Who Made Your Pants?

Pants are not something that I often blog about but actually I think a good pair of pants is a key component to any stylish outfit. A streamlined silhouette and comfortable fit will ensure that you look your best in whatever you choose to wear on the outside. Who Made Your Pants? is also the ideal choice for those who also want to feel good on the inside!

One customer of Who Made Your Pants has said

Your pants did not ride, slip, chafe or go up my bum

Lets face it this is definitely something we all look for in our pants, but  at Who Made Your Pants?, the pants are also made by women, for women, a little treat that will make you feel gorgeous everyday! They are made of traditional synthetic lingerie materials, fabrics that would otherwise have been discarded at the end of a season but are in perfectly good order.

The very name Who Made Your Pants? gets you thinking about who, where and how your pants are made, so many questions, which for many brands remain unanswered. But don’t worry you can find out exactly who has made these pants by entering in the date on the swing tag into the website. All of the pants are made in a factory in Southampton which is also a worker co operative working primarily with women refugees from from Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan – often places where there have been wars. Not only does Who Made Your Pants provide women with employment and training but also support and a safe and secure environment.

Becky at Who Made Your Pants has kindly tipped me off about a some hot pink lace that she has unearthed and has been made into a limited number of high waisted vintage/ 50’s look pirate pink shorts (pictured above). There is a fantastic discount of £5 off until tommorrow (subject to stock), you can find out how to order them here.

Check out www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk for a the full collection and special offers.

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