A Trip to Madrid for our 17th Wedding Anniversary


It’s been a while! The end of the summer is usually super busy for me, trying to cram as much in as possible while the weather is still good. This year has been no different and in the space of a month,I have been super lucky to have had 12 days in Ibiza, a long weekend in Madrid and a walking weekend with the girls in the Gower in Wales. This hasn’t left much time at all for blogging but now as colder autumn weather arrives, I am ready to snuggle up in the house with a cup of tea and do some catching up.

I decided to declare my trip to Ibiza an outfit post free zone. I was so busy enjoying time with the family and sitting on the beach. But I did manage to take a few photos on Madrid. Mr S and I went to Madrid to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it has gone so quick!


Dress – upcycled see here
Trainers – Veja (fair trade)
Socks – Braintree clothing (organic)
Bag – Accessorize


Dress – Komodo (fair trade)
Shoes and bag – as above
Necklace – Made UK (fair trade)

We stayed right in the centre of Madrid in the lovely Hotel Paseo Del Arte hotel that was a few minuted walk from the art galleries. All of Madrid was accessible on foot and we pretty much walked all of the city over the three days including the royal palace, the massive El Rastro flea market on Sunday morning and El Retiro park . I won’t lie though, we did spend quite a bit of time sat eating tapas, drinking beer and watching the world go by.


Dress –  SkunkFunk (sustainable brand)
Bag – a birthday pressy
Shoes – Geox


Dress – EDUN (a label working to build long term sustainable growth in Africa)
Necklace – a birthday pressy
Bag  – Reclaim (made from recycled rubber inner tubes)Shoes – as above

I managed to go round one of three main art galleries which was amazing. Perhaps we will go back in the future so I can check out the rest.

I hope that you have had a good summer? what have you been up to?

With warmest wishes

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Refashioned People Tree Dress for Sailing in Valencia

DSCN4445 (2)Dress – People Tree
Shoes – Veja

It feels like a long time since I have been able to post and I have really missed blogging! Apart from holidays sailing with my family in Valencia and camperanning with Mr D and the girls in Devon in August, I have been super busy at work, launching a new blog and also doing a CIM diploma in digital marketing in the evenings. I am now nearly a third of the way through my diploma and whilst it is super interesting and I have learned a huge amount, I can’t wait to get back to blogging adn relaxing a bit in the evenings.

The dress picture above was one that I bought from People Tree a year or so ago but could never quite get on with the sleeves. As I didn’t have many casual dresses for my sailing holiday, instead of buying something new, I decided to take the sleeves off. I am really glad I did, the dress feels like a better style for me now. Valencia is an amazing place and lovely and hot in august, with sleeves, this dress would have been too warm. Of course I didn’t actually wear this dress for sailing, I wore a much more practical shorts and t shirts for that but the dress was perfect for sitting out on deck in harbour or going out for a meal. Here are a few Instagrams of my summer.



Drinking cocktails in the Three Buoys, Ryde, Isle of Wight



Beautiful Valencia


Camping in Devon

woolacombe devon


Woolacombe Devon

I am really pleased to have started writing for Huffington Post, my first post is about the no new clothes for a year challenge, you can check it our here. I am hoping I am going to be able to write some more posts about sustainable fashion too.

Whilst we are already in October, it has been lovely to have a little bit more sunshine, I have been trying to pop out at lunch time every day to enjoy it. How have you been enjoying this lovely weather?

I am looking forward to a little bit of time off this weekend and the chance to catch up with my favourite blogs.

With warmest wishes

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An Upcycled Fashion Show

DSCN4054 (2)
Hat – Pachacuti
Jacket – upcycled from a vintage dressing gown
Fairtrade cotton vest top – Marks and Spencers
Necklace – Made
Jeggings – Oxfam
Shoes – Clarks
Bag – Reclaim Bags

On Saturday I took the girls over to Cribbs Causeway to check out the ‘Green is the New Black’ upcycled fashion show, an event organised by the St Vincent’s charity as part of Bristol Fashion Week. The fashion show featured some amazing upcycled fashion created by children from local Bristol schools. Of course I took the opportunity to wear an upcycled jacket that I created from a vintage kimono dressing gown with a bag by Reclaim mamde from recycled inner tubes. Unfortunately I had to leave my lovely Pachacuti hat behind in the car as the weather was atrocious and I was worried I might loose it in the wind.

