Eco Footwear – My Picks for Autumn

I always think that footwear is the most difficult part of trying to shop ethically. Many people (me included) don’t really like the idea of second hand footwear too much and it can be difficult to know which brands to turn to for sustainable and eco friendly footwear. There are number of different considerations when trying to minimise the impact of your footwear, one being the footprint caused by the rearing of animals used to make leather. The tanning process for leather also uses highly toxic and environmentally damaging chemicals. Luckily Spartoo have a great selection of green / eco shoes including some made from completely natural materials with the leather being tanned using vegtable tans. Anyway… here are my top picks of eco footwear for autumn and winter.

Boots for Work

Dream in Green Ankle Boots

As I don’t have a kind of set uniform that I would wear to work, I need a pair of shoes that are versatile and will work well with both skirts and trousers. A low and easy to walk in heel is also a must for me. You may have heard me rave about Dream in Green shoes before (I already own 2 pairs by this brand) but they are really well made and comfy to wear. I love these ankle boots!

Casual boots

Drea in Green Boots

For the weekend, it is great to have a pair of boots that can be worn over skinny jeans and leggings. I love these slouchy biker boots, again by Dream in Green.

For Walking

Patagonia Hiking shoes

Even if the weather is pretty rubbish in the autumn and the winter, I like to try and get out and about if possible and love walking. These hiking boots by Patagonia looking better than traditional hiking boots and also have shock asorption making them really comfortable to wear.

Versatile Court Shoes

Court shoes
A pair of versatile court shoes is ideal for wearing with all sorts of outfits from work wear to a party dress. I already have these Dream in Green ones in red and can vouch for the fact that they are super comfy.

What shoes will you be wearing for autumn and winter?

With warmest wishes

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