Upcycling – Better the Devil you Sew

I love upcycling or refashioning, whatever you want to call it! I think it is the best way to give old clothes a new lease of life and the perfect opportunity to get creative, make something a bit different to wear and of course, it is so much better for the environment than buying something new. I used to make clothes from scratch but by upcycling, you can often make something amazing in next to no time. If you are still not convinced of the merits of upcycling, perhaps that fact that it is a major trend at the moment might sway you, you can just check out the DIY section on Pinterest for evidence (and inspiration!)

Better the Devil You Sew is a new Collection at Oxfam Brighton made completely by volunteers from damaged clothes that are donated to Oxfam. Check out the video above for ideas and inspiration. It just shows what you can achieve with a few old clothes.

Do you like upcycling? please share your latest project.

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3 thoughts on “Upcycling – Better the Devil you Sew

  1. Sounds like a great project! I wish I could upcycle, but I am the most uncreative person in the world so all my old clothes go to charity/are sold instead.
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  2. I wish I had better sewing skills (mine are rudimentary at best). My mother used to make some of my clothes when I was little but the buck stopped there, unfortunately. I’ve taken a few lessons – basic sewing and even an “altering vintage” class. But I never retain any of it, despite me owning a sewing machine.
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