Ethical Workwear – Day 1

Dress – Annie Greenabelle
Cardigan – charity Shop
Shoes – Clarks c/s Spartoo

This week I am making a concerted effort to post some of my ethical workwear outfits. Today was the turn of my a new Annie Greenabelle dress that I have treated myself to. It is made from organic cotton and although it is probably more of a summer dress, It works well for me for winter with tights and a cardigan.

The shoes are from Clarks and another treat but more importantly a comfy and practical flat workwear style that I can wear to work over the winter. Of all the shoes I own, I didn’t have anything flat and comfy to wear with dresses and trousers for the winter. I realise that leather is never a great choice for the environment but my eco friendly plastic shoes by Melissa were just not comfortable for wearing all day at work. I needed some shoes that will keep my feet dry in the rain but also let them breathe.

I was a bit disappointed to see that Spartoo aren’t stocking my favourite brand Dream in Green at the moment, but a little research has informed me that Clarks are actually quite sustainable and ethical. Most importantly, I have been wearing Clarks shoes ever since I was a little girl because they last well and they still do now. I even buy them for my own children. Buying clothes and shoes to last has to be the most sustainable way to shop. Here are just a few interesting  points from the Clarks social responsibility policy..

Clarks are working with the Leather Working Group to develop and maintain a protocol that assesses the compliance and environmental performance of tanners and promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. They have also committed not to use leather in their products that is produced from cattle raised in the Amazon Biome and to maintain the principles of Greenpeace’s ‘Commit or Cancel’ policy for halting deforestation for cattle ranching in the Amazon Biome.I n the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland they operate one of the biggest retail footwear reuse schemes in the world and are working alongside other brands and retailers to support Loughborough University’s work to make recycling of footwear practical on a commercial scale.

Clarks also support a number of charities including Soul of Africa.Clarks also promote family friendly working for their employees and have an established factory audit programme that enables us to review working conditions in factories that we use and to identify opportunities for improvement.

What do you think? do you wear ethical workwear? and do you wear leather shoes because they last well or avoid them because of the ethical/ sustainability implications?

With warmest wishes

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7 thoughts on “Ethical Workwear – Day 1

  1. I struggle with normal workwear, so would really struggle with ethical looks. You’ve done a great job though. I really love that dress. It’s such a perfect and versatile piece.
    Sherin recently posted..Arctic WindsMy Profile

  2. I’m glad to see you posting workwear. I don’t dress nearly as formally as I should for work so I’m happy to see a bit of ethical inspiration.

    I haven’t been able to wear my Melissas long-term either. I feel like they’re too pinchy in my true size and since they’re rubber, there’s no way to stretch them either.
    jesse.anne.o recently posted..Vegan style: Doing the Neutral Pants **My Profile

  3. Nice dress. I have tended to stick to People Tree for their dresses in the past but have started to try out different companies for ethical work wear. Although I suppose my TraidRemade leggings might not be suitable for every office with a plain skirt and a stripey jumper I reckon they brighten the place up.
    I will be taking a look at Annie Greenabelle now, I had thought their dresses seemed a little short but that looks like a good length.
    Steph recently posted..September Wartime Wardrobe Challenge – Oh Dear!My Profile

  4. You’ve winterized the dress quite nicely, it looks cold weather appropriate and stylish at the same time. I personally tend to lean towards leather shoes – I find them more comfortable (breathable) than synthetic ones and they last for a very long time, especially if you get them resoled when they wear out… but writing that out is making me question if I should or not.
    Em K recently posted..outfit: H&M comes to Ottawa!My Profile