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At Clothes-Box we pride ourselves on stocking ethical and sustainable brands. When the lovely Ceri of Ethical Fashion asked me to do a guest post about one of her fav brands that we stock – SkunkFunk how could I refuse?

SkunkFunk are quite simply environmentally awesome. They use sustainable fibres in their collections, they use bio plastics for their bags AND over 95% of their products are transported by sea to reduce their carbon footprint. But, feeling this good about how the clothes on your back have been made doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal style. SkunkFunk are all about embracing the quirky and colourful with dollops of fun and cheer. And frankly who doesn’t want an outfit that’s good for the planet and puts a spring in your step?

Here are some of our top SkunkFunk finds from our website:

Ezkibia dress
Ezkibia Dress

 Amaia Dress




Makone Top



Battiti Cardigan

As you can tell from most of this selection I’m a big dress fan. When you’re having a small breakdown trying to figure what to wear there’s nothing like the ease of pulling on that one super comfy dress sticking a jumper or jacket over it and being done with the whole fandango. Alternatively if you fancy spicing up staples like a pair of jeans or a simple shirt look no further. The strong lines and bold prints in the range will add a little pizzazz to any outfit.

These SkunkFunk pieces are all super contemporary with fresh cuts and a slightly ‘The Day of the Triffids’ Sci-Fi look that I love. It’s stylish but with its own sense of humour and all the pieces are just really easy to wear. No stress eco-conscious fashion. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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