Natural Food – Wheyhey Protein Icecream

Wheyhey protin icecream review
Wheyhey Protein Icecream
Wheyhey Protein Icecream review
I was recently asked if I would like to recieve some pots of Wheyhey protein icecream to sample. I have in the past considered protein shakes to drink after workouts especially bodypump classes but could never really bare the thought of drinking them. Icecream though seemed like an altogether more attractive choice for a post workout protein fest. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Wheyhey icecream is made from natural ingredients. After being informed that Wheyhey would be featuring behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The icecream is sugar free but uses Xylitol as a sweetner, I usually try and avoid foods with sweetners but apparently Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in vegetables, berries, and oats; it’s is also low GI so helps to keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel. Each pot is low fat and has about 125 calories per a 100ml pot so whilst not completely guilt free it does make a good alternative to my usual post workout snack. The best thing about Wheyhey icecream though is that it is packed with protein isolate which has lots of benefits including helping in managing weight as it helps you feel fuller for longer and recovering from excercise by repairing muscles and promoting healthy bones and muscles.

So what did I think of Wheyhey Protein Icecream?

I tried the Vanilla icecream today. I was actually quite surprised by how nice the icecream tasted. It has a really subtle flavour which seemed natural. The texture was similar to normal icecream but slighly less creamy and almost slightly chewy.  It was great that it was in a 100ml pot as it was just the right amount. It was really filling and I certainly couldn’t have eaten any more (usually with normal icecream, I could eat loads!). Overall I would say that for me it is a great low calorie way to boost protein and a much better alternative than a shake. Whilst not quite as tasty and indulgent as normal icecream, it was probably more satisfying.

My daughters tried the chocolate and strawberry icecream and both declared them yummy. The strawberry again was quite a subtle flavour and the chocolate was super chocolately but withour being too sweet.

What do you think? do you eat protein snacks/ shakes after working out? Would you consider a protein icecream?
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