Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

I love the way that ASOS has branched out into providing such a wide range of clothing and accessories including both ethical and sustainable in the Green Rooms and vintage, second hand and indie labels and boutiques in the marketplace. Not only can you find some really unique and unusal pieces of clothing but also sell on your own clothes when you no longer wear them.

I also love that in contrast to some other market places (which will remain nameless), they have a strong policy and zero tolerance on the sale of conterfeit goods with their Fashion not Fakes campaign.

All in all I think ASOS marketplace offers a great online shopping experience with a great selection of clothes displayed in a fresh and contemporary way but also with a high focus on quality. Perfect for someone like myself who doesn’t have much time to get out and about shopping and wants to be able to look at lots of different pieces all in one place.

There are over 200 vintage boutiques based all over the world on ASOS market place. I have put together a few of my favourite pieces that I have found.

bright yellow jumper1 Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

Bright Yellow Jumper from Mad Elizabeth Boutique– Cosy but colourful, this jumper is perfect for brightening up a dark winters day.

pleated skirt Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

Another bright piece to add some colour to your winter wardrobe, this pleated skirt is both classic and right on trend. I found it in the Liar boutique.

little black dress Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

The perfect vintage little black dress in Just Vintage Boutique – what can I say? I love the style the cut and the keyhole back on this dress, great for Christmas parties, just a shame it isn’t in my size.

lace beaded dress Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

Another lovely party dress this time with both lace and beading at Marmalade Vintage dress Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

This bright red vintage sixties dress at Girl Stole Vintage Boutique could easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

vintage coat2 Vintage Fashion at ASOS Marketplace

This oversized vintage coat at Bertie and Gertie Vintage Boutique offers yet more colourful cosiness, just what my wardrobe needs right now.

What do you think of ASOS marketplace? have you ever bought or sold anything on there?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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