Stonehenge Inspired DIY Printed Dress

This months DIY challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers was to create or upcycle a piece of clothing using your local area as inspiration. There is plenty of amazing stuff quite near to where I live but I finally decided to use Stonehenge.

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Incase you didn’t already know, Stone Henge is a world heritage site with some ancient stone creations. Whilst nobody really knows the meaning behind them, they are pretty awe inspiring. I decided to use them as inspiration for a printed design on a denim dress which I bought from the Oxfam Boutique in Bath.

I picked up some fabric paints from the bargain bucket in an art shop in Bath (orange and yellow being the only colours left). I borrowed some lego pieces from my daughter to use for the printing.

I marked out with French chalk where I wanted the prints to go.

I then used the end of the lego to print the Stonehenge shapes and outlined in black fabric paint with a paint brush. The orange paint was far easier to put on than the yellow which just seemed to sink into the fabric.

In hindsight I should have put something between the front and back layers of the dress as a little did sink through but luckily not enough to be too noticable!

So there we have it, my Stone Henge inspired dress! If you fancy joining in with some DIY or Ethical Outfit Challenges then why not join us at Ethical Fashion Bloggers.

Sorry if things have been a little quiet over here on the blogging front lately. It was my birthday this week so I have been far too busy relaxing and indulging myself (more on that soon!)

I hope that you are having a good week!

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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