Bank Holiday Weekend – Camping and Kites

Cardigan – charity shop
top – Zakee Shariff at People Tree
Leggings – People Tree
Denim Skirt – upcycled
Shoes – Melissa

The bank holiday weekend was our first chance this year to get away in our old camper van, Roberta so we loaded her up with beer and pointed her south. We stayed in a lovely campsite in Weymouth that we stayed at last year when the Olympics were on. Admittedly Saturday was very windy and pretty cold, I spent most of the day huddled in the campervan with my book whilst, the children played and Mr Style Eyes amused himself with cooking a barbeque and insisting it wasn’t that cold until eventually he gave in and put a jumper on. I am afraid due to the mass hair frizziness caused by the wind, I took no outfit photographs!

Sunset and the view from our campsite over Fleet lagoon and Lyme Bay

Top – SkunkFunk
Cropped Jeans – really old!

On Sunday, to my relief, the weather was so much better so we packed a picnic and headed down to Weymouth beach to check out the Kite festival, make sandcastles and enjoy a cheeky glass of cider in the beach cafe.

I won’t bore you with all my kite photographs as I think you really had to be there! But here are just a few

The time passed far too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to go home so we trundled across some of the most beautiful countryside home.Here we stopped off for a bit of lunch to give the old girl a rest (and let the queue of traffic behind us pass) after climbing the massive Spread Eagle Hill. It was well worth the effort as this hill has the most amazing views as far as the eye can see across Somerset (the Levels, I think) which you can sort of see in the top photograph.

I hope that you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine, fingers crossed for lots more of it.

On a more serious note, today I have read that yet more people (at least 7 people) have been killed in a factory fire in Bangladesh. So incredibly sad and needless, I hope that there will be change in the fashion industry soon. Yesterday I wrote a post for Ethical Fashion Bloggers about How Fashion Bloggers Can Make a Difference. I would be really grateful for any shares or comments as I thing this is a really important issue and we can all help to prevent more tragedies.

As I included in the post here are a few things that you can do:

Join Ms Wandas 1% Campaign calling for companies to invest a minimum of 1% of theirprofits to ensure the human rights of garment workers are properly protected. You could also tell your readers about these campaigns. Facebook and blog badges and Twitter Avatars are also available at Ms Wandas.

Sign the petition Amirul Haque Amin, President National Garment Workers Federation in Bangladesh to ensure safety for workers & compensate victims of building collapse and the Clean Clothes Campaign petition telling brands to take responsibility and sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement then Share it through your social networks.

Write to the CEO’s of brands or contact them through Twitter and Facebook to ask them to take full responsibility for their supply chain ensure safety for those working in it.

With warmest wishes


4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Weekend – Camping and Kites

  1. You look fab and those kites are lovely. I can’t wait to get out and camping in Gilbert soon, not that the weather’s very promising at the moment.
    I signed the petition ages ago, I’m horrified by how many bloggers are still posting Primark and Matalan hauls without a care in the world. x
    Vix recently posted..Called To AccountMy Profile

  2. Thanks Vix! Glad its not just me! really shocked by how little people care.