ASOS Africa Patterned Trousers

ASOS Africa Printed Trousers

Dress – really old!
Waistcoat – Even older!
Necklace – present from my mum
Patterned Trousers – ASOS Africa
Shoes – Melissa

Today I finally got the chance to wear my new ASOS Africa Patterned trousers that I have been looking forward to wearing with a sense of both excitement and apprehension since I bought them about three weeks ago. Here is the original post that I wrote about the ASOS Africa Collection for SS12.

I have been looking for the perfect pair of patterned trousers for a year or two now. Being so short I really struggle with finding trousers that will fit me and in the case of patterned trousers suit me. Add into the mix that I only buy from eco/ ethical labels these days and I had given myself quite a challenge. I had been working on a short list of possibilties for a few months but when I spotted these babies in the ASOS Green Room, I just couldn’t resist the fantastic colourful pattern.

I have put off wearing them for a few weeks while I carefully considered exactly how I was going to wear them. There is plenty of style advice out there on wearing of patterned trousers which ranges from ‘never do it if you are not tall and very slim’ (neither of which I am) to always wear with heels and if you are petite opt for cropped and close fitting patterned trousers. I am afraid I have not managed to follow any of these rules!

My inital outfit ideas included a fairly eye popping pattern mix with a tribal print tunic I have. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find said tunic so had to opt for the much safer alternative of a little black dress. The one danger with these trousers is for the outfit looking too ‘global traveller’, not really the look I was hoping for.

This outfit really works for me despite the lack of long legs, heels and cropped trousers, it is comfy and practical for everyday and I felt good wearing it even in the really hot weather. Mr Style Eyes even said it looked good or was it ok, either way praise indeed and highly unusual for an outfit this bright.

My tip for wearing patterned trousers if you are vertically challenged, team with a mini dress or long tunic top, this also works well of you are pear shaped. I am pretty sure I will be trying out some other outfits with my new patterned trousers though perhaps heels and a tailored jacket.

What would you where with these ASOS Africa trousers?

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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5 thoughts on “ASOS Africa Patterned Trousers

  1. They look fabulous, you are all set for a festival now (just add wellies)!
    I hate all that silly style advice, it’s best just to keep trying on what you’ve already got until it feels right. I like how you’ve styled it, it’s very you and spot on.x
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