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I have talked lots about prints this year, hence the use of my new favourite word ‘printastic’, partly because there seems to be so many amazing choices out there but also because they are probably my favourite thing to wear especially in the summer.

A few weeks back I posted about African prints and featured some amazing labels and since then I have discovered yet more amazing prints at Shop 4 Rwanda. The current collection features traditional African prints combined with contemporary styles but what also struck me about this collection is that it is really affordable. With skirts from £12 and dresses from £20, no one can claim that they can’t afford this ethical fashion and it probably costs far less than some of the imitation African print dresses that you will see on the high street.

Most people will have heard of Rwanda because of the genocide in 1994. But despite this terrible tradegy, the country, also known as ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ has much to offer including these beautiful clothes made from fabrics and imported from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Many of the children who live on the streets of Rwanda’s capital Kigali lost their families during the genocide or were abandoned by their mothers. Shop 4 Rwanda is the charity’s retail outlet for the crafts that former street children make as part of their vocational skills classes at Centre Marembo, in Kigali, Rwanda. This is where dedicated staff help turn homeless children’s lives around by taking them off the streets and bringing them into a secure, loving and mutually respectful environment.

I really like the way this works, beautiful clothes at an affordable price without the gimmicks and the marketing. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these clothes go back to the children who make them and help to support charitable projects supporting and helping vunerable young people in Rwanda. Which means you can afford to treat yourself – guilt free! What do you think?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

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2 thoughts on “Shop 4 Rwanda – Printastic African Dresses!

  1. These prints are gorgeous, I love how the traditional print has been combined with modern shapes, they’re so wearable and not too ethnicy. At such good prices they’re on to a winner!