Skunkfunk and A Question Of

Skunkfunk dress

I have been raving on about the brand Skunkfunk for some time now on Twitter. When I was recently approached by retailer Zalando to see if I would like to review some items from their site, I jumped at the chance to try out this amazing dress that I have been admiring for a while. In my opinion, Skunkfunk are one of the most amazing fashion brands around at the moment combining a fresh and unique vibe with sustainability and affordable prices. What’s not to love!

When the dress turned up, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was made from organic cotton making it comfortable to wear and suitable for the warmer weather when it finally arrives. The print was really unusual – described my daughter as pixellated. I love wearing dresses but don’t go out in the evening that often so loved that this dress could work equally well for daytime and evening.

I love reading up on the brands that I buy from so it was great that the label had plenty of info. Unfortunately you can’t really see what it says on the label here but some of the key points about Skunkfunk are that they transport by boat, use organic cotton, wood pulp cellulose (Modal and Lyocell) and recycled polyester. For their packaging they use bioplastic (made from Cornstarch) and use as much recycled paper as possible. Their clothes are also often multi option and reversible.

I was also lucky enough to get an organic cotton t shirt by another really cool brand A Question Of. The t shirt is lovely and soft and a great fit for me. I struggle to find t shirts that are not too long but this one was spot on. With my GCSE knowledge of French, I have worked out that the t shirt says something like To say I love you, believe in yourself, live life (please correct me if i’m wrong). This kind of sums up what I really need to do more of!

I would definitely recommend checking out Zalando for some other innovative sustainable brands including Komodo, Monkee Genes and Hemp Hoodlamb.

I am determined not to let this freezing cold weather get me down, despite having to cancel our camping trip for Easter Weekend. This weekend I kept myself busy making cocktails with vodka and Innocent smoothies (kiwi, apple and lime) which were really delicious and definitely a great way to top up on vitamins. I also went to see the local performance of musical Annie with the children. I loved it as a child and it was  fantastic to see it again. Definitely a great way to spend a cold wintery Sunday afternoon. What have you been up to?

With warmest wishes

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