Can you save money and give to charity at the same time?

Discount codes

Many people now like to use their buying power to make a positive influence on the world (me included) by shopping with ethical companies and companies that give some of their profit to charities. But of course as most of us are on a budget of some kind, whilst we want to help where we can, can’t afford to spend extra money. That is why I really love the concept behind My Favourite Voucher Codes, a site with discount vouchers for a whole range of retailers from fashion to food.

The great thing about shopping with My Favourite Voucher Codes is that they give 20% of their profit to charity and you can vote on the charity that you would like them to support each month. This month, you can choose between Help for Heroes, Soilders, Sailor and Airmen and Families Association and British Red Cross, all incredibly worthwhile organisations.

The site has 4323 discount codes at the moment. You can shop with just about any online retailer that you would usually shop with so no need to change your usual habits or style when it comes to buying clothes. For those of us that carried away when shopping online, there is a very handy voucher code app which lets you shop as usual online and flags up any discounts that are relevant to the sites that you are shopping on so you will never miss out on a bargain or the chance to give a bit to charity.

Much as I can see this as a fantastically useful tool for shopping for clothes. The greatest benefits I can see are on my monthly food shop for the family which is by far my biggest monthly outgoing. You can save up to £75 with grocery shopping with this Waitrose Voucher Code


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