A People Tree Dress for Work

I have blogged before about how I love People Tree dresses for work and the Evette Green Tree Dress (which also features in my new blog store!) is one which I am definitely getting plenty of wear out of this year. I bought it a month or so ago when I found that the temperature in the office was getting too much for me and I just needed something cool and comfy to wear that also looks quite smart. I love the print, I love the length and I love the collar, but most of all I love the fact that it is made from jersey so is lovely to wear. Comfort has to be my one of my main priorities these days or life just becomes to hard work and I end up a flustered mess.

I have had the shoes for about 10 years, they were from a high street shop that I would never step foot in these days as the quality is so bad and the ethics questionable but actually these have lasted me pretty well and it would certainly be wasteful to throwout a perfectly good pair of shoes.

The last few weeks have been relatively quiet, although I still don’t feel like I have had time to do anything much. I have been trying my best to get organised ready for phase 2 of my busiest summer ever!

I hope that you are having a fabulous summer. What are your favourite outfits for the warmer weather?

If you have been posting about any festivals,I would love to read about them. Also I am in desparate need of outfit inspiration, please link in the comments section so that I can check out your posts and outfits.

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6 thoughts on “A People Tree Dress for Work

  1. This is lovely. Dresses are so easy to wear in the heat but I often find that summer dresses can be a touch too short for work but this is a perfect length. The collar makes it very smart too.
    Absolutely right about the shoes, if you still wear them no point in throwing them away. Shoes that are comfy can be hard to come by.
    I’m all about maxi dresses at the moment, I’m hardly out if one these days.
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