Bristol Fashion Week

upcycled fashion show


Upcycled fashionIt is great to see so much interest in recycled fashion by school children (hopefully the future of the fashion industry) and I was genuinely impressed by the creations which included a dress made from a deconstructed suit and other pieces made using newspaper, crisp wrappers, upcycles scarves and ties and bottle tops. I definitely think upcycled fashion is a great choice especially if you like to look individual and stand out from the crowd.

I have been meaning to do more upcycling, especially since starting my no new clothes for a year challenge. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to do anything, strugging a bit for both ideas and time! This fashion show has definitely given me some great ideas, now I just need to make myself some time.

Do you have any good ideas or sources of inspiration for upcycled fashion? You can check out my ideas board on Pinterest here.

I hope you are having a fabulous start to the week and looking forward to the Easter break!

With warmest wishes

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Thrifty Thursday – Upcycled Hair Accessories

For today’s Thrify Thursday post, I decided to share an idea I have for upcycling an old tie. It is super easy and only takes a minute so I have decided to create my first ever YouTube video to show how I did it. Whilst I have enjoyed making this video, I am not sure it will be a regular thing, in fact this may well be a one off!

Whilst I love wearing scarfs in my my hair, they can be a little bit flimsy and slip out of place. I find that a tie makes a much better hair accessory as it stays in place better. I also love the variety of bold patterns, rich colours and glossy silk fabrics ties are made from.

It was pretty easy to make. As you can see from the video, you just pull the tie under your hair and tie at the top. Then tie in a bow and loop the loose end back through the centre of the bow once or twice. It took me a few attempts to work out exactly where to tie it to get the right size bow. You can make the bow bigger or smaller depending on how flamboyant you would like to be.

DSCN3998 (3)
Dress – Ousider
Necklace – Made UK
Tie – Oxfam

And here is the finished look (which I accidently edited out of the end of the video).

This probably has to be one of the thriftiest posts that I have ever done as it costs nothing to borrow a tie out of your mans wardrobe, if you can get away with it. Mr S wouldn’t let me near his ties but I did happen to have a few lovely silk ties which I bought from Oxfam to make silk dyed Easter eggs. When they arrived, I loved the patterns so much that I decided they were too good to chop up and dye eggs with so I am keeping them to put in my hair instead. They also make lovely belts to wear with dresses.

Oxfam have a fabulous selection of silk ties including vintage and designers ones. I am lusting after all of the Liberty prints ties in their online shop!

I hope you are having a lovely week, mine has been pretty tiring so far. I can’t wait for the weekend.

With warmest wishes

Heart Prints – Thrifty Thursday Valentines Special

If you can’t wear a cute heart print outfit on Valentines Day then when can you wear one? But actually, I think heart prints are pretty classic and easy to wear making them a great find in a charity shop any time of the year. Here are just a few of the lovelies that I have spotted in the Oxfam online shop.

Not only is charity shopping really thrifty with many of these lovely pieces costing less than a tenner but shopping in Oxfam also helps to reduces clothes waste, has much less of an impact on our beautiful world than buying new and helps a very worthwhile charity at the same time, it is just about the ultimate in guilt free shopping! In case you are worried that your order won’t fit or suit you, they also have a 21 day return policy(except wedding dresses or overseas returns), which makes it pretty to easy to shop with them.
Heart print shortsHeart Print Shorts by River Island – Size 12

Heart trousers
Vintage Heart Trousers by Richard Shops – Size 28″

hearts 4Red and Gold Heart Blouse Size 12

heart print top
Black and Red Top by M & S Size 8

blue Blue knee Length Dress by Next – size 14

skater dress
Skater Dress by Tofu Size 8

If none of these pieces take your fancy, why not try updating something that you no longer wear with some DIY upcycling. I love this tutorial for a DIY ripped heart tshirt or this DIY heart on your sleeve projector check out this very cute heart chain stitch for embellishing just about anything.

