Crowd Funding – 4 Exciting Sustainable Fashion Projects to Support

I love the idea of crowd funding. Not only does it enable creative businesses to get funding for exciting projects by new talents, that might not otherwise be able to happen, it also allows us as consumers to get involved beyond just buying a product from brands that we love. It gives us a chance to be involved right from the beginning and play an important part in making the project happen. For ethical fashion brands crowd funding is great because it allows you to support something that you really believe in. I have noticed lots of exciting crowd funding projects for ethical fashion lately and wanted to share them with you.

Operation Wardrobe – Transforming Your Wardrobe Stitch by Stitch

This project has only 2 days to go and it is very close to its target. This campaign is on the new Crowd Funding platform dedicated entirely to  fashion AudaCity of Fashion. The project by Junky Styling is to launch a capsule collection using upcycled suits at East to East, a new space opening its doors this autumn in Shoreditch’s Fashion Street. It has some fantastic rewards including a one of a kind clutch bag for a pledge of £20 I think it would make a lovely Christmas pressy.

Emi&Eve Recycle Ammunition into Beautiful Accessories

Turning something that is made to kill and harm people into something beautiful and fashionable may seem like a strange idea but that is exactly what this project is about and the end product is something pretty amazing. This Project is hosted by Emi and Eve on Indiegogo. The bags are made by disadvantaged artisans and disabled home workers and disadvantaged women in China, some of whom are disabled. The perks for this project include pendants, bracelets and clutch bags which would again make amazing Christmas pressies.

Antithesis – Modular Accessories Collection

Crowd Funding AntithesisAntithesis is a slow fashion label which creates transeasonal, multi functional clothes that can be worn in lots of different ways whether it be reversible, transformable or modular. They advocate quality over quantity. Their latest crowd funding project is hosted on Kickstarter and is a series of modular accessories (sleeves, waistbands, attachments) to go alongside our existing pieces. They want to encourage our customers to update their wardrobe without having to buy whole new garments. A pledge of £35 will get you a bamboo jersey t shirt for a man in your life (again I am thinking Christmas pressies).

Help IX Apparel Pop Up

IX Apparel is a London brand using high end fabrics and designs that are all sourced and made here in the UK. This project which is hosted on Sponsume is to fund a pop up shop which includes making at least 2 weeks of stock and designing and promoting the shop. For a £20 pledge you’ll land yourself an IX Apparel sticker pack, a t-shirt of your choice and a special mention on their Facebook & Instagram pages.

What do you think of crowd funding? would you support any of these crowd funding campaigns? Actually I am considering launching a crowd funding campaign of my own with some great rewards especially for fashion bloggers, hopefully will be able to reveal more soon.

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  1. Hi Ceri, thank you for featuring us! We tell the story of the ultimate metamorphosis, a message I think we can all relate to. Packaged into very unique accessories.