Vogue Festival 2013

I have a pretty fun packed week with lots of birthday treats and celebrations. On Saturday I treated myself to a ticket to the ‘Can Fashion Change the World?’ talk at Vogue Festival. The Panel for the talk consisted of Livia Firth, Katherine Hamnett, Tom Craig and Vivienne and was hosted by Vogue features director Jo Ellison. The talk was entertaining informative, though provoking and inspiring in equal parts.

Each member of the panel talked with passion about how they though fashion could change the world and also how fashion related to a bigger picture. It became quite heated in parts with Vivienne Westwood insisting that she continue with her talk despite running out of time and blaming Vogue for not organising it properly!

Climate Revolution FlyerVivienne was keen to share information on the Climate Revolution, you can find out more here.

Unfortunately there was no time for questions, but I had wondered before the event how they were going to cover such a huge topic in such a short space of time. I have written a fuller review of the debate in my post Vogue Festival – Can Fashion Change the World?.

My favourite quote for the day came from Livia Firth

“Not only can fashion change the world, but it absolutely must”

Unfortunately the lighting and my poor photography skills prevented me from getting a photograph of the panel but you can check out more photos on the Vogue blog.

I also met up with the lovely Angela of Sasstainable and took the opportunity to chat ethical fashion, blogging and take some blogger pictures before and after the talk.

Vogue Festival

Vogue festival

Dress – SkunkFunk
Jacket – Rokit Vintage
Necklace – People Tree
Shoes – El Naturalista

I was lucky enough to have the whole day to spend in London so after a wander round to check out some of the amazing outfits, braid bar and Vogue covers on the wall, indulging in a extra stylish bottle of Coconut water and Vogue muffin, I headed out to check out the view from the bridge and made my way to Brick Lane to check out the vintage shops.

I hope that you had a good weekend.

With warmest wishes


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