Product Review – SPAIR Sandals

Do you ever wish you could slip out of your heels and into a pair of cool flip flops instead?

I was recently sent a pair of SPAIR Sandals which cleverly fold into a little pouch which will easily fit into most handbags. Should you need to wear them, them, the little pouch turns into a bag that can be used to carry your shoes home. I have seen similar ideas on the market before, but what I really loved about  Spair sandals is that they are 100% Recycled tires and earth-friendly leatherette.

They are actually a kind of solution to an environmental issue as stated on their website

improper disposal of over 300 million rubber tires per year is a  serious risk to our health and environment. Disease-carrying pests and  mosquitos breed in the stagnant water that collects in tire piles, and  spread deadly viruses like West Nile, encephalitis, and malaria.

Whilst I haven’t had the chance to do a manicure to show off the actual sandals that I was sent, I have given them a try and can confirm that they are super comfy. I think they would be fantastic for weddings when I almost always feel the need to kick my shoes off by the end of the day so that I can strut my stuff on the dance floor.

The shoes are available in 3 colours in the US from

Would you find these useful?

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