Ethical Engagement Rings at Ingle and Rhode

Bespoke ethical jewellers Ingle & Rhode know a thing or two about design. From their design workshop in Mayfair, London, Ingle & Rhode share the latest trends for wedding jewellery in 2013 and advise on the dos and don’ts of designing your engagement ring.

Jewellery is personal. It’s got to be comfortable. Its design should last for generations and it is one of the most cherished family heirlooms.

Jewellery makes a powerful statement about who are you. When it’s a wedding or engagement ring, it whispers of a private union and a personal love story.

Weddings in 2013 are going to be fuelled with injections of colour and this is already reinterpreted into contemporary jewellery design. Coloured gemstones are experiencing a renaissance, purely for the fact that they provide timeless statements.

Whilst vibrant gemstones have traditionally been used to create a dramatic showpiece on the finger by combining brilliant blue sapphires, gorgeous green hues of emeralds
or the wonderfully rich red of rubies with diamonds. However you can introduce
pockets of colour into your engagement ring more subtly with the unspoken
luxury of one or two isolated gems, which works perfectly with contemporary
design. The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, choose your stones wisely. Many precious gems come with a horrible history – fuelling conflict in certain parts of the world and causing a negative impact on both the environment and local communities in the areas where they are
mined.  Most high street and luxury jewellers don’t think twice about the chemicals used to extract gemstones or the child labour within the local cutting workshops.

At Ingle & Rhode
They ethically source all of their gemstones in a transparent manner through
responsible partners that manage the whole process. They look at the lifespan of
the mines and ensure that profits are reinvested back into the community and
environment to ensure long-term opportunities.

Jen Marsden, author of Green Guide for Wedding, adds:

“Ingle & Rhode provides decadent, bespoke design with an expertly hand-crafted
This is the true treasure of ethical wedding
rings, providing exquisite memories that last more than one lifetime.”

For us, every
engagement ring we individually design begins as a love story.

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