Upcycled Fashion, Olympic Style by Queenie and Ted

The Olympics are not too far away and despite not really having any interest at all in watching sport (except the gymnatics) usually, I can’t help getting just a little caught up in the whole thing. When I saw a press release pop into my inbox for Queenie and Ted, I definitely started getting into the Olympics mood.

Queenie and Ted upcycle high quality clothing and sell it in their shop in London’s historic Columbia Rd. In celebration of the Olympics, they have created some quirkly motifs featuring synchronised swimmers and leaping gymnasts to embellish one off skirts dresses and jackets.

The two fine artists have a passion for sustainable fashion and use old
curtains, tablecloths and finds from the airing cupboard to embellish and breath
life into vintage and  nearly new fashion. Old buttons, trimmings and
embroidered details add texture and colour. With prices starting at £28, they are also surprisingly affordable. They even have a bespoke service for turning your old clothes into something special, I love this idea!

clothes for olympics

upcycled jacket

Fun embellisments over eyecatching patters, I love them, especially the dress.what do you think?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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