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In the second part of my Story Behind the Brand Series, I wanted to share a brand which I am falling in love with almost as much for their story as for the clothes (which are pretty amazing too).

Whilst studying fashion, founder of Studio Jux, Jitske Lundgren went on a study trip to India. The sight of a man whose skin has been turned purple by the clothing dye which he stood in each day in order to dye the clothes and the disappointment with the fashion industry after working for many brands, inspired Jitske to start a label which made fashion fun, not just for the customers but also for those making the clothes. Jitske now lives in Kathmandu where she manages the factory together with a Nepali woman. The name Jux is taken from the German word for fun.

But is is not just Jitske who is behind the beautiful clothes created by Studio Jux. Carlien Helmink. After witnessing the damage that the fashion industry had created in South East Asia Carlien wanted to find a way to combine her commercial goals with developing work. Starting as a volunteer with the brand, Carlien went on to join the brand and use sales and PR to turn it into a global brand.

What I really love about Studio Jux is their motto “Your Nepali Tailor is a Rockstar”. Not just a fun statement and great philosphy on how everyone in the supply chain should be treated but an actual true fact!

One of the tailors at Jux, Roshan Rashili plays the mahdal, a type of drum from Nepal. He used to perform regularly in his village with friends in “Rodigars”, a kind of traditional discotheque where you have live music can dance.

Some of the clothes in the Jux collections are produced in their own factory in Nepal. For these clothes customers can identify exactly who has made their clothing with a number which corresponds with a tailor and a page about them on the Jux website. Really interesting to read and you can see exactly why the clothes are so fantastic.

Studio Jux SS13

So what do you think? would you like to wear clothes made by a rock star?

Of course you can check out a range of clothes by Studio Jux on, the t shirt pictured above which is available from

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

ps If you would like to find out about lots more amazing fashion brands, please stop by #FGFF Feel Good Fashion Friday, a Twitter party about ethical and sustainable fashion on 26th April.

Image credits – Studio Jux, photographer Ellen van Bennekom

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