Bamboo Sunglasses and Dresses

Dress – Frank & Faith
Sunglasses – Colin Leslie
Sandals – really old from Clarks
Bag – Oxfam Boutique
Jewellery – all presents

Lately I seem to have been wearing mainly bamboo! It only just dawned on me that I was wearing a bamboo dress at the same time as my new eco sunglasses by Colin Leslie which are also made from bamboo. This made me think about what a fantastic material bamboo is, it makes great clothes, feels great against the skin, drapes well and keeps you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold (it has insulating properties). For the sunglasses, it is exactly the opposite in some ways to the fabric, tough, hard and durable but again  it looks great and a little more interesting than conventional plastic sunglasses.

Environmentally speaking bamboo is often hailed as a great eco friendly product but the fabric does have its oponents. Whilst the actual bamboo plant is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers (so much better than conventional cotton) and quickly regenerates making it highly sustainable (much better than synthetics made using petro chemicals), it isn’t without its impacts. The processing needed to turn it into a fabric uses chemicals and the actual product is spun rather than being made from natural bamboo fibre so it is actually a rayon rather than natural bamboo. Others argue that bamboo viscose production uses a closed loop process that relies on Sodium hydroxide as the solvent, which is a chemical approved for use on textiles by the Global Organic Textile Standards and used to process organic cotton. A bit of a confusing one really! But before I bore you with any more of my geekiness about how my clothes are made, I would just like to sum up that I believe that both my bamboo dress and sunglasses are a better alternative than those made from synthetic materials or conventional cotton and I hope will last me for a long time to come.  Admittedly by far the most eco friendly choice would be to buy second hand as I did with the bag in this outfit. You can read up more on the bamboo debate here on Ecouterre.

So onto the weather and the royal baby…

I will not hear a bad word said about this gorgeous weather, bring it on, I say. I do admit though I am so glad I live in the countryside at the moment and can’t imagine what it must be like in London. I have been flagging a little today though with a combination of heat and hay fever, a very energetic body combat class this morning and perhaps the result of a few beers last night (to celebrate the royal baby of course). My answer is to eat ice lollies and lots of them, I am not even going to admit how many. I can’t help feeling a little excited about the royal baby as I would about any new baby but every so slightly jealous that Kate looks so presentable just a day after giving birth. I was a mess for weeks!

Anyway that is far too much rambling for one blog post. I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.  What are your top tips for keeping cool?

With warmest wishes



6 thoughts on “Bamboo Sunglasses and Dresses

  1. The colour of that dress is wonderful, perfect for a glorious day!
    I’m loving the weather, too. It’s never too hot for me, I’m a lizard and just bask all day long! x
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