Leopard Print Dress and When Enough is Enough

Dress – Rokit Vintage
Shoes and Belt – High street shops (have had them for ages!)

What a wonderful surprise to get sunshine this weekend, the cold and miserable weather has made me feel quite fed up. The bright weather has even made us feel confident enough to book our first camping trip of the year, I can’t wait! Today I even braved the outdoors to take an outfit picture outdoors. Whilst natural light is supposed to be superior to artificial light for photographs, I can never seem to get the camera  settings right for outside photographs. I am hoping to do some street style photographs for Bath in Fashion so hoping to work it out before then. Any tips greatly received.

Anyway today I am wearing a leopard print dress which I treated myself to from Rokit Vintage online store (as if I needed any more dresses!) I also got a woollen biker style jacket which I will no doubt be featuring in an outfit soon.

Looking at my wardrobe, it is pretty full now, I don’t really need to buy anything new except trousers which I have major problems buying and so have a complete lack of. I will have to admit there are some pretty amazing sustainable clothes around for spring and I am super tempted especially by the bright prints. The problem is that even buying sustainable fashion is not as sustainable as buying nothing. Perhaps I will treat myself to a few bits if I get money for my birthday but otherwise I think I need to seriously concentrate on enjoying the many clothes that I have instead of buying more!  I also need a good sort out of my wardrobe but not sure I am feeling confident enough about the weather to put away any winter woollies.

When do you decide that enough is enough with your clothes? or do you think that you can never have enough clothes?

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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