Eco Living – Natural Wax Candles

I have always loved burning candles to create a relaxing and calming ambience, make my house smell lovely or even to keep insects at bay when camping or sitting in the garden. Recently though I have been put off using them by reports that parafin wax candles could be linked to health risks including asthma and lung cancer. Parafin is also a by product or petroleum which of course we all know is a non sustainable/ renewable resource.

I was really pleased to discover that there are some much more healthy and natural alternatives to parafin wax candles which also represent a more eco friendly choice. has a fantastic selection which includes yummy scented candles, tea lights and candle jars which make great pressies.

Soy Wax Candles

Seda France So Candle

Soy is a highly sustainable and renewable crop which is not just good for eating and making clothes. Soy candles are clean burning, eco friendly and also ideal for vegans. Soy wax candles also burn slowly with a consistent release of scent.

Organic Candles

Organic Chilli Candle

Organic candles are made from natural plant wax from plants that have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides. The organic certification gives added reassurance that these candles are made from 100% organic materials and are free from harmful substances.

Bees Wax Candles

Beeswax pillar Candle

Bees wax candles are a healthy and natural option with a sweet aroma of honey. They are both smokeless and sootless with the wax being sourced naturally from bees.

Other Natural Wax Candles

Other natural sources of wax for candles include plant Wax, Palm and Stearine Candles. All more eco friendly and healthy alternatives to parafin wax. You can also get natural wax candles or tealights with citronella that are great for keeping insects away at barbeques.Natural wax beads are also a great choice if you like to get creative with your candles. You can mix them with your own blend of essential oils and burn them in an oil burner or use them to create your own candles.

Do you love candles? what are your favourites?



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