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I go to at least four fitness classes each week and run once or twice a week and so sometimes feel like I spend much of my life in fitness clothes. In the past, I have never made any attempts to find eco friendly fitness clothes because not only do I want them to be uber flattering and comfy but also easy to wash. It is difficult enough to find all of these things so I figured adding sustainable to the list would be setting myself up for an impossible task.

But, new sustainable clothing lines are appearing all of the time, as I desparately need some new gym clothes and love a challenge, I though I would  check out what was available, here is what I found.

Stella McCartney organic cotton hoody

This Stella McCartney organic cotton hoody from Sweaty Betty is really pricey at £110 but I really love the look of it so will definitely be keeping an eye out in case it ends up in the sale.

Rapanui organic cotton hoody

This organic cotton hoody by Award winning Isle of Wight based, eco friendly brand Rapanui is much more affordable and available for £45 at Ethical Superstore.

I was particulaly interested in finding some Bamboo fitness wear as not only is bamboo highly sustainable, I know from the childrens clothes that I have for my daughter that it is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is also great for wicking sweat making it ideal for fitness wear, although I don’t of course sweat, I glow!

ethical fitness clothing

I came across Asquith London which I really liked the look of. The collection is made from certified organic cotton and bamboo and is designed to look classic, flattering, natural and elegant. I really like this idea and would much prefer to wear this type of clothing than overly branded pieces. It is designed to be worn for yoga, pilates, the gym or leisure wear so would I would feel quite happy wearing it to drop the children at school before an excercise class. I particularly liked the look of this coral coloured top made from organic cotton and bamboo and these Bamboo yoga pants which are available in taupe or black. They also had a range of other tops which could be layered over this one.

bamboo yoga top

organic cotton crop top

Fushi are also based in London and have some fantastic pieces made from sustainable fabrics. This organic cotton crop top would work well layered under the bamboo halter back tank.

As I expected much of the fitness wear that I found had a yoga focus but I was also hoping to find something suitable for running and high impact excercise classes.

Patagonia top

Patagonia are one pioneers of ethical and sustainable clothing and they have a selection clothing designed for yoga and trail running. Whilst I wouldn ‘t exactly class myself as a trail runner (more of a jog round the block kind of girl), I have been meaning to get myself something a little more practical for running in. Generally as I am out and about in public, I prefer my running clothes to have a little more coverage to the clothing I would wear in an excercise class and often I need something a little warmer especially first thing in the morning. I liked the look of this silkweight t shirt and these running shorts would be great for the warmer weather as shorts never look great on me. They also have a good selection of sports bras including some for high impact sports.

Do you know of any good UK eco friendly fitness clothing brands? If so please leave a link in the comments.

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Lots of exciting stuff going on for me next week. Apart from my birthday and a trip I have planned to rearch my second hand and vintage guide to Bath, I will be having coffee with one of my favourite ethical designers and dinner with my bestest friends. Have a very lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Ps – this post contains some affliate links but is only stuff I really liked the look of




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