How Does the High Street Help Out?

Not every name on the High Street scores high marks when it comes to ethics, but you might be surprised to learn that many are taking steps in the right direction in terms of
sustainability, social responsibility and fair trading. New Look in particular is championing the way for the High Street to get serious about ethical fashion. From New Look’s signature shoes and dresses right down to their jewelry and hair accessories, New Look is absolutely committed to the cause of ethical trading. Additionally, the
brand is dedicated to animal welfare, meaning all clothing, jewelry and hair accessories are not only on trend but also guilt free. That’s right, those fashionable feather earrings, snakeskin heels and pearl hair accessories are man made—no birds, snakes or mollusks were harmed in the process.
How else are New Look pioneering ethical fashion? The brand has set out a rigorous code of conduct which all of their suppliers must sign and abide by. According to their
website, New Look has 4 principal aims for their brand:
·         Be a good neighbour to the world.
·         Deliver value and ethical values to our customers.
·         Continuously improve.
·         Ensure that ethical trading is central to how we operate.
Above all, New Look is clearly concerned with welfare of the workers and craftspeople who make their products. The brand is constantly revising their policies to ensure health
and safety needs are consistently being met. For instance, New Look has put a
ban on the practice of sandblasting their denim and other products. Sure, that
pre-worn in look is chic, but to achieve it via sandblasting the fabric is
blasted with crystalline silica via air compressors. This practice poses great
health risks to the sandblasting operators who often inhale dangerous dust from
the machines which can cause silicosis, lung cancer and autoimmune diseases.
If you’re going for a faded denim look but don’t want to shop second hand, you
can be assured that all of New Look’s distressed fabrics have achieved their
faux-vintage patina through alternative techniques that didn’t put anyone’s lung
health at risk. Beyond all this, New Look has set up it’s own namesake charity which has raised over £750K for charitable causes through donations, fundraising and dedicated sales.
Additionally, the brand works with MacMillan Cancer Support, donating generously to the worthy cause of cancer support. Who says fashion has to be a superficial pursuit? New Look for one is working in the right direction.

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