An Upcycled Shirt

Over the weekend, I had a really good clear out of my wardrobe, but more about that in another post. I tried to clear out or upcycle anything I didn’t wear and this shirt was a prime candidate for upcycling. I bought it in a charity shop because I loved the print so much but it was never quite right for me and I couldn’t find a way to wear it that I liked.

upcycled shirt

Shirt – Charity shop/ upcycled
Skirt – Second hand / upcycled

It suddenly dawned on me that it was the sleeves that were so wrong for  me. This has to be the simplest upcycling project I have ever done. I just loped the sleeves off which took all of about 2 minutes. Not a difficult descision to make when the weather is so lovely and warm and  sometimes I think the simplest things are the best! I have already found a few different ways to wear my new shirt one being the outfit pictured above.

For anyone who loes charity shopping or would like to give it a go. You might be interested to read my latest blog post for Oxfam Fashion in which I interview the fantastic El of A Thrifty Mrs.

I hoping you are having a good week and enjoying this gorgeous sunshine. Fingers crossed it sticks around at least a bit longer.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


One thought on “An Upcycled Shirt

  1. I adore floral prints and love the way you’ve put these two very different pattern together. Also love what you’ve done with the shirt. There are so many ways to re-use and refresh what we already have and it’s so good for the environment and also lets us get creative and express ourselves! In high school I used to upcycle thrift store finds all the time. It was economics that forced me to get creative at the time but I became known for my unique style and always had people complimenting me on my clothes!