Plastic Free – Lush Shampoo and Conditioner Bars and Soap

Lush shampoo bar

In my quest to reduce my usage (and ultimately eliminate) single use packages, I have discovered a way to cut out the plastic bottles that are filled with shampoo, conditoner and shower gel by using solid soap, conditioner and shampoo bars. Lush was the most obvious place to try out first as I am a big fan of their products already, been unable to resist the fragrant smell and enthusiatic staff every time and wander into a shop.

After perusing the Lush website for a bit and reading the reviews for a variety of different solid bar products, I decided to buy the following 3 products as a trial to see if I could be persuaded to make the switch away from single use plastic bottles.

Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar

Big Solid Conditioner

Maypole Soap

I also decided to try out this Sea Spray Hair Mist  It is not exactly plastic free but the bottle is made using plastic with their closed loop scheme. This means that the bottle can be refilled and reused and then returned to Lush to be recycled into a new container.

So what did I think of the Lush products?


I was a little worried a about the impact of solid shampoo and conditioner on my hair as it can get pretty dry. I also only brush my hair through when I wash it and have put in conditioner as it gets quite tangly. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with both the shampoo and conditioner bars. Generally my hair seems to feel a lot more managable and sets into more defined curls after using them although this could also be due to the sea spray mist that I have also started using. I am also convinced that the hair colour I use seems to last longer and looks more vibrant since I have started using these products. The soap feels slightly drying in my skin but not enough to bother me. All of the products smelt amazing and left a lasting fragrance in my hair and bathroom.

Number of washes V cost

I found that one of the big advantages of using these products was the amount of time that they lasted. Although quite expensive to buy in the first place, I think the number of washes from them made them comparable with if not cheaper than buying bottled products. I think the shampoo has lasted at lleast 3 months and I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week. The soap has lasted much much longer than that. There is also a lots less waste as I use a fraction of the amount that I would use with product from a bottle.


Applying the solid shampoo and conditioner is very different to using liquid varieties. It has to be first rubbed through the hands in water. I found the shampoo bar was pretty easily disolved in water allowing the lather to be applied to my hair. The conditioner was a little more time consuming and I had ti be careful not to drag over my hair as I didn’t want to pull out to much. It did take a bit longer to apply the conditioner and I had to be more carefull about brushing through as it was quite as easy as when I usually use conditoner but I think I can live with this. I have been doing a deep conditioning treatment once a month to ensure that my hair stays in really good conditon as I have had put my hair through quite an ordeal lately with the salt water and wind when surfing, diving and walking in Cornwall.


The storage of the bars was a little more tricky. I my bath room at home, I just keep them in a soap dish but if travelling I have stuck with using traditional bottled products so far. I think that you can buy tins from Lush to keep them in so may give this a go in the future.


Unfortunatley due to lack of time, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit a Lush store and instead had to order through the website. I was pretty shocked to recieve the parcel filled with lots of packaging.

I asked about the packaging on the website chat and promptly got the following answer…

The boxes are filled with packing peanuts that are made from potato starch that are 100% compost-able. 🙂

Which is great news! I still think it would be best to pick up my Lush products when able to visit a store as everything has some environmental impact even if it is biodegradable. That said making a special visit to Bath just to buy Lush products would also have its own footprint caused by the travel.

Overall I would defintiely continue to use these products and I am also planning on trying some more styling products to replace a plastic bottled product that I currently use. It could be quite tricky to find a replacement as I have been looking for the perfect styling product for my hair for years and my current option is the best that I can find to keep it under control without looking greasy. I will keep you posted on how I get on!

What are your favourite Lush products? Do you have any other recommendations for a plastic free bathroom?

With warmest wishes

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Natural Beauty – Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist Review

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist

For Christmas my daughter bought me the Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist. Whilst I used to shop at the Body Shop quite a bit in my teenage years, I would never have thought to buy this product myself. I was however really impressed by both the body mist and the Body Shop’s commitment to fair and ethical trade and reducing their environmental impact so I thought I would share a little review. As part of my ongoing commitment to buying more natural and ethical skin and beauty products, I am also going to running a regular natural beauty feature reviewing the products that I try out and adding natural beauty section to my ethical fashion store.

The product had a really lovely subtle but refreshing zesty smell which was very natural and smelt just like grapefruit. I found the mist perfect to use for when I am doing a 2 hours of workouts and want to smell fresh but a strong perfume is too much (both price and strength of scent). The scent lasts quite well perhaps 4 -5 hours, it doesn’t last as long as perfume but is great for a quick refresh. I can imagine it would be particular good for the warm weather and is likely to form part of my festival essentials kit.

