Ethical Fashion Menswear

Ethical Superstore have created a space in the online retail market
as thehub for all your ethical household needs.

In this post, as part of the Ethical Fashion Blogathon, we’ll take a look
at their menswear.
For Autumn 2012, they’ve recently added a new line of Komodo tops (mostly
jumpers and hoodies).
They’ve created an edited collection of Komodo’s menswear range, and have
chosen some fairly on trend – but accessible to most men who’d be surfing the
net for such a garment.
I am particularly drawn to this rather bold recycled cotton and hemp
jumper by Komodo.
This Komodo Patch Daddy Wool Cardigan has been particularly popular. And
for good reason, the chunky knit cardigan is wide collared with horn
buttons. We also like the contrasting shades of burnt orange and
deep cream.
Their underwear category features Pants to Poverty. A great brand,
working with Fairtrade and organic cotton, an bold colours.
The Weekend Bag from Traidcraft is great. It’s made with recycled tyre –
a great material to work with; it’s durable, it’s keeping the tyre out of
landfill, and it’s waterproof. It’s the perfect bag for the active man in your
And the best bit? It’s all on sale!
This post was written by HJ Taskis of Greenhouse PR

Ethical Fashion Blogathon


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