I am pretty excited about a new slow fashion label Antithesis which has just launched its first ever capsule collection for fall 2012. The brand is a collaboration between Renée Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper and the 10 piece collection aims to repsond to the  hectic lifestyle demands of cosmopolitan commuting professionals. The collection is really versatile with each piece being wearable in multiple ways. The video above illustrates it perfectly an you can see that these are beautiful and contemporary pieces of clothing that work in lots of different ways.

For example this classic navy shift dress can be worn on its own

classic navy shift dress

or with a variety of trims including fringe, feather and collar

fringed dress

feather attachment

Antithesis dress

There are also coats, trousers, jackets, a travel bag and jumpsuit, all of which are cleverly and stylishly versatile in different ways from reversing to being wrapped and fastening differently.

They say

We cherish individuality and want to challenge our audience to get creative with the styling of their wardrobes and discovered new ways of wearing garments.

They believe that

  the cost of consuming fashion should be offset to the benefit of society and the environment.


These clothes are quite pricey but I think the multiple ways that you can wear them and the fact that they won’t go out of fashion definitely means they are a good investment.

You can buy the Closet Collection from and find out more about the brand on their blog

What do you think? would you like pieces of clothes that could be worn differently.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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