The bottle has a spray applicator which I much prefer to the aerosol used in many body sprays which tends to get right up my nose and make me cough and feel chesty.

I decided to review just how natural, healthy and ethical the ingredients in the body spray are. Luckily the Body Shop list full ingredients on both the Pink Grapefruit body Mist itself and on their website. There is also more information on the website about the community fair trade products used by the Body Shop including alcohol which is used in the fragrance products. This information can also be assessed by a QR code on the bottle.

The ingredients list is fairly short and I can’t see any known nasties in there, however I am not sure how suitable it would be if you happen to have sensitive skin. The Body Shop perfume products are made from organic alcohol from Ecuador. The alcohol is made from sugar cane that has been organically grown, cut by hand, ground to extract the juice, fermented for 24 hours and then heated over a fire to distil. The Body Shop works with CADO, a co-operative of over 200 smallholder family farmers to produce its organic alcohol in Ecuador, helping to preserve biodiversity in the area and to provide a sustainable livelihood for the farmers.

The Body Shop  is also against animal testing, minimises  packaging, works to promote positive esteem through their advertising and marketing campaigns and campaigns to stop human trafficking, domestic violence and other important issues.

What do you think of Body Shop products? Do you consider them to be eco friendly and ethical. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts?

With warmest wishes

Ps Please check out my store for lots more ethical and natural beauty brands.

Everyday Ethical Fashion, Birthday Celebrations and Natural Beauty

Nancy Dee

Jacket – Nancy Dee (organic cotton)
Heart Necklace – Tatty Devine
Top – M&S (Fairtrade Cotton)
Jeans – Oxfam (originally M&S)
Shoes – Clarks

Last weekend Mr S, the girls and I headed over to my mum and dad’s house to stay for the night and to go to my sisters 40th birthday party at a nearby venue. It was a fantastic night and it was so lovely to see my big Sister along with Cousins, Aunt, Uncle and Grandma. After dancing all night, it has taken me all week to catch up on my sleep but it was definitely worth it. The outfit pictured above was what I wore before the party. The jacket by Nancy Dee is made from organic cotton jersey making it amazingly comfy to wear and the perfect sort of sustainable and ethical fashion to wear for everyday. I also wear it quite often with a black dress for work. For the party, I wore my People Tree Lulu Moon Print  dress(organic cotton again).

As my sister is only just over a year older than me, it got me starting to think about my 40th next year and what I want to do. I will probably have some sort of party/ celebration for family and friends but would also like to arrange a special trip for the four of us. I have no idea what yet but I think it would be great to experience either some amazing culture or wildlife and scenery. I am not keen on too much noise or hussle and bussle. So far I have been thinking about Iceland or Scandinavia. Please let me know if you have any ideas or have been any where amazing that would you could recommend for a family holiday. I will of course be starting a Pinterest board soon.

This week, I have also been thinking about the beauty products that I use. In 2015 I would like to start using more natural beauty products and will hopefully be sharing some reviews on this blog. Do you have any recommendations for great products or good blog to follow that feature natural beauty and or ethical fashion. Please share in the comments below.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. I am chilling out this weekend and apart from a few exercise classes and a big pile of washing, I haven’t done very mcuh. Anyway I am off for another cup of tea!

With warmest wishes

Natural Beauty Spot – Christmas Gift Guide

Natural Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

Today’s Christmas Gift Guide is all about natural beauty. I like to try and minimise the chemicals that I put into and onto my body but don’t like to compromise on less than lovely beauty products. Here are some of the natural beauty products that I have come across that I  thought would make luxurious Christmas gifts.

Blue Beards Revenge Shaving Kit –  Ethical Superstore

The ideal gift for that hairy man in your life, this Blue Beard’s Revenge shaving kit contains contemporary shaving products for the modern man including a paraben free shaving balm.

TSI-LA Organics Kesu Eau de Parfum – The Natural Store

This perfume is vegan and free from chemical nasties including synthetic compounds, preservatives and colourants.  It is 100% Flower and Plant Based and made from a blend of Plant Essences And Raw Organic Oils. It is described as an elegant fragrance with warm amber and precious rare woods are combined with seductive, smoky incense, a hint of Egyptian jasmine, davana, exotic spices, and fresh lime. It can be used by men or women and is in a handy roll on bottle which is perfect for popping in your handbag and reapplying throughout the day.