Hearts, how will you be wearing yours for Valentines Day? on your sleeve perhaps? Whatever you do, have a lovely time.

With warmest wishes

No New Clothes for a Year

No New Clothes for a Year

I am perhaps a little late jumping on the band wagon but I have decided to take up the challenge, which has already been taken up by a number of other bloggers, for ‘no new clothes for a year’. I am hoping that it won’t be a particularly tough challenge as I have as many clothes as I need and I love vintage clothes and charity shopping. I am still going to write about ethical fashion brands for the blog but my outfits (and all the clothes that I wear in general) will be clothes that I already have plus the occasional ‘new’ vintage or second hand pieces. It will also be made much easier by the many places to go for tips including:

My Make Do and Mend Year

Vintage Vixen

Eco Warrior Princess – Buy Nothing New Challenge Its Easier Than You Think

Yummy Green Mummy – 2015 – Giving Up Buying New

Westy Writes – No New Clothes for 2014

If you know of any more no new clothes blogs or posts please let me know in the comments.

I will also be using the ‘No New Clothes for a Year’ challenge to introduce a greater focus on buying less and second hand clothes to this blog and hope to be posting more DIY / upcyced fashion posts to this blog as well as a weekly ‘thrifty Thursday’ feature. I hope to get the challenge off to a good start by having a massive clear out of my wardrobe and sorting out a pile of clothes to mend, alter and upcycle.

My ‘no new clothes for a year’ challenge will have a few little get outs though. I will if I need to buy new underwear and fitness clothes as these are not things that I would be happy buying second hand, but for these I will of course try and stick to my usual principles of buying from ethical and sustainable brands. And of course presents don’t count because it would be rude not to accept a pressy but I won’t active encourage anyone to buy me anything new as a present and if asked will suggest second hand or vintage choices.

So there I have done it! I have committed to no new clothes for a year. Are you doing any sustainable or  fashion challenges this year?

With warmest wishes

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DIY Pom Pom Trim Scarf

DIY Pom Pom Trim ScarfOne of the things that I wanted to more of on the blog in 2014 was DIY’s. So I have finally kicked myself into action with a little DIY project on a scarf that I have been meaning to customise for ages.
Pom Pom Trim

I bought the scarf for 1 Euro at a church jumble sale in Tenerife quite a few years ago. I had all sorts of grand plans for the scarf as plain white accessories aren’t really my thing, but unfortunately life took over. When I stumbled across some amazing pom pom trim in a little webshop called the Elephant in my Handbag, I knew the time was right for my DIY Pom Pom scarf project. I bought enough trim to edge around three edges of the scarf leaving one long edge free. I guess I could have spent a little more on the trim and edged all four edges and it may have looked even better. The project was really simple, I just handstitched the trim around the scarf folding diagonally on the corners. It was the perfect little project for completing whilst watching TV.

I did consider using the orange trim for this project but decided to keep for another DIY, a crazy paisley pom pom scarf. What do you think? add to this scarf or keep for another project? Either way, it could take me a while to get round to it!

If you would like any more pom pom inspiration, you could check out this fab post at Scrap Hacker.

Have you completed any DIY projects lately?

