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People Tree Meadow DressThings are going to changing around here a bit for a while. I am going to be working in the marketing department of a proper office (not my lonely little home office) for at least the next 6 months. This is quite a big change for me as I have been working from home for over 5 years now. Of course I have LOTS of clothes but immediately, I start to think, will any of them really work for working in an office?. Working from home you can pretty much wear what you like but from what I remember working in a office is going require a little more thought!

I have had a quick trawl of my wardrobe and discovered quite a few dresses which I think could work for an office. The one thing that I am sadly lacking in is a smart jacket. I have decided to make the most of the great sales and offers at People Tree this weekend and treat myself to some ethical work wear in the form of a blazer and dress (pictured above) that is reduced in the sale. I will also get free delivery and a £20 voucher.

charity shop jacket

I also grabbed a tailored jacket from the local charity shop for £6 although not hundred percent sure if the shoulders are a little on the puffy side and a floral print top for a few pounds which I guess will work well with a pencil skirt I have (another second hand buy).

As I have enough work clothes now and so many non work clothes that I probably won’t be wearing much for the next 6 months, today signals the beginning of a 6 month shopping ban, except for Christmas pressies of course.

If you are every in search of ethical / sustainable work wear or something to wear for an interview, I would also recommend Oxfam Fashion, loads of tailored jackets etc at great prices. also has some great ethical workwear on its shift dresses page.

Do you work in an office? would you opt for ethical work wear?

With warmest wishes

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5 thoughts on “Ethical Workwear

  1. I am about to go back to office work after a 2 year break, also. I have been trawling ebay and got a lovely used dress. Very happy and I definitely like the idea of ethical workwear

  2. This is a giid psot – I definitely struggle with finding appropriate workwear fullstop, let along eithical workwear. I think People Tree is a great shout, I love the dress you’ve featured.

  3. These are such great pieces. I work in a pretty casual office, but do need work wear for more professional meetings I might have.
    Good luck on your job!
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