Snow Fairy Gift Box – Lush

Lush is always one of my favourite places to buy Christmas pressies. The amazing smell bursts out even before they get the chance to unwrap the present. I usually love to buy the Lush products with minimal packaging but for Christmas, this gift box is a lovely treat. Lush products are made from  fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

M & J London Soya Candle – Ethical Superstore

This beautfully luxurious candle makes a perfect Christmas gift for a female friend or relative. The candles are made from finest soya wax and scented with essential oils and aroma compounds. I love the sound of Left Bank Martini which combines Elderflower, Lemongrass, Gooseberry and Juniper. Even the glass is recycled and the packaging sustainable.

Organic Skincare Gift Pack – Green People

This organic skincare gift pack is perfect for nourishing winter skin. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins for a revitalised and rejuvenated complexion. People Tree products are free of Parabens, Lanolin, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates and colourants. Instead this gift set contains natural products like Evening Primrose, Avocado and Green Tea.

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? What pressies are you getting for your family and friends this year?

With warmest wishes

PS Sorry I haven’t been posting much or visiting my favourite blogs much lately. Have been super busy but hope to get back to normal soon!

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Natural Beauty Spot – SoukSouk, Little Green Beauty Box Review

Natural beauty Souk SoukIn an attempt to detox my life a little and find new ways of living more sustainably beyond just my clothes, I have decided to start writing a few regular monthly features her on the blog. Natural Beauty Spot will be dedicated to natural beauty products from reviews to DIY/ recipes for home made beauty products that I try out.

In my first post for the Natural Beauty spot I was delighted to get the opportunity to review a box of goodies sent to me by a new green beauty company SoukSouk. The box is described as ‘clean and green’ and subscribers get the chance to try out a wide range of natural, organic and chemical free beauty and skin care products. For some one like myself who has been thinking about greening my skin and beauty products for some time but not really had an idea where to start, this is great way to try out new products to see which work best for you.

My box contained:

Essential Care Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash – I was really interested to try out this product which has 70% organic ingredients because I have always liked using tea tree facial wash. This one felt less drying than the on that I currently had and my skin felt clean and soft afterwards. It also had a lovely but subtle smell to it. I would definitely consider buying and using this product again.

BalmBalm Mandarin Eau De Parfum – this single note scent is 100% organic and contains pure mandarin essential oil. It had a simple orangey smell, my daughter said it smelt like a tangerine, just sweet and citrussy. It would be great for daytime wear as it is quite subtle but you can also mix it with other BalmBalm perfumes to create your own unique smell.

Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator – I really loved this face scrub which is 88% organic and contains finely ground apricot kernals, mandarin and fairly traded bergamot oil. For me it had just the right amount of exfoliation and left my skin feeling really fresh and soft.

Green People Vita Min Fix – this moisturiser contains 89% organic ingredients including evening primrose oil and avocado oils ti regenerate the skin and Tara Besh, Seaweed and Baucalin to hydrate and increase colllagen production. I have never really used moisturisers and haven’t had a chance to try this out yet but think it is about time I started using one so can’t wait to give it a try.

Lucy Annabella Organics Bath Milk – This bath milk has been certified by the Soil Association and has been handmade in Northern Ireland using essential oils. It is smells lovely, definitely great for a bath time treat.

Bomb Cosmetics Cooler Shaker Bath Creamer – this bath bomb is handmade and chemical free. It contains shea butter and lime and basil essential oils and smells lovely.

The box also contained a natural beauty magazine which was an interesting read including articles about both beauty and sustainability, I was particularly interested to read about palm oil a common ingredient in beauty products and how it is contributing to destruction of tropical rainforests and peatlands in Asia.

The Little Green Beauty Box contains 4 or 5 carefully selected products each month plus a magazine and costs £12 per + £2.95 P &P each month or £36 for 3 months, £60 for 6 Months or £120 for 12 months (plus a special gift). You can find out more on their website

All in all I loved the idea of this beauty box either as a treat or birthday gift or just a way or discovering new products. All of the products were great quality and natural, they also smelt great and seemed to be reasonable gentle on my skin. The great thing for me about using green beauty products is knowing that I am not exposing myself to potentially harmful substances contained in many other cosmetics.

What do you think? would you love to recieve this as a gift?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x