With warmest wishes

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A Fedora and a Christmas Catch Up

Jacket – Upcycled Dressing Gown from Local Vintage Shop
Organic Cotton T Shirt by A Question Of
Jeans/ Jeggings – Oxfam
Boots – high street
Necklace – won in a charity raffle

It feels like a long time since I last posted an outfit post. Life has been pretty busy lately and I have been struggling to find time to eat and sleep never mind blog! Over the last few days my little girl has not been well which means this weekend we have all had to cancel all of our social and festive plans including 2 dinners with friends, a birthday party and a Christmas bazaar. On the plus side perhaps a lazy weekend around the house is just what we all need. I am taking the chance to catch up with a little blogging and reading of my favourites blogs plus sorting out my wardrobe. Can you believe I still haven’t got around to swapping over my summer and winter clothes yet.

My Christmas pressy from Mr S is a lovely Fedora hat by Pachacuti which I chose myself. I thought I ought to try it on to check that it fits and he agreed that perhaps I should just have it now to save him having to wrap it up. I haven’t had the chance to wear it out yet as stuck in the house for the next few days but hopefully will do soon. If you wanted to give someone an amazing Christmas pressy this year, Pachacuti do a great little package of a mini hat with a gift voucher so that they can pick out their own choice from the website but also have something lovely to open on Christmas day. Pachacuti have a great choice of classic Fedora in different colours and sizes but also a range of other styles. Love this idea!

Here are just a few of my festive instagrams from the last few weeks.

Christmas Tree Fairy

Pressies – Handknitted  and Fair Trade Hats by Fair + True

Christmas cards from Oxfam

The next 2 weeks and the run up to Christmas look to be super busy with Christmas lunches, parties, school plays and carol concerts as well as the usual christmas preparations. Not that I am not looking forward to it, I love Christmas and all of its sparkliness! Definitely going to be ready for some time off over Christmas though.

What are you are you up to for Christmas, do you have any fun plans?

With warmest wishes

Upcycled Fashion – 10 Fresh Brands to Check Out!

I am a big fan of upcycled fashion, not only is it probably one of the most sustainable ways to shop but there are also some really amazing, quirky, fun and unique styles of upcycled fashion around. The great thing about upcycled fashion is the way that creative designers are taking something old and rewHere are some of my favourites (you can also find plenty of upcycled/ recycled fashion on style-is.co.uk).

Top Shop Reclaim to Wear

Upcycled Fashion - Topshop Reclaim to Wear

I couldn’t talk about upcycled fashion without a mention of one of the most talked about upcycled collections at the moment. The design collaboration between Topshop and Orsola De Castro and Fillipo Ricci of Reclaim to Wear  features nine amazing floral pieces that were disregarded from previous collections. The collection features pretty and on trend cami’s, skirts, shirts, shorts and a dress. It is also all made in the UK with prices starting at a very affordable £34.

Motel Vintage

Motel Vintage

Another newly launched Motel Vintage, features re-worked vintage fabrics in contemporary trend hitting Motel shapes! There is a great selection including made from top quality vintage that has been sourced from LA flea markets to London thrift stores. Each piece is a one off and the collection is constantly evolving with new styles. Look out for leather trimmed maxi dresses and cute Narla dungaree dresses available in a range of prints. Again prices are very affordable and start at £25 for a top.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

uocycled fashion crop top

I love this label which is adding a whole new dimension to the concept of charity shopping. Not only can you help a hugely worthwhile charity,CLIC Sargent which is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and their families, but you can also minimise the environmental impact of your clothing and get yourself a unique piece of that is also really now! The creative team have transformed the charity shop donations that they receive into some really fresh styles. They are available through their shop at ASOS marketplace. I particularly love their accessories which include collars and necklaces and the crop tops. Prices are a little more than you would pay in a charity shop but I think in this case you definitely get what you pay for.


Upcycled fashion antiform

Antiform is a well established upcycling label which pushes the boundaries of ethical, sustainable design by using reclaimed materials and mixing fashion forward shapes with heritage craft. All of the materials that are used in Antiform designs are sourced from within 20 miles of their studio boutique in Leeds.

