for something that I don’t even want!

Anyway looking at a website is so much safer. Here are a few of the items that I would love to bid on!

Belle De Nuit Painting by Jean Gabriel Mergue (estimated price £19,900!) – In my dreams!

Vinatge Christian Dior DressVintage Christian Dior Dress (estimated price £100)

1970s Yves St Laurent DressVintage 1970’s Yves St Laurent Dress (estimated price £40)

beaded lace neck piece1920’s Beaded Lace Neck Piece (estimated price £30)

What do you think? would you every consider buying vintage fashion from an auction house?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x