Happy Valentines and a Mention in Metro

Dress – Oxfam Fashion
Shoes – Dream in Green
Scarf – Charity Shop

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day. Here is new (old) red dress that arrived just in time from Oxfam online. Although I didn’t go out for Valentines Day as we didn’t have a baby sitter, I think it is important to make an effort after nearly 14 years or marriage, hence the red dress, a rare night off work, a bottle of fizz and the meal for two from Waitrose for me and Mr Style Eyes.

For anyone that lives in London that reads the Metro, you may have seen an article with some sustainable style tips in Tuesday’s edition. That is me at the bottom of the page next to Livia Firth! I was really excited to get a mention for my sustainable fashion website style-is.co.uk and really honored to be featured amongst some of sustainable fashions most inspirational people. You can check out the whole e-edition of Metro here, it also features an interesting interview with Bruno Pieters of Honest By on page 32.

Today is the start of London Fashion Week, whilst I can’t actually be there, I am really looking forward to hearing about everything that is going on. It looks like this is going to be a great season for ethical and sustainable fashion. You can read a post that I wrote about Liora Lassalle¬†winning the Estethica¬†Veolia Re-Source Competition.

If you are going to LFW, have fantastic time, if not have an amazing weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x



6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines and a Mention in Metro

  1. Wonderful feature Ceri! Congrats! I love the darling dress on you, and it’s waist details. xx/Madison