Traid Remade

Upcycled fashion TraidremadeTRAID is a clothes recycling organisation and in 2002, they launched TRAIDremade, their upcycled fashion label. They create fashion forward pieces from fabrics that would otherwise have been thrown away. The collection is constantly evolving but at the moment includes such gems as a denim style jacket made from vintage curtains and a unisex parka cut from reclaimed cotton and cotton mix rolls, and incorporating vintage newspaper print remnants. Again the collection is all made in the UK.

Rokit Recycled

Recycled fashion leather backpack

Many people will know about Rokit for their great selection of vintage clothing and shops based in vintage shopping meccas such as Brick Lane and Camden but they also have a great upcycled collection consisting of fresh pieces which are handmade from original vintage clothing and fabrics in their North London workshop. The beauty of these pieces is that no two are ever the same. Look out for festival fashion favourites like denim shorts and crop tops but also beautiful accessories including lace collars and leather bags.

Urban Renewal


Upcycled fashion - Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal is Urban Outfitters very own upcycled label. The inhouse vintage buyers at Urabn Outfitters scour the globe for the best of vintage pieces and fabrics which are then reworked in to modern pieces. Look out for denim cut off shorts, bomber jackets, customised t shirts and pretty ditsy floral print dresses which are great for working that nineties grunge look.

Bottle Top

recycled fashion - Bottle top bags

I really love the idea that rubbish can be turned into something really amazing and Bottle Top is one of the best examples of this that I have seen so far using recycled aluminium ring pulls to glamorous accessories. Bottle Top is an ethical fashion brand working in the UK, Africa and Brazil to create a sustainable livelihood for the highly skilled craftsmen as well as supporting young people through their foundation which works on education projects, which empower them to take control of their lives. The label created by Cameron Saul  son of the founder of Mulberry (Roger Saul) which explains why these beautiful bags are aimed at the luxury/ designer market.

Supported by Rain

Upcycled fashion - supproted by rain

Supported by rain is an interesting concept. They take recycled umbrellas and end of roll water proof materials and turn them into stylish one off rain coats that are super practical (especially if you live in the UK). Each piece in the collection is name after an amazon rain forest tribe! You can even send them your own umbrella and they will upcycle it into a raincoat, just for you.


Recycled fashion REtrose

Retrose is a small upcycling label by Cardiff based Emma Rees that is available to buy through Etsy and Tell us Fashion. Emma takes old pieces and brings them right up to date using screen printing, foiling and embellishment. Look out for bright statement skirts and foiled brogues.

What do you think of recycled fashion? would you or do you wear it? and do you have any amazing brands that ought to be added to this list?

I hope that you are having a good start to the week and enjoying the amazing weather. I am definitely going to try and make the most of the fantastic light with some outfit posts.

With warmest wishes


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Mother’s Day and a Vintage Dress

I had a lovely Mother’s Day which started with a very rare chance for a lie in followed by card and cuddles from my girls (the best bit of all), breakfast in bed and then the chance to work on a little sewing project that I have been meaning to do for a very a long time.

I got the dress at Vintage Fashion Fair London probably about a year ago (in case you are interested, they happen to have a fair on this weekend and there are free tickets available on their website here). It is made from a lovely lace material and has been beautiful constructed with the seams finished, a complete contrast to some of the clothing that you can buy on the high street these day. As much as I loved the dress, it was made for someone with a long body, I have a very short body! The waist fell on my hips making me look quite strange. I decided the best option was to take out about 2 inches of fabric under the bust turning it into an empire line and raising the waist into its correct place.

The problem and part of the reason for the length procrastination was the zip. I assumed I would have to remove it completely in order to make the alternation and then replace with a new zip. I was a little under confident in my ability to sew in a zip from scratch even though I did do it many years ago a sewing class. Anyway to cut a long story short, I posted on the Good Wardrobe (a fantastic resource) to get some advice and low and behold discovered there was no need to remove the zip just unpick it a bit. You can check out the advice I got here. Whole project completed in just over an hour leaving time to cook dinner (a homemade chicken pie) with the girls and enjoy a glass of wine or two with Mr S.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. For now its back to reality, work, snow and freezing cold weather.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x