The Wardrobe Clear Out

You might have seen the video I posted in the post Can Ethical Fashion Be Stylish? about a week ago by Ms Wandas featuring Veronica Crespi of Rewardrobe, London’s first Slow Style Consultancy. I really loved Veronica’s advice, particularly where she says

I tell my clients, If they can make their wardrobe look like a boutique and where everything actually fits them, they wouldn’t feel like going out and buying more

As my wardrobe is well overdue a clear out (as you can see from the image below) and I am on a shopping ban, I thought I would give it a go.


Life has got really busy lately and everything has just got in a big old mess.


So when my mother in law offered to look after the children on Saturday, I jumped at the chance to get my wardrobe organised. I got rid of anything that didn’t fit or there was no chance of me wearing, which only amounted to a few things. Then moved all of the out of season clothes and shoes into the wardrobe in my office. I put my more occasional handbags into cotton shopping bags to protect from dust and stored all my handbags in a plastic crate, neatly stacked the shoe boxes full of my less worn shoes at the back and lined up everyday shoes on the shoe rack so that I could actually find both of them when I want to wear them rather than just the one! I also made a to do list of clothes that need repairs or alternations and those that I don’t wear but could upcycle in some way.

Then I did something I thought I would never do, something I had previously considered was only for those suffering from OCD. I sorted my clothes in to colour order, starting from whites and creams, then progressing into beiges, browns, khaki, yellows and blues  then moving into the pinks, reds, bold and bright prints, dark colours and black. I also made sure that everything was hung up with just one item per hanger.

My verdict – it really does work!

Seeing my clothes and shoes laid out like this, makes it really easy to find something to wear each day. Having a clear out and arranging nicely also reminded me of what I have and gave me some inspiration for new outfits. I now really like looking in my wardrobe each morning and picking out something to wear, it does feel a bit like going shopping for something new. I particularly can’t stop looking at the clothes in the bold and bright patterns section.

So far I have managed to keep it super organised all week and have stuck to the colour order. All I need to do is get Mr Style Eyes to put a hook on the side wall of the wardrobe for me to hang my scarf hanger. This will give my clothes a little more space and make picking out  a scarf much easier.

I would definitely recommend giving this a try, especially if you struggle with finding clothes to wear in the morning or are a shopaholic. What do you think, is your wardrobe overdue a clearout?

Have a lovely bank holiday and Jubilee weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


10 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Clear Out

  1. The after photos look awesome! I always feel happier when my wardrobe is tidy – and it makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier! Thanks for the reminder that I need to give my own one a much overdue tidy!

  2. Wow, what an improvement! I bet it feels so nice to have the closet organized and be able to find what you need! 😉

  3. I’ve just done a wardrobe clear out and have bags of clothes ready to be charity shopped! Though I still fall prey of the whole double…or even triple hanging things! I swear I’m getting better though!

  4. This is what I did when I redecorated my bedroom, I’d just gotten sick of not being able to find anything! It is so nice to have everything organised although I really would like some more shelves to display things on but that will have to wait until we move house.

  5. I think I am about ready for another good organising and purging session in my closets. It always inspires me afterward. I must admit, I do sort some clothing by colour as well. lol. Hope your weekend went amazing. -xo
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  6. Good job! My stuff would go bright coloured jeans – loads of multicoloured random stuff – black. Not sure if that would help or not. I really need more hanging space though. I keep being ruthless about getting rid of old stuff/holey everyday things and then replace them with ‘nice’ going out stuff which doesn’t get worn as often. Thus leaving me nothing to wear! I also have a TON of shoes and boots in boxes under my bed, most of which don’t get worn.
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  7. Well, I am also in the process of having a wardrobe cull. The amount of clothes and shoes I have is verging on the ridiculous. Off to eBay with them. I am really limited in what I can wear at the moment because I am pregnant, however I have vowed to stick to being much more selective, and making as much of my own clothing as I can when it is over.