Camping and Camp Bestival

I have been a little absent from blogging for the last couple of weeks. On Wednesday 25th July, I was in London for the Ethical Fashion Forum Source Summit – The Tipping Point. It was a hugely interesting event and I met and heard from so many inspiring people. I hope to be able to blog  and share some more about this soon once the videos and notes have been published.

Camp Bestival

I was then off in our old camper van at 8am the next morning and on our way to Camp Bestival in Lulworth Castle Dorset with some fantastic music including Rolf Harris (my personal favourite), Happy Mondays and Rizzle Kicks and lots of other entertainment.

After wearing only 6 items of clothing for the Six Items Challenge in July, I decided to have a go at packing lightly with just four outfits for a whole 8 day camping. I soon realised that this was a mistake as my choice of outfits didn’t really seem to work for the huge differences in temperature between day and evening. But never mind, I survived! I didn’t take to many outfit photos as I was suffering from uncontrolably frizzy and dusty hair most of  the time and I didn’t take my camera remote so had to rely on the blurry efforts of the children and Mr Style Eyes. The picture above features my trusty green camping parka and zebra jumper from a charity shop. I never buy new clothes for holidays any more as it seems like a waste to buy new things just for a week or two of holidays. I try and make the clothes that I already have work for me. You can find a great selection of jumpers on

Pachacuti hat

This is me on a particularly hot and sunny day wearing hat by Pachacuti and top by Kuyichi.

We then went on to a fantastic campsite near Weymouth and although we didn’t have tickets to see any of the sailing events for the Olympics we had a fantastic time on the beach, having a go at sailing and lots of other sports. If anyone has any time off over the next week or so I would definitely recommend a trip to Weymouth, there is so much going on and surprisingly, not that many people there so plenty of vacancies in hotels and B & B’s and campsites.

I hope you are having a lovely summer and have been enjoying the fantastic weather. Despite having a fantastic time on my hols I am glad to be back to my comfy bed, own bathroom and hot shower. I can’t wait to catch up on reading my favourite blogs over the next few days.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


4 thoughts on “Camping and Camp Bestival

    • Hi Lakota, my girls are 5 and 10 and yes we have a tent as our camper van doesn’t have enough space for us all to sleep. We pack all of our clothes into a plastic set of drawers to keep it all dry and so we can easily move it into the tent. We also have a small shower tent and portable shower so we can all have a warmish shower everyday, we also use the tent plus a bucket in case children need the toilet and there is a big queue. We have a trolley so that the children could sleep or tuck themselves up whilst we were listening to music later on in the evening and it was also handy for loading up with picnics, beer etc. Lots of people get really into it by decorating their trolley’s for the pimp my trolley comp. We also have ear protectors for the youngest for later on in the evening when she starts getting tired. We try and keep the cost down by cooking and taking all our own drinks. We keep it all cool by freezing as much as possible (meat, milk, juice drinks) before hand and storing in cold boxes, plus we have a gas fridge on the camper van. We also make sandwiches have a picnic for lunch each day. The campervan option is definitely best for us as you actually get your own pitch a little bit away from the main tent area where the tents seemed to be crammed in and on the sides of hills etc. Also you don’t have to lug all your stuff from the carpark. We were lucky it didn’t rain but if it did we had some where to sit and eat dinner and keep cosy and dry. Camp Bestival is definitely geared up for kids, there is loads to do and a really family friendly atmosphere.

      • Wow Ceri thanks so much for taking the time to explain it all, it would make a really interesting full post *hint hint*. You are unbelievably organised and make it sound brilliant but I guess the over-all outlay would be quite a lot as we have none of this stuff. I am intrigued by the trolleys – like a school dinners trolley??
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