DIY – The Perfect Fit

I almost always find that there is some aspect of the fit of a piece of clothing that is just not quite right. Being short I find that I often need to shorten clothes but I also have problems with dresses and tops being tight across the shoulders, I am not a fan of wearing sleeves unless they are made of stretchy material. This months DIY round up on Ethical Fashion Bloggers was all about changing a piece of clothing for the perfect fit and I decided it was about time I tackled one of the pieces of clothing that has been hanging in my wardrobe unworn for a while.

I used to love wearing this dress because of the applique flowers around the hemline but it was a little tight on the shoulders and sleeves, so I decided to remove them giving me a little more room to move. In case you are wondering the headwear is by House of Beth.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekned. Christmas has officially begun in our house and Mr Style Eyes and the children have been busy putting up the decorations. Are you ready for Christmas or do you prefer to wait until a bit nearer the time?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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