3 Ways That The Internet Has Changed How I Shop for Clothes

My outfit – worn for the first sunny day of spring last weekend
Layered tops (both organic cotton) – Kuyichi and Stewart and Brown
Organic cotton leggings – People Tree
Shoes – Used to belong to Mr S
Scarf – Hoss Intropia
Bracet – Ornate Me

It is hard to imagine life without the internet, only 10 years ago life was very different, there was no social media, we all did pretty much all of our shopping by going to the shops and I didn’t really have a clue about the brands I was buying and how or where their clothes were made. The internet has opened up a whole new life for me from writing this blog to running an internet based business for the last 5 years. Without the opportunity to explore my style through my blog, I may not have come to the conclusion that buying more and more fast fashion for the sake of it is a really bad idea for so many reasons.

Here are three ways that the internet has changed the way that I shop for clothes.


I used to obessively read magazines and pretty much follow the advice that I really must buy the latest fashion, style or beauty product. These days I tend to get most of my style inspiration from blogs, this has lead to me being more creative with the clothes that I already have and feeling more confident to develop my own individual style rather than following what has been dictated as the latest trend by a fashion magazine.

More Choice

Living in a small town with hardly any clothes shops and having children that makes finding time to go out shopping difficult, the internet has opened up a whole new world of shopping for me. There are so many small independant and ethical fashion labels that are only available online, without the internet they may not exist and even if they did wouldn’t be accessible to me. Without the internet it would be much more difficult to stick to my rules of only buying ethical or sustainable clothes. Even Oxfam have an online shop giving me access the clothes from not just one charity shop but from their charity shops all around the country. I still think you can’t beat the sheer enjoyment of an afternoon browsing the charity shops but when you need something specific to wear and you don’t have much time to shop, the internet certainly speeds things up. For the fastest average download speeds available to customers (according to OFCOM’s 2013 report) check out Virgin Media.

More Information and Greater Awareness

Last but not least, the internet gives me accesss to a huge amount of information and has given me a much greater awareness of many of the sustainability and ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry. With the click of a mouse I can check out  a brands corporate responsibility page, check out if they are using child labour in their supply chain or read up on reports by organisations like Ethical Consumer.

What do you think? Has the internet changed the way you shop?

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways That The Internet Has Changed How I Shop for Clothes

  1. Great outfit, the scarf’s a beauty.
    Can’t say that the internet’s made much difference to the way I shop as my clothes tend to come from car boots and charity shops, unless you count the lovely things people who read my blog send me!
    Great point about blogging and how it enables us to study our style. xxx
    Vix recently posted..Grumpy Old WomanMy Profile

  2. Do you know I think the internet has massively changed the way I shop. Same as yourself the fact that I can buy from small ethical, sustainable brands and learn more about the issues is absolutely brilliant. Oddly enough I have to say it has also increased my charity shop shopping, I think it is from being inspired by other bloggers and trying to challenge myself to put my values into shopping.
    Lovely outfit, really starting to feel like spring (at times).
    Steph recently posted..The One where I Actually Go Over a JumpMy Profile