Some of the Most Amazing Fashion Brands in the World!

I am absolutely stunned by some of the fashion brands that I have just discovered through the Ethical Fashion Forum Source Preview 2013. Although not all of these are available in the UK, I wanted to share and just in case any buyers from UK retailers stumble across this post, please check out these brands, it would be amazing if you could stock them!

What I really love about these brands is how they give us so much more individual choice than the high street currently offers both in terms of design and the huge attention to detail  from the beautiful high quality and sustainable fabrics that are used to the close attention to ethical sourcing and making a really positive and important difference through fashion. These clothes are ideal for anyone who wants to rock their own beautiful individual style, if you want to know my thoughs on how individual style and sustainable brands go hand in hand, please check out my latest post for – Sustainable Fashion and the Individual Style Revolution.


Perhaps my favourite discovery today is Titiania Inglis, the SS13 collection has so many beautiful pieces, just the sort of thing I would wear (if I could afford it!) It consists of lush minimalism, striking but simple pieces, sewn in a small factory in New York from sustainably sourced fabrics including Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable-tanned leather, and dead stock wool from New York’s garment industry.

Killa Knits
Killa Knits – I love their chunky knits and interesting textures – handknitted with Alpaca in Peru.

Treches Berlin

Treches Berlin have some great pieces that are also incredibly wearable. They combine clean lines, playfull details and and contrasting colours.


Nurmi is a Scandinavian brand which focuses on high quality and designs to last. The designs feature scandinavian minimalism with functionality, beautiful cuts and designs that fit many body shapes. The clothes are ethically manufactured with minimal waste from sustainable materials which include eco leather, organic cotton and hemp.

L-L-B is the label of Norwegan designer Lisbeth Løvbak Berg. The most recent collection SHELTERED is inspired by  the idea of a textile shelter, from the rain, the sun, the eyes of a stranger, and the use of clothing to protect us. The clothes are made from eco-friendly materials including organic cottton and silk and recycled leather.

Mata traders skirt

Mata Traders design in Chicago and partner with Fair Trade co operatives in Nepal and India to produce clothing that showcases traditional artisan techniques in modern designs that will appeal to the main stream consumer. Mata Traders have enjoyed success in the US but you can also check them out on

Kow Tow is a New Zealand brand making sustainable clothing in edgy contemporary designs. They use certified organic cotton with no trims to ensure transparency of supply chain for the garments. A pinoeering brand that is helping to change the perceptions of sustainable fashion.

Jaida hayJaida Hay is known as London’s answer to Sports Luxe that is made in the UK from eco friendly fabrics. Accessibly luxury that also has a casual feel so can be worn day in and day out. the online shop will be launching in a few weeks.

Eden DiodatiEden Diodati makes stunningly beautiful and elegant gowns many of each feature really unique prints. The designs combine creativity with cultural heritage and ethical approach to manufacturing delivering opportunities for marginalised people to re-create their own futures. Eden Diodati gives 10% of dividends to Médecins sans Frontières recognising the need to address human fragility on a global scale.


Halasi translating historical techniques from Hungarian tradition into modern garments using an origami like construction for clothes made with zero waste techniques.

I’m afraid that is it for now as I have run out of time today. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to cover so many of the amazing brands but you can find out more about all the brands show cased on the Ethical Fashion Forum Source Brand Preview today here. You can also login to the showcases of  Menswear and New Generation this afternoon and accessories, footwear, lingerie and swimwear tommorrow.

I would also love to know what you think of these brands.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x



8 thoughts on “Some of the Most Amazing Fashion Brands in the World!

  1. I love the Mata Traders skirt. I quite like the idea of a personal style revolution; no longer concerned with the latest catwalk collections, just going with whatever we fabric we have to hand, and making the best of it.