Does Buying Clothes Make You Happy?

Kimono jacket – upcycled vintage
Dress – vintage
Leggings – People Tree
Brooch – a pressy from my sister

Do you feel that rush of adrenaline when you go on a shopping spree or that feeling of pleasure when you pop out in your lunch time only to return to the office an hour later laden with shopping bags? As happy as you may feel during this moment, I wonder how long that feeling lasts? for me it usually doesn’t even last until I realise that my new top doesn’t  go with anything in my wardrobe, is made of nasty material or worse still that I have overspent and have no money left for the rest of the month.

I am not saying that I dislike shopping and buying clothes, on the contrary, I really do, but it so much more satisfying when I can afford it, it is something I need, it is a purchase that I have considered really carefully and I am sure that it is something that will really work for me and add value to my existing wardrobe. I like to wear clothes that make me feel good and I do occasionally treat myself to something just because I love it rather than actually need it but I definitely think there is a limit in terms of the amount of happiness shopping can bring me. There is also a very fine line between a little indulgence and over indulgence at which point, clothes shopping and many other things (I am thinking alcohol and food specifically) loses its appeal.

It is not just me who thinks this either. According to this article in Psychology Today, money can buy you happiness but only if you spend it in he right way. It also found that being able to spend money on purchases designed to create positive experiences increased people’s happiness. The best way to increase happiness, though, was to make a series of smaller purchases rather than one big one so popping out for a quick drink once a week is better than buying tickets to an expensive event once in a while.

Here just a few things that make me happy, other than the obvious spending time with family and friends and going to the pub.

Getting dressed up

When I used to shop for clothes a lot, I used to have a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that I hardly ever wore. Party dresses were a particular addiction of mine. I now get much more satisfaction from getting as much wear as possible from the clothes that I have. I definitely feel more happy when I make the effort to get dressed up everyday. I love the idea of vintage tea parties and visiting a vintage fashion fair, such a great excuse to have a go at some vintage hair styles and make up.

Getting creative

Nothing pleases me more than having a little time to get creative with my sewing machineand making myself a new dress. Sadly it is something I rarely get the time to do any more. Perhaps I should try harder to make more time! For days when I just haven’t got the time or energy to make something from scratch, customising and upcycling is a great second best and often quicker and easier.


Clothes swapping or swishing ticks all the boxes for a great night out including the chance to socialise and usually have a glass of wine or two. It is also great of you feel like you are stuck in a bit of a style rut as you can try out something completely new that you wouldn’t usually go for.

How about you, does buying clothes make you happy? or are there things that you actually enjoy much more in life?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


5 thoughts on “Does Buying Clothes Make You Happy?

  1. I love shopping and yes that happy feeling probably lasts a day. I actually don’t shop as much as I used to and only really ever go out with one or two things in mind, for example today I bought a new hoodie which is an essential for Bestival and also because it’s practical – I literally live in them at home! But otherwise, I try and make do with whatever i have in my wardrobe and it always feels good to be able to say no, I don’t actually need to buy new clothes for certain occasions (even though it’s super tempting at times!).

  2. It only makes me happy when I feel I’ve got a good buy,
    otherwise I feel too guilty, which means I’ve greatly reduced my shopping spends!
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  3. Finding a gorgeous 1970s dress for less than a pound always makes me happy but as for that trawling the high street or endlessly clicking on websites like some women do? No way! Life’s far too short to waste time doing that. I’d rather spend my cash on experiences (travel, festivals & gigs and socialising). xxx
    Vix recently posted..What To Wear At A Music FestivalMy Profile

  4. Great post. I find I am getting less and less satisfaction from shopping and it actually makes me feel guilty when I see how much stuff I really have. I am actually enjoying my shopping ban and reducing down to a capsule wardrobe- it’s really liberating!
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