Return of the Mac – Coats for Autumn Winter 2012

Hands up who’s fed up with the weather? seems to be a prime topic for conversation both on and offline at the moment.

I getting pretty much fed up with waiting for summer to arrive that I might as well move onto autumn and winter, I am already feeling like I need a coat on. Last year when I bought myself a new coat , I really struggled to find anything ethical or sustainable that I liked so ended up just buying a really high quality coat that would last me for years. I don’t actually need a new winter coat or raincoat / mac this year but have seen some really lovely styles so I thought I would share just in case there is anyone else feeling the cold as well.

Fairtrade trench coat

Classic Trench Coat – Nomads

The Original Seasalt Raincoat – Seasalt Cornwall

Ethical coat

Black Charlotte Coat – People Tree (also available in Blue)

ethical coat

Alpaca Coat – Wall London

Organic Cotton Full Length Jacket – Rauffauf

Recycled fashion - wool cape

Herringbone Cape – Reluxe

Camel coat MonsoonWilfred Coat – Monsoon

If you are looking for a winter coat on a budget, don’t forget to check out the local charity shops or Oxfam fashion online where you can often find pretty amazing stuff!

with wamrest wishes

Ceri x

ps this post contains affiliate links!

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4 thoughts on “Return of the Mac – Coats for Autumn Winter 2012

  1. I’m quite fond of the herringbone cape – I’ve always loved capelets, though I’m not sure I have the panache to pull one off!