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I came across Ink Apparel on Twitter a while back and had been eyeing up the Frida T Shirt on their website, along with a few other pieces, so when they contacted me to ask if I would like to review a piece from their latest collection, I didn’t take me long to make up my mind!

The tops by Ink Apparel are a little bit different from the tops that you would find on the high street. They are handprinted in London on soft eco cotton of the best quality made in compliance with The Fair Wear Foundation. The Cosmos collection was inspired by Indian and African textile prints and dying techniques and features romantic drawings depicting the cosmos and natural harmony between all creatures and life beyond the skies.

I was particularly drawn to the brand by the way that they had styled the clothes and the mystical feel of their photographs. The unique concept of the Cosmos Collection has been carried through from the garments to the press photography.  The designer has collaborated closely with the photographer right through to the post production when hand rendered print and ink drawings were applied to photos to give them an other worldly feel.

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Unfortunately, I have not been able to achieve such an amazing outfit yet with my Frida t shirt but I am working on it!

I have just been off to the school Christmas Fair where I won a great big hamper of food and wine in the raffle so I am pretty much sorted for this weekend. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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