Choosing Stylish Summer Shoes that won’t Cost the Earth!

Summer has just begun, which means
that women have already started wearing their favourite tank tops and
sundresses. Because it is difficult to wear fashionable jackets and layers in
the summer heat it is important to find other ways to look sharp. This becomes
even more challenging when summer footwear is taken into consideration. Flip
flops and other kinds of sandals are comfortable and convenient but they are
not conducive to fashion.

One way to maintain a sense of style without piling on the clothes is to focus
on footwear. Ladies’ shoes have a way of making the wearer look more
fashionable even if her outfit was hastily thrown together. Wearing sandals
with a short summer dress can look sloppy and inappropriate for social events.
A pair of ballet flats solves that problem. They are only slightly more
structured than flip flops are but they provide just enough coverage to make
the whole ensemble look carefully planned. A strong black shoe contrasts nicely
with a lightweight dress. Wedge sandals are also feminine and structured. They wear very well at informal daytime events. They afford the leg-slimming benefits of pumps without appearing too dark or formal for summer.

If one prefers to wear short shorts in the summer there are other options for
warm-weather footwear. Cowboy boots look great with denim shorts. Girls who
wear boots with cut-offs are playing with masculine associations. The boots
balance out the long expanse of skin and keep the torso from looking
disproportionately short. When worn with a simple sleeveless top, the boots
constitute the style element of the entire outfit. It is a bold image to
create, especially in the summer. Grecian sandals also look good with shorts.
These sandals are statement-makers and they need to be worn with garments that
will not compete with them for attention. As with the boots, Grecian sandals
look best when the accompanying outfit is not noteworthy in itself.

Many women who are not comfortable wearing shorts opt for Capri pants. Capris
do not leave very much of the leg uncovered so the shoes must not extend above
the ankle. As with sundresses, ballet flats are a good option when worn with
capris. The few inches of skin that show between the tops of the feet and the
bottom hem of the pants elongate the leg. Lightly constructed heels further
stretch the silhouette and tie the outfit together. Simple sandals are
acceptable with Capri pants if the shirt is properly tailored.

The onslaught of summer heat is not an excuse to dress sloppily. It is an
opportunity to prove how much style one can wring out of a few key items. Shoes
are essential components of summer style.



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