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Ethical Menswear - Arthur and Henry


I don’t often post about ethical menswear, partly because there is very little of it around and partly because it is an ongoing battle for me to persuade Mr Style Eyes to shop around for more ethical clothing. To be fair to him, I think shopping ethically is particularly challenging for men in terms of availabilty and choice. Which is why I was so pleased to hear about a new brand Arthur and Henry, which has some great fairtrade and organic mens shirts, high quality, beautifully made, with proper collars and with single and double cuffs, just what Mr S insists on for work!

Their website says:

We believe that every man needs a good shirt and so we founded Arthur & Henry to provide beautiful, ethical, men’s shirts.

Ethical Menswear - Organic Cotton Shirt

I think Mr S will also love some of the other features of these shirts that have been so well thought out. The shirts are ‘long-fitting’ as research by Arthur and Henry indicated that one of the points about a man’s working shirt that drives men mad is when a shirt is too short. They are also not too long though so that  you don’t have the ‘bunched-up’ look when the shirts are tucked in.The shirt seams are sewn with 20 stitches per inch, which compares with the more standard 14-15 stitches per inch giving more compact, elegant seams that resist rucking and make it easier to iron and makes the shirt more durable.

Organic cotton mens work shirts

All buttons are attached with thermo-fused thread with lock stitches. In simple terms,
we have taken enough care to ensure that buttons are secured for the life of the shirt. Additionally, the last button of every shirt has a ‘horizontal bottom buttonhole’ (sounds slightly rude!). It is not however. It just means that you don’t have the ‘splaying’ effect while sitting down.Organic cotton shirts

Above all these shirts are beautiful to look at and and wear and made to last.

The first collection of shirts has just launched and includes 10 styles of classic, contemporary and casual shirts in 10 different fabrics. The shirts are made in India from Organic and Fairtrade cotton and also linen, the least environmetally damaging fabric of all. They are dyed using Azo free or vegetable dyes and manufactured according to the  labour standard codes, including the stringent criteria of SA8000, covering issues
such as health and safety, wages and working hours and providing decent working conditions. The founders Arthur & Henry – Mark Lissaman, Clare Lissaman and
Sreeranga Rajan (Ranga as he is known) – are strong advocates of ethical and
environmental business practices with a wealth of experience in textiles, Fairtrade and environmental issues.

You can check out this fantastic new collection at

What do you think? does your man buy ethically? or does he just love a really smart shirt?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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