Refresh your Wardrobe by Recycling

If you fancy a new wardrobe but not the associated price-tags, why not recycle your old clothes and make yourself some cash? It’s easier than ever and you can earn real money by recycling clothes you no longer wear.

Make money from un-loved clothes

We’ve all been guilty of buying something on impulse. Sometimes we see something on offer and think it seems too much of a bargain to leave on the rail. On other occasions, we fall in love with an item of clothing and buy it without trying it on. It’s only when we get it home, we realise it’s completely wrong for us and we’ll never be wearing it. If you’re organised, you’ll probably return your unwanted clothes to the shop for a refund, but all too often this is forgotten and unworn clothes languish at the back of the wardrobe with tags still attached

By recycling your unused clothes for cash, you can replenish your wardrobe with the latest fashions!

Get cash for pre-loved clothes

It’s not just brand new, unworn clothes you can get cash for; used clothes can also make you money. If you’ve fallen out of love with last winter’s coat or your favourite dress no longer fits like it used to, simply recycle it for cash and have a night out with your friends with the proceeds. If you decide to recycle clothes for some extra cash, you will also make room in your wardrobe for the new additions.

Just about any clothes in good condition can be recycled for cash so go through your wardrobe, dig out anything you haven’t worn in the past few months and make some useful money from your unwanted clothes.

Deciding what to recycle

A good way of establishing which clothes you no longer want is to implement a simple wardrobe system. Place a marker, such as a distinctive clothes hanger or a bright scarf or length of ribbon at the very end of your clothes rail so that all your clothes are hanging to one side of it. Every time you wear something and put it back in the wardrobe, put it back on the other side of your marker. After a set amount of time, say six months, you will be able to see at a glance all the clothes you have worn over the past six months. Everything to the other side of your marker hasn’t been worn so it’s probably fairly safe to say you won’t miss it.

We often buy clothes that aren’t a perfect fit, with the aim of “shrinking” into them. While you might think this is a good motivating tool to help you shed pounds, it rarely works and can make you feel like a failure. Rather than holding onto clothes that have never fitted, package them up and recycle them for cash today or donate them to your local charity shop.

You could also think about having a swishing party with friends. Everyone brings along their unwanted clothes and swaps them for other people’s unloved garments.


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