Patagonia Shoes – Performance and Comfort to the Max

When you think of the companies that have been the real pioneers of sustainability in the clothing industry, Patagonia is most definitely one that springs to mind. Whilst they are perhaps more about function than fashion, their clothes are just right for looking the part when out and about in the great outdoors even in an urban area and I always think you need to be comfortable to look stylish!

The brand founder Yvon Chouinard is a lover of the outdoors and of nature and the company has a strong philosophy of respect for the environment which encompasses everything that it does from the creation of new fabrics including recycled polyester and their common threads recycling iniative to its involvement in environmental projects and campaigns around the world. It still manages to make great looking clothes that perform to the max.

Patagonia is a company that really does walk the walk when it comes to sustainability making a huge commitment to the environment by donating 1% of all sales to grassroots environmental groups. They also have an environmental internship scheme where employees can leave their jobs for up to one month to work for the environmental group of their choice. Patagonia continues to pay their salaries and benefits while they’re gone, and environmental groups worldwide get them for free.

I am particularly taken by the range of Patagonia shoes stocked in the UK by which are ideal for those who like to combine comfort and style and demand a lot from their footwear from the flip flops which are ideal for beach holidays and watersports to the trail shoes for those who love to run.

Patagonia Ballerina pumps

Maha Breathe coral shoes

Patagonia flip flops

 Banda Thong Flip flop

Banda Sling Sandal

Banda Criss Cross

Fore Runner Trail Shoes

What do you think of these? Do you need comfy shoes for an active life?

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5 thoughts on “Patagonia Shoes – Performance and Comfort to the Max

  1. I really love those coral shoes! I like and keep comfy shoes in my bag, especially to change into after work.